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  1. small time

    nm reef

    nm, in need of intercepter? get me your email i'll work you a deal. michael
  2. small time

    sps trade inland empire

    open for all types of trades montipora blue polyps
  3. small time

    why i tore down my system

    here's a pic of the ugly stuff. anybody know exactly what it is?
  4. small time

    pic of sps

    one of my favorites - just put back into system pretty ain't it
  5. small time

    starting over new tank set up

    was not going to start over so soon but i missed it i just set up my 125 60 x 18 x 24 corner overflow. decided on barebottom skimmer is an aqua c ev240 up to 360gallons mag 24 for return pump 1 tunzee stream 6080 2250gph lighting right now is 2 ushio de 10k 250watt hqi calcium reactor is a...
  6. small time

    berlin turbo hang on back skimmer

    berlin turbo hang on back skimmer for sale 100$ no pump located in
  7. small time equipment f/s

    125g tank 60 x 18 x 24 50$ some scratches duel 96watt pc ballast 50$ berlin turbo hob skimmer 100$ pump not included overflow box with sump trickle filter 80$ will also trade
  8. small time

    2 x 96 watt pc ballast

    have duel 96 watt pc ballast for sale or trade
  9. small time

    6 pack

    just took down reef few pics to share
  10. small time


    have not seen your tank for a while how about a pic
  11. small time

    dragonboy thanks
  12. small time

    very small purple monster

    one frag ready to go glued down healing in tank i'm looking for montipora caps want green with purple rim and any other crazy combo orange with green cap, white with blue cap, green with purple cap first pic is small coloney
  13. small time

    cali tort for trade

    i have a about a half inch ready to be fraged my wife will be picking the corals if any that we will be traded. she wants blue, but not sps (she hates sps) i looken for all offers like ricordias and possible polyps or anything that is blue - pics would help great deal for those looken for rare...
  14. small time

    orange cap sps

    have lots all sizes advalible low light sps
  15. small time


    i've lost your e-mail address so heres mine i read your tank is going through some problems but i'm getting a new tank and i'm fragging corals before the c/o in case some don't make it if you need something let me know i'm c/o in about a month if your tank recovers i'll trade...
  16. small time

    sps id

    the center - red acro?
  17. small time


    walked into lfs a couple citys over to check out there live stock and was surprised to find ricordas. never seen in any other lfs before. they only sell them for 20$ a peice but lucky for me they take xeina in as a trade score post pics later
  18. small time

    46g bowfont

    i'm trading for a new 46g bow front and plan on putting together a softy tank with an eel (kids want an eel) no sump just powerhead(s) for circulation if problems start (water quality) will add hang on turbo berlin skimmer (skimmer in garage) soft corals include polyps, zoo's, leather,star polps...
  19. small time

    price on custom 180g

    my lfs said no one can beat there price for a custom 180g 4 ft by 3 ft (deep) by 24 in tall open top with splash guard and 2 inch hole w/ overflow box they quoted my 500$ tax included i know there are different manufactures but this seems like a great deal he said for 150$ more i can get the...