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  1. reeftanker84

    PC lighting on a 55 gal

    ok i got a 55 gallon tank and it came with a 48 inch coralife power compact lighting,it only holds 2 bulbs,now i am wondering if this is enough for corals,i am hoping to get some sps and lps corals. if it is enough what kind of bulbs are going to be best? 6500k,50/50 or full actinic if this is...
  2. reeftanker84

    Algae thrown away?

    if anyone has some calerpa,ulva or grac that they do not want i am willing to give it a good home or some really pretty stuff for my DT PM me if you do and i will pay for shipping,i am in the middle of a nitrate spike for some reason,no fish died and i dont feed but 2 times per week and only as...
  3. reeftanker84

    ID these Zoas please

    ok i got some new zoas comming on monday or tuesday they were wysiwyg and have quite a few polyps on them but i do not know the names of them any help would be nice
  4. reeftanker84

    Gorgon question

    i have been looking for a photosynthetic gorg and i cant seem to find them this website does not have them but i would love to find a frag,i can trade some long green star polyp frags or a 7 to 9 inch yellow gorg,does anyone know where i might be able to find one? im not peticular about color...
  5. reeftanker84

    HQI question

    i want to replace the buld of my odessea HQI fixture for a better bulb it says its a 15k but it dont look very blue and i wanted to know what buld would fit my fixture,i dont know if they make differant ends on the DE bulbs would a phenix bulb fit?
  6. reeftanker84

    250 w HQI MH 14k odessea

    I have an extra 250 watt 14k MH HQI available if anyone is interested it has a set of legs and 8 LED moonbeams and is 24" it is new in the box also has the balast and everything you need to get started(asking about 150.00) can ship if needed, i dont know if i can post this but i am looking for...
  7. reeftanker84

    Skimmer question!!

    i am looking at a skimmer called an AquaC-180 is this a good brand? i would like to know because i have found a nice one for a good price, i also have been looking at a coralife one as well, has anyone used an AquaC? please let me know asap! thanks
  8. reeftanker84

    29g lighting ???

    how many watts per gallon of water is needed to be good lighting? i found a t-5 setup with 4- 24 watt bulbs,do i need more? or less? the bulbs are 2 14ks and 2 actinic
  9. reeftanker84

    Setting up a fuge

    how many gallons per hour do i need for the return pump? will a 300 work?
  10. reeftanker84

    to much flow?

    i have 2 phs that run 800gph for my 30 gallon tank,should i just use one? i do not have it set up yet but i am getting all the parts and stuff before i put anything in the tank,i have only about 10lbs of live sand in it now and some copepods,i am making a 10 gallong tank into a refuge and will...
  11. reeftanker84

    My 15 gal Nano pics

    these are just a couple of pics of my tank,i used cycled everything and its doing great i have 4 turbo snails 7 red leg hermits 1 ocoleris clown 2 zoo corals and 1 snail that only comes out when i feed
  12. reeftanker84

    New to nano's

    I have a 15 gallon nano set up and running now for about a week,i started with cycled sand and live rock that had been cycled for about 6 months,i have a 24inch light that is a 18k,florecent i think,also got an aquarium systems skimmer(from instant ocean) also got a oc clown that came with the...