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  1. jenn-e

    Frags for trade

    I have kenya trees, some small, and 2 bigger ones. Daisy polyps, anthelia, and pink star polyps. And i also have two stalks of red sea xenia with a few small daisy polyps on a shell. Would like to trade for cool zoos or pretty much anything that i don't have, so lemme know what you'd like to...
  2. jenn-e

    Ophiura--star ??'s

    I hope i spelled it right. I just ordered a brittle and serpent star. I know they need to be acclimated for about 4 hours, right? I've also heard that they shouldn't be exposed to the air, is that right? I had a serpent before i knew about this place, and i lost him. So i just want to make...
  3. jenn-e

    HOB Fuge For Sale

    I have a hob fuge to sell. It comes with the pump and the light. It has been used for about 2 months. $60 shipped or will consider trades.
  4. jenn-e

    Salifert test kits

    I have salifert test kits for calcium and alk. The alk is at least 3/4 full. The calcium is 1/2-3/4 full. $20 for both shipped. Email me
  5. jenn-e

    Mods, can i get a little help with a site problem?

    Hi I'm not sure if it's a problem with the site or what but maybe someone can help me. I'm not getting the topic reply emails. I would like to get them. Thanks for any help.
  6. jenn-e

    Topic reply notifications

    I haven't been getting them. Wonder why?
  7. jenn-e

    Does anyone want this stuff?

    I have a 7.5 watt heater and a diy moonlight for sale. I used the heater for my waterchange bucket, would also work good in a nano. The moonlight is a diy type never used, it wasn't what i was expecting so i didn't use it. This would work well on a nano too. $12 for both, you pay shipping.
  8. jenn-e

    Kole Tang Owners

    People who have a kole tang please tell me what you think of them. I am thinking about adding one to my 55. Will he have enough space? How do they ship? Do they hide alot or swim around? I have read that they are the shyest of the tangs, so if you have one, how aggressive do you think they...
  9. jenn-e

    Do you leave your mag-float in the tank?

    Or do you take it out every time? I read somewhere that it was bad to leave it in the tank all the time. What do you guys do?:thinking:
  10. jenn-e

    micro stars??

    Are they good or bad? I've heard so much about certain stars eating all the good stuff in the sand so i'm wondering about these. If they are good how many should i get for a 55 with about a 4 in sand bed?
  11. jenn-e

    Honda 400EX for sale in VA

    2000 Honda 400ex Has yoshimira exhaust, k&n air filter. Red, fenders never cut, all original plastic. Runs great, come take a test drive!!:D
  12. jenn-e

    Anthias Questions

    Does anyone know how much space anthias need? I like the purple queen anthias and i can't find info on how big of a tank they need, or how big they will get. Also does anyone have one and what do they like, how hardy are they?:thinking: Thanks!!
  13. jenn-e

    Post pics of your canopy

    Could some people please post pics of thier canopies. I am trying to show my man how to build one. Thanks
  14. jenn-e

    Let's see if I can post pics

    Here is my 55 about 4 months ago when i got it. I've had saltwater before but took a little break.
  15. jenn-e

    Picture posting problem

    Does anyone know how i can compress my pictures to the size so i can post them. I have kodak easy share and picture it. I'd like to post some pics but it's driving me crazy trying to figure it out.:help:
  16. jenn-e

    Bang or Kip could i get some sand?

    So would you guys sell me a little sand to seed mine with? Or if anyone else wants to contribute.
  17. jenn-e

    Switching from cc to sand?

    I want to switch my 55 from cc to sand because everyone says cc is so bad although i haven't had any trouble. So my question is if i take out my ug filter and all my cc wouldn't i be removing most of the beneficial bacteria in my tank? :help:
  18. jenn-e

    Will this lighting work??

    I am converting my 55 gal. fowlr into a reef. My last issue is lighting I think I found what I want but I wanted to see if you guys think its a good choice. Coralife 48" Aqualite 4-65W and fan. with 10000K and True Actinic 03 So that should be a total of 260Watts. What do you think, is this...