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  1. fretfreak13

    HELP! New Fish Dying =(

    I am not a newbie really anymore, but I guess I'm just looking for consolation..This happens to everyone at some point I guess. I made an order from SWF a couple days ago, got my shipment today, and after a 30 minute drip acclimation, my Cherub Angel went nuts. I also got a jawfish, but he...
  2. fretfreak13

    Tell Me About Possum Wrasses

    Never heard of them before, but I AM getting some nice Christmas money, and my birthday is next month too. I noticed a couple on another site, and it claims their reef-safe. I've never heard of these guys before, but they're really neat looking. Think one would fit in my 29g with a couple...
  3. fretfreak13

    To QT A Jawfish?

    Wow, I sure haven't been on this forum in a long time. I miss you all. =) Expect to see more of me. Going to place an order from SWF next week while I'm off school. Will be able to sit by my door to get my package! I'll be ordering a Cherub Angel, a Pearly Jawfish, and a CUC package for my...
  4. fretfreak13

    Stock My 40g

    Hey guys! I haven't been here in months; over the summer I lost a lot of time to dedicate to the hobby. Anyways, I'm now on my fifth tank since starting last August (all with the help of the SWF peeps), except this one is very special. It is being built in total by myself and my reef club and...
  5. fretfreak13

    Starting a 40g (Stock help please)

    Hey guys! I haven't been here in months; over the summer I lost a lot of time to dedicate to the hobby. Anyways, I'm now on my fifth tank since starting last August (all with the help of the SWF peeps), except this one is very special. It is being built in total by myself and my reef club and...
  6. fretfreak13

    Stocking a...2.5 gallon??

    Yes, very small I know. It's my fifth tank though, I've got the basics down. I was planning an invert only, with perhaps a yellow clown goby or a yasha hase goby (no shrimp, fearing for the rest of the inverts) but I think it's even too small for the second one, if not the first. I was just...
  7. fretfreak13

    Manjano Help

    Well, I don't technically need an ID, but I just read about sprinkling table salt on them to remove it. I have one smack dab in the middle of my zoa frag and I don't want to kalk it in fear of hurting the zoas. Could a few grains of carefully placed salt get rid of the bugger without hurting...
  8. fretfreak13

    Show me your planted tanks/Display Fuges!

    I'm about to make a planted mantis tank and would like some references. =) Got any to show off?
  9. fretfreak13

    Misc. Questions. Building a new tank.

    So this will be my fourth tank since starting the hobby in August of '09. Currently I have a 29 gallon mixed reef, a 20 long mixed reef (donated and being kept for research at my high school), and a 10 gallon mantis tank. I'm now of going for a 30 long/breeder Peacock tank. Questions are...
  10. fretfreak13

    Calling All Cranberrys [Mantis Idea?]

    So, I've always sorta wanted a frag tank and a Peacock mantis, so why not mix them? Well, because the peacock will try to decorate with the frags and the lighting for the frag growing would bother the peacock, duhhh! Or..maybe not? I was thinking about trying a 40 breeder with a custom stand...
  11. fretfreak13

    Help with a new 20 long please?

    Basically I just need some stock help and a bit of info on Cherub/Pigmy Angels (Centropyge argi). This tank will be plumed into a 29 gallon fuge, so that's about fifty gallons of water right? I have a HOB skimmer (SeaClone) on the back of the actual display tank. The fuge is sort of a planted...
  12. fretfreak13

    30 Gal Stocklist Help Please?

    Been away from SWF for a bit, hm? Looks like I'm in need of a serious avatar change..>>' So, this is for the construction of my thrid tank since starting with the hobby in August. =) Mainly driving this tank for the health and happiness of a dwarf lion. Anything that would bother one is out...
  13. fretfreak13

    30 Gallon Dwarf Lion Tank?

    Well, it was origionally for a Peacock mantis, but I'm happy having my little Chigara in his ten gallon. ^_^ Don't need another (yet lol), so I'd like to try a dwarf lion! My absolute favorite is the Black Foot one, but that's too big so right behind him on the list is a Dwarf Zebra...
  14. fretfreak13

    Starfish Questions

    I havn't actually picked one yet, but I was wondering if you guys could give me a brief overview of the non-reef-safe stars? What makes them not reef-safe? Do they eat inverts, or coral? If coral, what kinds? Is it all, or to they target polyps on SPS, or....? I was thinking about having...
  15. fretfreak13

    BTA Time Period Question

    So guess who got the OK (and the funding!) to put up a small saltwater at her school? MOI! =D I'm so excited. Anyways, it'll be a ten gallon because I have a spare laying around and a 20in T5 light, so all I have to do not is find a heater and get 'er up and cycling. I'll be doing this over...
  16. fretfreak13

    My first mantis!

    And no, I'm not trying to kill it. XD I was planning on buying a Peacock mantis this summer. I have done the research on them, and have a thirty long upstairs in my room but the dresser needs to be leveled. Dispite reading up on them, just like most critters (no good saltwater places around)...
  17. fretfreak13

    And you thought damsels were mean!

    I'll never look at a cute little clownfish the same. This is cold blooded murder! =O
  18. fretfreak13

    Nem ID please

    This isn't in my tank, I found this picture on google, but I'd love to get my hands on one. These things are wild looking! Any idea, guys? Or if they come into the trade at all?
  19. fretfreak13

    Culturing Phyto and Copepods

    I asked a few questions in the Aquaculture section, but that board dosen't seem to get much traffic. I posted a thread asking questions on --, but they just told me to go research it and come back. Kinda irked me off, since my asking questions there was my form of research. I've never read a...
  20. fretfreak13

    Brackish Mollies for GHA?

    I always thought seeing mollies in SW tanks just looked plain dumb, but I'm wondering if I should second guess it. I overheard someone at the LFS talking about them being great GHA eaters, but as everyone knows most people in LFSs have no clue what they're talking about. So, just curious, what...