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  1. chazz66

    Palys,Zoas,Shrooms for Sale.

    First up is a 2 polyp Green Frilly shroom-$10 Next is a nice paly frag with about 15 heads with geen mouths-$15 And last for now is a nice Green and Orange zoa frag mounted on a plug with about 20 green and 15+ orange.$25 I will ship whichever way you like. I ship in a thermos with heat or cold...
  2. chazz66

    Green and Orange Zoas for Trade

    I have a reef plug with some green and orange zoas up for trade. There are about 9 orange and 17 greens on this frag. Looking for other zoos I don't have. I am in western Wisconsin and will ship.One pic is under 10 k halides and the other is actinic only.
  3. chazz66

    72 Bowfront/Stand-$200-Wisconsin

    I have upgraded to a 150 and need to sell my 72 bowfront. The stand is an AGA pine stand. The tank is in excellent shape. It has coraline algae on the back yet. It was taken down this summer and it has to go out of my basement now.I do have the glass tops also. This tank is not RR or...
  4. chazz66

    Huge Colony Of Yellow Polyps FS!

    I have decided to sell my colony of yellow polyps. There has to be approx.200-300 polyps on this rock!It is on a flat rock and is approx. 9" by 6". I will also include the two smaller frags with this. I will ship with USPS Express so PM me with your location. Price on this colony is $60.
  5. chazz66

    Yellow Polyps FS/FT-Eau Claire,WI

    I have two colonies of Yellow Polyps FS/FT. The first is on a reef plug and has at least 60 polyps-$20. The second is on a piece of agracrete and has about 100-$30. Both have been in my system for two years.I am in Eau Claire but travel the state for my work or may ship if it doesn't get too...
  6. chazz66

    New Additions to the Reef!

    Here are some new corals and a couple of established colonies I have.
  7. chazz66

    Pump Suggestions for a 150

    I am upgrading to an AGA 150 RR tank. I have the All-Glass accessory kits and just bought the All Glass Wet/Dry filter/sump to match. What is a good pump for me? I would like to have a submersible to save on the plumbing mess underneath the tank. Thanks, Chuck
  8. chazz66

    FS-72 Bowfront and Stand in WI

    I am in the process of upgrading to a 150 and have my 72 Bowfront for sale. It is setup till Thursday with live sand and a back glass full of coralline. There are glass tops too. The stand is an AGA pine stained stand. $300 Must pickup in Eau Claire, WI-About 70 miles east of Minneapolis/St...
  9. chazz66

    FT-Yellow Polyp Colony

    I am looking to trade this yellow polyp colony for zoos I don't have.There are about 75+ polyps on an agracrete branch that is about4" long. These are fast growers! PM or post here with your zoos
  10. chazz66

    A Few Things For Sale in WI

    First I have a 7? gallon glass mini-bow tank. The top has been modified foir a different filter. Included are: a 660 powerhead,submersible heater,small mag-float and the light fixture with a 14 watt Aquarays bulb.I can only see one light scratch on the back glass. $30 48" AGA NO Flourescent...
  11. chazz66

    Some New Zoo Pics

    Heres a few newly aquired frags and some propagated frags
  12. chazz66

    Sunflower zoos for trade

    I have a reef plug with 6 sunflower polyps I will trade for other zoos I do not have. Post here with what you have.Pics are under 260w PC and actinic only.
  13. chazz66

    Post Your Blue Zoos!

    Here's Mine!
  14. chazz66

    My New Zoos

    Just picked these up today
  15. chazz66

    How to get rid of pyramid snails?

    How do I get rid of these pests?
  16. chazz66

    FS-46 Bowfront Tank and Stand in WI

    Since I will soon be upgrading to a 150 I need to start making some room.I bought this used setup last fall and have not even set it up. It has a two piece glass top and a DIY hood if you would like that too,nothing too special.There are a few scratches but nothing too major.I am asking $100 and...
  17. chazz66

    Pics with new camera!

    You all know how much I like those actinic pics!
  18. chazz66

    Frozen rotifers for baby clowns?

    Has anybody tried this? I read somewhere that some people have had this work for the first week or so.
  19. chazz66

    Some Actinic Pics

    Here's a few from my 72 Bowfront
  20. chazz66

    Cool Actinic Pics!

    Just playing with the camera again