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  1. texasmetal

    New Alice In Chains

    Wow this album is quite a surprise. I had assumed that with a new singer they would just write another album, just another rock album, without the inspiration for writing they had with Layne. Way better than I ever could have imagined considering the lack of Layne, but in a metaphysical sort of...
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    Octo tat!

    Girlfriend got me something special for my 30th birthday. Original drawing...
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    LOST season premier

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    Sepia bandensis - Dwarf Cuttlefish

    Bought some eggs. One hatchling so far. The hatchling is swimming about and several of the eggs have similarly sized babies inside so I imagine it won't be long before the lone cuttle has company. Teeny tiny! About 1cm long. This is the nursery I Frankensteined out of some window screen and...
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    Kalypso loves dog watching

    Anytime my dogs are hanging out near the tank my octopus is checking them out.
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    Octopus tankmates

    I haven't been on this board for a few weeks and I apparently missed the latest octopus thread. Since it's locked I thought I'd just throw my experience and observations in to try and put everyone on the same page. Specifically Abdopus aculeatus (Indonesia) aka "Bali Octopus" aka "Bi-pedal...
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    Octopus babies!

    My Abdopus' babies hatched this morning. It was like snow in the tank... only squid-shaped instead of flakes... Itty bitty transparent-white gnat sized octopuses, with tiny arms, big mantles, and teeny tiny black eyes. Unfortunately it's just about impossible to raise these kind, and momma will...
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    Hail Cthulhu

    So who else here is an H.P. Lovecraft fan? Anyone?
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    New Metallica track

    mms:// Wow... parts of it actually actually sound like some And Justice For All.... If only James hadn't learned to carry a tune.
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    You people...

    When did you folks become so entertaining? Apparently I've been missing out on some decent lighthearted conversation. I gotta spend more time here. I've been looking for an active forum to kill time.
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    Secret Agentpus featuring Grover Abdopus aculeatus. Shot with Canon Powershot G9. Love this camera. Girlfriends camera.. she threatens to take it away from me.
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    Feeding the octopus

    My Octopus briareus "Kalypso". Offering her a clam. This is what a typical feeding session is like. I've had her since January 18, 2008 and she was approximately 10 weeks old. She was this big:
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    My obsession

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    Bangaii Cardinals Face Extinction The Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) is a rare example of a marine fish with an extremely limited geographic range. This Endangered fish is endemic to the Banggai Archipelago in Indonesia; its total range area is around 5,500 km2, however the maximum...
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    Bahama Stars...

    I knew Bahama Stars were carnivorous. I knew they will eat just about anything, including anemones and corals. I knew they inverted their stomache so as to eat hard to reach things. And now I know just how capable they are of killing an Octopus. Word of the wise, never ever keep a carnivorous...
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    Octopus Care 101

    Welcome to "Octopus Care" 101 with your host, Dale. The main deciding factor if you are considering getting an octopus, is usually the lifespan. At 1-2 years, it is rather short, and an even shorter 6-8 months for Dwarfs/Pygmies. Tragically short, considering the wonderful nature of these...
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    Octopus Filosus

    I received an octopus from this past Tuesday and I am very pleased. She appears to be the Carribean Two-Spot Octopus Filosus She is about 4 inches long from mantle to arm tip. She has a large variety of skin textures and colors and patterns. I have been feeding her by hand...
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    This is my girlfriends 60 gallon cube Seahorse/Reef tank. 13 Erectus, 1 Reidi we think(?) There are 3 MaxiJet 1200's running a skimmer, HOB refugium, and one with a Hydor rotating deflector for wave motion. As...
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    Experience with Angler/Frogfish wanted

    I am seriously interested in obtaining a small Antennarius species, preferably Pictus but I would like to hear some feedback on how long the average Angler/Frogfish lives in an aquarium. It would be going into a 75 gallon, FOWLR system. Yes, there are other fish. Dwarf Lion, Skunk Clown, 6-Line...