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  1. jackri

    Jimmy Johnson must be hard up for cash

    Seriously after 400 extenze commercials tonight anyone else doubt that he's got a small wee wee?
  2. jackri

    It's Over

    I'd call that interception game over. Doubt anyone out there is going to argue. dumb saints
  3. jackri

    Do you believe in chiropractors?

    Nothing against them but just wondering who believes in chiropractors for routine adjustments. I do not.
  4. jackri

    My first sting

    I was in my tank doing this or that and brushed up against my frogspawn which I've done before but this time I got a pretty good little sting from it. More surprised me than anything but did feel like a pretty good mosquito bite. I guess I'll have to be more careful in the future.
  5. jackri

    Feedback on Elos Aqua Test Kit - Magnesium

    Anyone use them and what do you think of them? Looking at feedback as this is what's available or should I hold out for salifert mag test kits?
  6. jackri

    New Year's Res for my reefs --- BETTER MAINT

    Just a few things I did tonight. I did a water change in my frag tank and set up a GFO/Carbon reactor from bulk reef supply as it came in today. I still need to do the main tank but I want to do another water change first. Did my first readings in months Frag tank Calc - 440 Alk - 4-5 pH - 8.3...
  7. jackri

    Reef tank owners with Green Hair Algae please read

    More info will be posted later but if you own a reef and have green hair algae I want to know 1) how bad of a hair algae problem 2) What is your alkalinity at? (use the 5-12 dKH scale please or whatever it's at) 3) what test kit are you using? I'll be testing mine after supper on both tanks and...
  8. jackri

    Humidity in the house -- any solutions?

    I run 2 - 100g tanks and I get about 3 gallons of evaporation a day. When we reach really cold temps the windows frost up which isn't a really big deal but the problem I'm having is frost in the attic of the house. The insulation lays over the flat roof -- you pop the access cover to the attic...
  9. jackri

    Useless Trivia- Waikiki Aquarium Directors

    1904 The Waikiki aquarium opens March 19 with 35 exhibits and 400 marine organisms. Potter�s angelfish is named for Director Frederick Potter, a former Honolulu Rapid Transit Company clerk. 1975 Ichthyologist Leighton Taylor becomes director. He develops the first exhibits master plan...
  10. jackri

    RBTA question

    What makes Rose Bubble Tip Anemones so expensive everywhere I look? I had one given to me and it's split 3 times in oh 6-9 months so now I have 4 I'm not complaining by any means but just wondering why they carry a high price tag
  11. jackri

    Shocking, prices actually went down.

    Last year I bought 250w 14k's phoenix bulbs 3 for 155 bucks and thought that was a good deal. This year they are 148. It's like I'm saving money running 2 saltwater tanks (yeah right)
  12. jackri

    Hermit Crab Lifespan

    Anyone know the average age hermit crabs live? Like the blue legged kind? After about 2 years I have a hard time finding more than 5 of my orginal 100 I put in my tank and no they are not starving. I do hear a lot of clicking at night so I'm wondering if a pistol shrimp is picking them off slowly
  13. jackri

    My try at some homemade fish food (they went crazy)

    Basically I had two packages of seafood mix (asian market), half a stick of cyclop-eeze, 4 sheets of nori, a small package of krill and a few good squirts of selcon. Ran it through the food processor until most all of the chunks were gone (I missed a couple but the shrimp or starfish can have...
  14. jackri

    Holy endless pocket book batman -- French Polynesian Maxima Clams

    I was on the Drs site and they had 6-8 inch French Polynesian Maxima clams for oh.... 600-800 bucks in the WYSIWYG portion. Very beautiful but ummm yeah they should be for that price
  15. jackri

    North Dakota Frog (not your average sissy one)

    I was out deer hunting and it was about 70 the first day (it can be minus 15 on opening day). Anyways enjoying the nice weather and walking through canyons and ravines I came to the bottom and there was a pool of water with about a dozen frogs. I caught this one that was on the ice with my...
  16. jackri

    Panther Grouper

    Have a local that needs to get rid of his 3" panther grouper after it ate his clownfish. Cute when small but really quick. It'd be fun to have an aggressive tank but still not sure how I want to set up my secondary tank (mainly a large frag tank). Right now I have a clown and two shrimp in...
  17. jackri

    Better weekend for water changes

    Well 2 weekends ago water changes sucked. I killed some coral and 3 of the 4 fish in my frag tank due to what I'm calling dish soap poisoning. Main tank was fine but I changed water in my frag tank about an hour or two after doing dishes with terrible results and can't believe the one fish...
  18. jackri

    Need some input on what everyone would do

    I have a main display tank full of fish/corals but after losing 3 out of 4 of the fish in my frag tank (due to something toxic) I'm looking at what to do. The one clown left has completely recovered and lives with a RBTA, a few small shrimp and corals. The tank is 3 feet by 4 feet and 12 inches...
  19. jackri

    Thinking about selling my frag tank

    Been tossing this around lately and although I like the tank and that I built it -- being wide and long and short for growing out coral I haven't had the time I should devout for it and it's also in a room where no one besides me ever sees it. I dunno I might put feelers out there on CL and see...
  20. jackri

    Any ideas on how to find a pair of bonded/egg laying clowns?

    Since the death of the 3 out of 4 fish in my frag tank (due to I'm still thinking dish soap) I'm thinking about putting a breeding pair of clowns in it. The one clown recovered but I could put him in the main tank and get two more in there with my RBTA and hopefully get some eggs to try raising...