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  1. wocka

    (SURFERS) Anyone use shark camo?

    i saw a website that was selling decales that is supposed to make the sharks thing u are not prey. check it out. do u think this is a hoax or what? im thinking about buying a decal
  2. wocka

    Black Maroon Clown..?

    y does my maroon clown look black?
  3. wocka

    Sump or Fuge?

    im thinking on creating a sump or fuge for my 20g. it would be below my tank and i would run a hose off my skimmer out take of water into the fuge/sump. how could i make this work? the main thing im trying to achieve is making the skimmer box suck in water from the surface
  4. wocka

    firefish fighting?

    my big one seems to be fighting and chasing the smaller one, sometimes biteing. what should i do?
  5. wocka

    My 2 firefish

    i just added another firefish today and got a good pic of them together. any way of telling whos male and female?
  6. wocka

    Who has peppermint shrimp?

    i have a few aiptasia i want to get pepp shrimp to take care of, how many people have them? can u give me a review on urs because i have heard stories of them eating away at soft corals. i only have shrooms, sea mat, and some button polyps. thanks
  7. wocka

    Proof that hermit crabs are smart!

    Here is a picture of all my hermit crabs coming together for like 5 minutes and jumping on top of each other. There planning an attack on the fighting conch
  8. wocka

    Wocka's 20g nano!

    here is a pic of the room its in,
  9. wocka

    New pics!

    here is a pic of my firefish
  10. wocka

    Can Corraline die?

    when i moved my tank, i washed it out with freshwater and cleaned all the green algae out of it but left the corraline. a few days later its turning a light green/cream color? is it dieing?
  11. wocka

    Made the move!

    well, i finally moved my fishtank out of my room into the next and replaced my sand, and panted the backround dark blue. everything went succesfully and switching the sand was no problem. only hard part was getting my rock formation together! ill try to get a picture today of how my tank looks now
  12. wocka

    Florida people

    anyone around the west palm beach area want a maroon clown, fire fish, and 2 cleaner shrimp?
  13. wocka

    Cleaner shrimp and his 600 children

    my cleaner shrimp laid his 600 babys tonight and there everywhere, and so tiny! i wish i could give them a chance at life but i have nothing to put them in! this is such a magnifiscent thing that has happened in my tank. i can see there little legs or antennae and there just wiggling around!
  14. wocka

    Sotkcing a 20g

    Can i have a maroon clown and a pair of firefish in a 20g tank? i have a excalibur skimmer and some hang on back filter, alot of liverock for them to hide in and stuff i got one firefish today and my maroon didnt seem to be bothered by it, as if he enjoys his company. could i add another one?
  15. wocka

    Click.. Click.. Captured!

    here is my journey today: ive been hearing clicking noises and havent been paying much attention to them untill today when i found a hermit crab ripped out from its shell! this was the last straw, so i take rocks out and freshwater dip, and finally i caught the little [hr] that preyed on my...
  16. wocka

    Kenya tree?

    for some reason today my kenya tree seems like it isnt doing good, all its polyps are closed up some parts seems decomposed, not alot tho. maybe like 2 little parts. anyoen ever experience this or what may trigger this
  17. wocka

    For 20$

    my friends 25g tank crashed after the florida huricanes and i cleaned it a few days ago, took out crushed coral washed rocks and glass and everything, then he bought a new filter and new sand, he if using water from his 120 gallon so it doesnt have to cycle the lfs lady wouldnt sell him anything...
  18. wocka

    Impossible i geuss

    everyone keeps telling me its impossible for me to replace my sandbed without it crashing, but i want to so bad. is there any way i can make a switch to aragonite live sand
  19. wocka

    Great sand cleaners?

    i need a way to clean my sand from detritus and other stuff on it that is similar to dirt ontop of my sand, i have 2 conchs and they dont seem to help
  20. wocka


    are u selling those shrimp breeder tanks? can i get one please.. if u do sell it do u have the pump on it and everything? i really want one.