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  1. tr1gger

    My CADlight 22g Nano

    Here ya go, just getting started!
  2. tr1gger

    Hair Algae In Frag Tank

    I have hair algae on my frags in my frag tank. Its 20 Gallon long with about 10 frags in it. Any suggestions ? Lights are on a 8 hr cycle
  3. tr1gger

    New Light

    Can anyone confirm what kinda of light this is and if its worth $250 brand new
  4. tr1gger

    Oh Sun Coral...

  5. tr1gger

    Did I get a Deal ?

    Both of these for $30 at my LFS
  6. tr1gger

    Dosing Dosing Dosing

    I read that you should dose daily/weekly but to may risk overdosing and doing more harm than good. I read that you should just do your water changes weekly or bi-weekly and that will keep levels were they need to be. Any tips, suggestions or insight on this? Any Personal suggestions or experiences?
  7. tr1gger

    How do you browse the forums?

    I just use the "new post's" feature. Does everyone do the same thing or are you always finding yourself in a certain section?
  8. tr1gger

    Hand Preperation

    Does anyone prepare their hands before entering your reef tank. I always rinse my hands in RO water with no soap or anything of that nature. I'm always so scared they maybe something on my hands that will contaminate my tank. Does anyone else use anything or prepare a different way?
  9. tr1gger

    WTB Suncoral

    I dont care where it is i will pay for shipping. I want a nice sized coral not just a frag. Looking for someone who got one and doesnt or cant take care of it anymore. Please please please help me get this coral
  10. tr1gger

    Pagoda Corals

    In my 90g i have this guy about 4 inches off the substrate on a nice peice or LR I have since discovered that all the heads have closed and its starting to turn white. I dont know much about this coral other than low to medium lighting and medium flow. I have all that but is this guy getting to...
  11. tr1gger

    Frag Tank Lighting

    Well i finally started a NEW frag tank, 20g long 30x12x12. I painted the back and the bottom black today and made all my racks. The Question of this thread is what kind of lighting would be recommended for this tank. ATM my corals are Xenias, Zoo's, Pagoda Cups, and Mushrooms. Soon to have some...
  12. tr1gger

    Flame Scallop's

    What are the goods and the bads of these often forgotten creatures ? Anyone with experience ?
  13. tr1gger

    Coral ID

  14. tr1gger

    ID Please (part II)

  15. tr1gger

    ID Please

  16. tr1gger

    WTB: Local Frags & Live Rock IN

    Northwest Indiana If you are breaking down a tank and need to get rid of live rock i will pay and come get it if close enough. Corals, if you have some sweet stuff that ya wanna frag or get rid of i will pay for it and come pick it up if close enough.
  17. tr1gger

    Delete this thread

  18. tr1gger

    My New Purple Lobster

    Well here he is, my LFS had 2 and this one was the biggest and had the most color, enjoy
  19. tr1gger

    ID please

    Came in on some new LR i got....
  20. tr1gger

    Tank is GREEN!

    My whole tank is covered in green. Glass sides, back and front, Substrate and all my LR. I have.. 90gal Tank 90lb's LS 45lb's LR Tank has been up since late june and had no problem cycling. About 30 days ago i started adding LR piece by peice that was cured at my LFS for me and was transported...