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  1. saltywhit67

    Anemone Splitting? excited --- IT SPLIT!!!!

    Can anyone confirm that this is what is going on? I mean I have never had one split before but i cant imagine its just moving. top picture was taken a few days ago. bottom was taken less than 5 minutes ago
  2. saltywhit67

    New RBTA Bleached?

    I recently bought this RBTA and it had just recently split from the original rbta. When I first saw it I did not think it was bleached I just thought it was a baby. My clowns are not hosting, and from what im reading this is possibly a good thing considering it may be stressed out already.
  3. saltywhit67

    FS: 75 reef in IL

    75 gallon reef for sale in Springfield IL. This is a very well established tank that has been taken care of extremely well. I am sadly selling because i dont have room for it, due to my next move. i will put up current pictures soon but until then these are from a few months ago. E-mail for...
  4. saltywhit67

    crabs picking on my corals

    i have caught a couple of blue hermits pickin on my gsp frag on many different occasions. it was doin awesome and now its all tore up. today i found a small patch of zooz's demolished...any ideas on who is doing this?
  5. saltywhit67

    anyone interested

    trade? this stuff is growin like crazy in my tank! I also have a ton of caulerpa.
  6. saltywhit67

    When to replace bulbs

    I have the coralife 4x65w pc's and i was wandering how can you tell when its time to replace your lights. I have had mine up and running for about 8 months.
  7. saltywhit67

    Powder blue tang ?

    I have a 75 gallon reef and i have about 2 years experience. I am thinking about getting a powder blue tang and i was wandering what are their specific needs that makes them moderately hard to take care of? I have a YT already, my lfs has a powder blue that is close to the same size, buy it? or...
  8. saltywhit67

    pics of 75

    frontal shot
  9. saltywhit67


    Has anyone tried using very small tanks with a very strong wattage per gallon in order to produce and propogate coral? Is anyone currently doing this willing to share success or failure? I am thinking of putting 96w over a 10 gallon in order to make some extra cash by propogation, opinions?
  10. saltywhit67

    bad skimmer?

    I have a visi-jet skimmer and i saw that someone on the board had one and said it was the biggest mistake of his life!! I havent had any problems w/ mine but i also dont have any experience with and other skimmers. Why is the visi-jet considered bad? Should i get a new skimmer? What kind?
  11. saltywhit67

    evap proplem

    How do you guys deal with the evaporation and the salinity rising in your tanks. i checked today and the salinity was at 1.025 and there wasnt even that much water evaporated. How do i beat this?:help:
  12. saltywhit67

    anyone have a good pic of a...

    Does anyone have a good quality pic of a lighter orange false perc in an rbta? I am going to try the method of putting it on the side of the tank to give him the idea. thanks
  13. saltywhit67

    rbta more likely to be colonized?

    i have had a florida condi anemone for at least 4 months now and i wanted my clown fish to colonize it...this still hasnt happened. I went to my lfs the other day and they had an rbta with 2 clowns that looked exactly like mine all up in the anemone. if i got one of these anemone's would my...
  14. saltywhit67

    Propagation techniques...

    What kind of glue is supposed to be used? Where do u put this glue and how much? Can you use rubberbands to hold on a piece of gsp matting, or mushrooms?
  15. saltywhit67

    powerheads necessary?

    How necessary are powerheads. I have never used one before and i seem to be doing allright with my tank. Should i get some even if everything is going okay?
  16. saltywhit67

    Penguin 330 problems?

    I have had my tank set up for about 5 months now and when i first started my penguin 330 filters rocked. The bio wheels were spinning fast and you could tell they were moving a ton of water. Now the bio wheels go very slow, the slowest i have seen ever and the water coming out is just an ok...
  17. saltywhit67


    Have any of you ordered a multirock from Are you people who have bought these satisfyed? Did any of you break them apart?
  18. saltywhit67

    Valentini ?

    Do you guys think i could keep a valentini puffer in a fifteen gallon? Are they reef safe? I read on that you should watch them around shrimp...and thats all it said.
  19. saltywhit67

    regal tang question

    Do u think it would be okay to put a regal tang in my 75 gallon. The contents of my tank are a yellow tang, 1 perc clown, 1 blue damsel. I do have a lot of rockwork and green plants.
  20. saltywhit67

    Clown sad?

    Just recently one of my two clown fish died...well, came up missing and i never found him. The one that is left is staying up in his corner and only eating the food that floats to him. Should i get another clown so he can be happy again?