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  1. dic wood

    ID Please!

    Can someone please ID this coral? Thank you
  2. dic wood

    Help! I lost power

    I lost power do to the storm for 11hrs. so far. I have since lost 2 fish :cry: and the rest don't look good. Would a simple air pump help? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. dic wood

    my sump/refugium design

    This is my sump/refugium design. Please let me know if this will work for a 75gal DT 27gal sump.
  4. dic wood

    Clams and Hard corals T5 lighting?

    Can I keep Clams and Hard corals, candy cane etc.. Under T5 lights. I am setting up a 75gal 48"x18"x21" tall. I am stuck on what to get for lighting. MH, T5, or MH T5 combo. Do I need MH?
  5. dic wood

    75 gal Build

    I am ordering a 75 gal glass tank 48x18x21" I'm having 2 bulkheads installed in the center for over flow. I'm thinking of having another in left hand corner wit a stand pipe 2/3 from the bottom and a ball vale under the tank and tied in to a drain. Do you think this might be a good idea? Pro's...
  6. dic wood

    Digital PH testers

    Are These Digital PH testers that I'm finding on ----, from $10.00 - $30.00 Any Good? pro's con's?
  7. dic wood

    Seachem Multitest

    Is any one familiar with the Seachem Multitest for Iodine & Iodode. It worked when I got it a month ago. Now I can't get a reading no color change. I'm using distilled water for Iodide 2.
  8. dic wood

    T 5, T 8, compact, Watts?%%

    I have a 55g FOWLR and want to put some zoo's, some soft corals. What would be sufficient lighting? I currently have a cheap 48" fluorescent fixture with 1 - 32 watt, 10,000 K and 1- 32 watt 420 actinic. T 5, T 8, compact, Watts? Any help will be deeply appreciated Thank you
  9. dic wood

    high nitrate?

    I have a 55gal FOWLR, my 14" Snowflake eel and 5" Rock mover (Dragon wrasse) keep disturbing the substrate. Could that contribute to high nitrate?
  10. dic wood

    Porcelain crab ?

    Is it common fact that a porcelain crab will eat spaghetti worms? Mine is making a meal them.
  11. dic wood

    UV sterilizer question

    I have a 55gal FOWLR, 15gal sump/refugium. Installed 9 watt. U.V. sterilizer in the sump. What should the on/off cycle be?
  12. dic wood

    ID Please

    I found two of these slug like things crawling out of my LR about an inch long.
  13. dic wood

    Purple Nudibranch

    I purchased a (Purple Nudibranch) an impulse buy without doing research. Anyone with experience with keeping him fed and healthy?
  14. dic wood

    ID please

    I got this anemone on some live rock that I put in my 29 gal reef tank. It has grown a lot in the 4 weeks that I've had it in my tank. It has green tentacles with red tips.
  15. dic wood

    ID please. maggot looking things

    My filter and sump are loaded with these things. They don't seem to move at all. They look like a maggot with bristles at one end. Good, Bad?? Best I could do for pics sorry.
  16. dic wood

    Hair worm infested

    I purchased some live rock online, It was loaded with hair worms. Is there a way to get rid of them? There are some pics,
  17. dic wood

    Need coco worm info.

    Any info on coco worms would be greatly appreciated. Water perimeters? Is it normal for them to lose there crown? and re grow?
  18. dic wood

    Need info. on sea apple cucumber

    Any one have any info. on sea apples? Are they toxic and any thing you know of there care would be helpful? Thanx
  19. dic wood

    Glass like bubbles

    Can someone tell me what these Glass like bubbles are? They are hard like glass and popping up on my LR. I have a pic that isn't very clear Thanx