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  1. rapt0r32


    i am going to ask this question in here because you reefers tend to see worms more. Upon looking in my rocks today at lunch time I noticed something crawling out of a rock. It had 5 antennas on it ( in the form of a star ) was brown in color but the body appeared to have a hard shell ( kinda...
  2. rapt0r32

    Something gone wrong

    Been awhile since I have been here... so hello to everyone again... I woke up to a HORRIBLE morning... Let me give you alittle background because I am scratching my head on this one... I have a 55 gallon tank. It has been up at stable for almost a year now... 11 months to be exact... What I did...
  3. rapt0r32


    I bought some live rock about 4 days ago and today during lunch I was able to get alook at a worm. Never in my 4 years of saltwater did I ever think I had worms or even seen them. This one is orange flat on top and bottom alot of bristles ( or legs ) He only came out of the hole about 4 inches...
  4. rapt0r32

    My 125

    Here are some pics....
  5. rapt0r32


    Right now I am not very happy... This morning I added salt to my tank... It was nice and clear ( for the most part) Now I come home from softball practice and I cant see a damn thing... What is going on? I just took about 25 lbs of rock out of my 55 to help try to get the filtration going///...
  6. rapt0r32

    Live Rock Question

    Ok I know you are suppose to have 1lbs of rock per gallon of water. Now my 125 is getting ready to get some rock. Can I divide up the rock into the sump and have that count towards my total poundage? ( thinking more swimming room and so forth) Since water is taken out of the tank and through the...
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    Hey Broomer

    Hey Broomer, It works... Been going for about 45 min and no increase in tank or in Sump. Seems to be running level. I have to check my valve though it seems to be dripping every so often...Other than that it appears to be good to go........... Thanks for all your help. Jason
  8. rapt0r32

    Broomer or anyone....

    Broomer, To pick up where we left off. I got the holes drilled in my stand and various other stuff. I have glued together my piping and getting ready to attach the flex line. ( I really like this idea means I can move it or do what ever. I did not however make a spray bar but I have all the...
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    Ok I have a few questions. I decided to go with a little giant pump for the return from my sump. I have a CPR overflow (cs100 rated at 800gph) Now on the threaded ends do you use teflon (only concern was pieces of the teflon getting into my pump) and I have also read not to hard plumb the...
  10. rapt0r32

    Little Giant

    I think I have my sump pretty much planned ( homemade) now I am looking for a pump. I know my over flow is rated at 800 ( I have a 125 tank ) I have 2 questions. Should I go a higher over flow ( that is about 7.5 times my tank ) also is there flow control on the motor itself or would I have to...
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    If one has a 125 long. And plans to put in some southdown in it then seed it with Live sand. How much south down would be needed for a 4-5 inch bottom all together.
  12. rapt0r32

    To Sump or not to Sump

    Ok I been digging around on Sumps and have asked a few questions but I am still alittle wishey washey on the whole thing. It is getting crunch time because I am sick of looking at an empty ( and dry ) 125 tank. I have plans for LS LR and Fish and some inverts. Not really going to go reef and or...
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    After going through some of the old posts, I have been looking for DIY sumps. I think I might have found something I could use but I wanted some input on it. COuld I use this and just take out the bio on it? <a href="http://www.**************.com/product/prod_Display.cfm?siteid=6&pCatId=3624"...
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    What other "dead" sand can I use in my tank. I have been unable to locate any southdown. Any other brands that are acceptable?
  15. rapt0r32

    QT Tank

    On a Q tank how do you guys set yours up? I have read that some people keep it medicated or some people keep it in hypo. Or do you keep it normal then hypo once you get the fish to make sure there is no ICK. Just was wondering what is the best way to have my water set up. Thanks
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    It was once thought that my fish ( or atleast my trigger had ich) So I made up another tank and moved the trigger. He hasn't beat him self up again the rock since a few days ago. ( when he was in the main tank ) Upon looking at him I do see tiny little white pin dots but I am having a bit of...
  17. rapt0r32


    I have to run out and get another small tank to set-up. I was one of the ones that got caught without one. What I want to know is since I moved my 125 and put the LS in my 55 I still have some LS left over in a bucket with water.. Can I put that in the bottom to make the tank cycle quicker? I...
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    Hello I am new to this side of the board. I noticed my trigger was smacking the rocks and upon closer look I saw my Mimic tang had little white pin dots on his head and fins. Now I know you are suppose to QT ( sad enough I didn't do it ) but I am going to learn from this mistake. I am going out...
  19. rapt0r32

    Retarded Trigger ????

    I was watching my Huma when I noticed he will swin up to a rock and smack it with his side. He will do this to the rocks then he goes and does this to the sand then starts the rotation over again. Is he retarded or happy?? He eats well...
  20. rapt0r32

    Bubble in Eye

    I was looking at my Mimic Tang and I see there is a bubble in his eye. Almost looks like a broken headlight that gets water in it. What could this be???? <img src="graemlins//confused.gif" border="0" alt="[confused]" />