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  1. fish boy

    Atlantis marine world

    first time iv posted here in almost 2 years i was looking over some old stuff i had and found some pictures i took at the aquarium so figured i would post some of them These Pictures May not appear anywere else without my premission but may be linked to
  2. fish boy

    Joint Operations

    anyone here play Joint ops ?
  3. fish boy

    Squids in a tank?

    squid do not do well in tanks also if you were to keep 1 it would have to be in a rounded tank because it would hurt itself swiming into the corners
  4. fish boy

    Fiji Dive Pics

    nice pics what type of camera and housing
  5. fish boy

    Has anyone ever had an octopus?

    Sheree are you sure that is not a toad fish it looks just like one and are very commmon off south carliona do you have more pics from that one it dosent look like a stone fish
  6. fish boy

    Lets show off those predators!

    i have to agree with the claw my neon dottyback is really mean
  7. fish boy

    Are puffers bad?

    puffers usually puff up when they are scared but i have seen my pork puff up when it dosent seem like anything has scared him also the puffers flesh is poisonous and the olny way your fish could get poisoned is if they eat your puffer they dont release any poison when they puff
  8. fish boy

    is my porky ok??

    thats normal my porc is lazy he sits there all day until i come up to the tank[because he knows he is going to get feed] and puts on a show by squirting water at the hood
  9. fish boy

    shark pics

    what size tank ?
  10. fish boy

    kinda OT: pics for livestock

    here is a dottyback i got a year ago
  11. fish boy

    porc puffer feeding

    put the krill on a wooden squere and wave it around in front of him he will take bites out of krill while it is still attached to the squere
  12. fish boy

    dog face puffer

    try puting krill on a wooden squere and wiggle it around 6 inches from its face to entice him thats the olny way i got mine to eat
  13. fish boy

    Does anyones Dogface do this?

    i had a baby northern puffer do that all the time
  14. fish boy

    Just some pics

    nice pictures what type of camera and housing?
  15. fish boy

    How many bluefish in a 300 gallon tank

    also we have a 300 gallon in school and they dont do very well the problem is transporting them they use up air very quickly the olny ones we have kept alive are snappers the ones like 5-6 inches
  16. fish boy

    How many bluefish in a 300 gallon tank

    daysleeper15 i was fishing in montauk this weekend to do you go on a charter boat if so which one or do you have your own boat
  17. fish boy

    new tank picks

    how much rock total do you have
  18. fish boy

    OT: Stop the maddness

    ya i told the person who was buying the clownfish that clownfish are saltwater and goldfish are fresh water and she told me am not a fish expert like the owner
  19. fish boy

    OT: Stop the maddness

    there is a store near me that has no idea what they are doing when it comes to saltwater fish and now since the movie they have a 30 gallon tank with at least 40 clownfish if not more with no place for them to hid and last time i came in there was some one trying to buy a clown to put with...
  20. fish boy

    New England Aquarium in Boston...

    can you take a picture of the huge porcupine puffer in the shark tank and can you also get some pictures of the lumpfish