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  1. bp

    Peppermint Hogfish

    I want to get a peppermine hog for my 29gal reef. It is an open top tank do you think that the hogfish will jump out? Are they hard to keep? How big do they get? Any advice on their captive care is needed. thanks
  2. bp

    Anyone in New York want to trade??

    I am in western NY does anyone what to trade frags? I could frag my candycane or trade some shrooms or zoos. I am looking for SPS corals or almost any coral.
  3. bp

    baby banggia

    Here is a pics of the baby banggai. He is doing great. This one is the bully. How does he look Mr. Bang guy? Thanks for everything Bang Guy
  4. bp

    BP's 29gal Nano!!!

    Well I just put my MH on my nano and it looks great!!!!!!!!:D :) I got a bunch of new stuff and I thought I would share. supplies Magnum H.O.T 250 w/ carbon Zoomed rotating powerhead red sea prizm skimmer 250watt 20K MH 250watt heater fish Mated pair of banggai cardnilfish tomato clownfish...
  5. bp

    Wanted: M.H.!

    If anyone has a 250watt or 175watt M.H. with or without atanic supplements I am very intreated! Post or e-mail me at
  6. bp

    Brooklin Johnny!

    Can you explain you fuge plans in detail and how they were made? I am intreasted in setting up a 10gal reef. thanks :)
  7. bp

    Eye it Buy it

    Has anyone got anything from Eye it Buy it? Did you get the exact thing in the pic? Was it still Free Shipping? What did you get? A pic of your purchase would be great! thanks:D
  8. bp

    BP's nano reef

    Here is my tank I still got a lot of work to do on it! 29gal 2 65 watt PC 1 Atanic 1 10,000K Magnum H.O.T filter for carbon Red Sea Prizm skimmer Power sweep 200 watt heater Corals blue candy cane many zoos and mushrooms hammer 3 BTA(they keep spliting) 1 RBTA Green open Brain coral Cup coral...
  9. bp

    Blue Carpet Anemone!?

    I was thinking about getting a blue carpet for my reef. Does anyone have one? I was thinking about getting it from does anyone have a pic of theirs from Any advice of this species is needed.
  10. bp

    ATTENTION: Bang Guy!

    So far so good, the baby bangii and clownfish are doing great! thanks, Bill:jumping:
  11. bp

    Brooklin Johnny!

    I really like you setup, I am starting a 10gal. Nano. Could you describe you system in detail especially how your fuge is planned. thanks :)
  12. bp

    WANTED: Small Rose Bubble-Tip!

    If anyone has a small RBT for sale e-mail me at or post.:)
  13. bp

    Mag or Rio pumps What do your reccomend?

    I am setting up a 10 gallon fuge for my 29gal. reef and i need a quiet return pump. What do you reccomend? I need a really quiet pump because the tank is in my room too. I picture of your pump in action would be great as i do know even know what a mag pump looks like. thanks for your time:joy:
  14. bp

    Feeding Cyclop-eeze to mandrinfish?

    Has anyone ever tried feeding cyclop-eeze to mandrinfish? I understand that mandrinfish eat pods only and my LFS said that cyclop-eeze is frozen pods? So does anyone have a mandrinfish eating cyclop-eeze and thriving??
  15. bp

    Pinnate Batfish (platax pinnatus)

    Has anyone had sucess with this beautiful batfish?? My LFS has a bunch of these batfish and I was thinking about getting one. By the way I know that they are really hard to keep. Anyone know any advice on keeping them??
  16. bp

    fish clubs/groups in western or upstate NY

    Does anyone know of any good saltwater fish clubs/groups in upstate or western NY.
  17. bp

    Building a Refugium??

    I want to build a refuium for my 29gal. reef. Here is how i have it planned out. I was going to have an overflow box/surface skimmer/prefliter or what ever you call it, the thing that hangs into you tank with the "teeth". Thats going to take the water down to a 20gal. tank. My protine skimmer...
  18. bp

    Breeding Cardinalfish

    I really want to breed the Baggi(sp) Cardinalfish. Does anyone know how to breed them? Any info is needed.
  19. bp

    Wanted: Metal Halite

    I need a 175 watt MH bulb, fixture, and ballast! e-mail me or post reply
  20. bp

    Best Lighting for a 29gal. SPS tank

    I have a 29gal. tank and I want to start to get some SPS corals and clams. I know a MH is the best so do you think i could keep SPS corals and clams with one 175 watt MH?:notsure: What amount of Kalvins do you think i should get. Buy the way i won't have any VHO atinic supplements, do to the...