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  1. russianspy

    Calcium Methods

    Has anyone ever used Liquid Reactor? What to you use in your tank? Kalkwasser, Liquid Calcium, or a Calcium Reactor. I'd like to know what people think works better and experience with any to compare. Plus if you mix your own and use additives (ex. Iron, Madnesium, Strontium, Iodide). And if you...
  2. russianspy

    Hamilton 250 HQI 10,000K

    I normaly run Ushio 250 HQI Metal Halides 10,000k I bought new bulbs because the old bulbs were starting to cause cyano growth and started to shift spectrum When I ordered a new bulb I thought I ordered a Ushio but recieved a Hamilton 10,000k When I installed the bulb it started up a yellow...
  3. russianspy

    Rose Bubble "Size"

    Hopefully within the next 6 months I'm setting up a 120 gallon soon to be reef tank. So i'm planning ahead. I was looking to know how big the rose bubble anemone can grow. All the books i'v looked in don't say the size it can grow to. I was wondering if anyone knew or "better yet" has a Rose...
  4. russianspy

    45g Reef Tank Pictures

    Here are some shots of my 2 year reef Flame Angel Torch Coral Close-Up Ricordea Tank
  5. russianspy

    Trimming Fuge

    I have Capulara sp. and some string/wirey green stuff that bunches in a ball in our fuge. I read somewhere that trimming it will cause it to explode and overgrow your system. Is this true or can I just take scissors and cut it? :help:
  6. russianspy

    SPS Tank + Dripping Kalk

    Anyone have one w/o calcium reactor, (Dripping Kalk) I have a pocilipora...does it grow fast? Just asking aboutt he dripping
  7. russianspy

    Elegance Corals

    I just recently discovered these corals and have seen great pictures of them. I would like to have one and would like some personal tips into keeping them...Metal Halide and all. Pictures would be great! :jumping:
  8. russianspy

    RBTA Bubbles?

    I read alot about people RBTA losing the bubbles, except after feeding. Mine hasn't! My RBTA was ona downslide with my PC and was dieing fast, but with my new 250w HQI and a relocation the thing is GREAT! Has lots of color and never lost it's bubbles once it regained health. But my RBTA hasn't...
  9. russianspy


    I'v had one for about 3 weeks and its doing good but it seems like a coral that loves strong curents....all and any info helpful.
  10. russianspy

    Who watches "Surivior"

    I was reading the post on bad New for CBS....But who watches surivior? It's on tonight 8:00 EST for me....Moutian of Fire is what I heard, But i just heard it 5 mins ago so heck If i know, My moms the ultra fan, I just sit and watch it to pass the time but Its good...Back on target who watches it?
  11. russianspy

    Lets see some BTA

    I'd like to see some BTA, please only one photo but feel free to do more doesn't hurt....I'm looking for non-RBTA but i'd love to see some pics of RBTA if you want to share
  12. russianspy

    Hurrican Ivan

    You FL people arn't done yet, Its suppose to be CAT. 3 when it gets there but you never know, And your all softened up, Have a dandy day all.....
  13. russianspy

    Massechusetts Residents

    Sinse we're all seeing where we are from I thought I'd see if I'm the lonely MA person at, Any good Fish places to share?
  14. russianspy

    How long are your lights on?

    My Cyano is driving me crazy....:help: My last and finaly thought before giving in is how long the lights are on. My lights go from: Atinic - 7:00 - 9:00 Daylight - 8:00 - 8:00 I supose this is a long time, but my mom won't shut up about how unperfect everything is! I'd like to have the lights...
  15. russianspy

    Toadstool Leather

    I assume people have these, could you show me some pics and/or you experience and lighting. I would like to get one...Will a 250W DE HQI MH w/ 2 95W VHO be good enough for it?
  16. russianspy

    Zoo's vs. Softies

    I have a 2 gallon Nano, w/ 18w light I wanted to get some zoos and maybe a colt coral, The zoos will take over fast. Will the zoos over time sting the colt and kill it or are zoos only poisonis to Stonies?
  17. russianspy

    Ricordea Light?

    My Ricordea(s)[Soon to split, I hope] Are all the way up to the top exposed to my 192w PC, I am soon to update to VHO and MH, should I move they be moved to a lower level when the new lights come because as part of the mushroom family don't the prefer less intense light? Any pics and info on...
  18. russianspy

    Deathco & Deathmart

    Got any good stories, I maintain never to buy anything there! Buying stuff from a local Fish store is better. FISH, not many animals, FISH!!!
  19. russianspy

    Which is better?

    Should I.... (1) 2x95w VHO's 1x175x MH Total watts: 365 (2) 4x95w VHO's? Total watts: 380 I was thinking if i use a MH instead of all VHO's I would be able to actually have more coral choices...Maybe?
  20. russianspy

    NM Reef - (Just to wste your time)

    I saw your sand was white and someone told me it was aragonite. Is it? I'm going to go from CC to LS soon, and wanted to try and get some WHITE sand. :notsure: