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  1. meadbhb

    would this tank be Overstocked ?

    Hiya, I'd set up a few of those empty tanks and get some of the live rock. If it's already cured, all you need to do is put a few powerheads in the tank to keep the water moving. They don't have to have light unless you want to try and salvage what may be still growing on it. Meadbhb
  2. meadbhb

    ID Help Please

    Definately a cabbage coral. Pretty easy to take care of.
  3. meadbhb


    Hiya, Has anyone started using this line of products? Meadbhb
  4. meadbhb

    Corals dying. HELP!

    Hiya, I'd get the salinity up a little and shouldn't Alk be between 8-12? Also, I've heard xena can't take high nitrates. Meadbhb
  5. meadbhb

    Torch tragedy!

    Hiya, My branches were so fragle that I was able to snap it off with a pair of needlenose pliers. Ca of 340 is need to get that up to 400-420. Meadbhb
  6. meadbhb

    What's wrong with this goniopora?

    Hiya, Just my two cents worth...maybe raise your temp to 79-80. My corals don't care to be that cold. Meadbhb
  7. meadbhb

    SWEET pictures of my tank, corals, fish

    Looks like you're zenia is getting out of control. You need to chop off a piece and send it to me. Meadbhb Nice shots
  8. meadbhb

    Help with crabs

    Hiya, You could get an emerald crab, or a boxing crab. They're kinda hard to find, but they're really kewl. There's also an anenome crab which is harmless and pretty. Meadbhb
  9. meadbhb

    bi color blenny???

    Hiya, Yeap, completely normal. Mine does the same thing. Once he gets more comfortable in the tank, he'll be out more often. Mines always zipping around the tank following my yellow corrise wrasse and perching on rocks looking at stuff. Kim/Meadbhb
  10. meadbhb

    pistol shrimp

    Hiya, I got my banded goby and pistol shrimp at the same time. I only paid $36 for the two of them. If I remember correctly the pistol was $24, but they gave me a little break since I was buying both. I also released them together and they'd paired up in less then 1/2 hour. I let the goby...
  11. meadbhb

    I Want To Add More Fish.....but Which One Will Be Ok!!!!!

    Hiya, Any goby that pairs up with a shrimp. I've got a banded with a pistol shrimp and I love them. Plus they'll be down at the base of the reef, so maybe your clowns will leave them alone. Only caution I'd give you with them is make sure your base is stable. I thought my pair was crushed...
  12. meadbhb

    Puffer dead and out of this hobby

    Hiya, I also had high nitrates with a penguin, it had two bio wheels. One of my LFS recommended I take them out and use it for flow and if needed a place to put carbon or just a plain filter pad. I was still having nitrate problems, but I'd also forgot to CLEAN the penguin out. I'd just...
  13. meadbhb

    Corrise, six-line and flasher wrasse

    Hiya, Anyone? What about having two of the three wrasses in a 46 bowfront? Kim/Meadbhb
  14. meadbhb

    Corrise, six-line and flasher wrasse

    Hiya, Is it possible to keep all three of these small wrasses in a 46 gallon bow front? I've fallen in love with all three of these guys. I've had a six-line for 3 years until I had a nitrate spike. I just purchased a yellow corrise wrasse and want to get a flasher, but I miss my six-line. I...
  15. meadbhb

    False Tang

    Hiya, I found some information, it's called a mimic tang and not a false tang. Still considered a tang and needed the same environment as the others. Sooo, no Mimic tang for me! Kim/Meadbhb
  16. meadbhb

    False Tang

    Hiya, I saw this fish in a local LFS and it looked just like a yellow tang, just a little more squarish. Does anyone know anything about this fish? Could it live in a 42g bow front reef? Kim/Meadbhb
  17. meadbhb

    Live rock at LFS

    Hiya, Gotcha. I wasn't sure if my clean up crew would take care of it or not. Though, I know I don't want it spreading throughout my tank! Kim/Meadbhb
  18. meadbhb

    Live rock at LFS

    Hiya, I'm hoping to add some more lr to my tank and the local store has some in. He buys pre-cured and cures it in a tubby with no lights for an additional week before putting it out for display. Problem is, it's covered in diatom's right now. Should I wait for this to clear up before putting...
  19. meadbhb

    Those thin colored scrub pads

    Hiya, Thanks! If I could find a plane razor blade to use I'll try that. Kim/Meadbhb
  20. meadbhb

    Those thin colored scrub pads

    Hiya, I forgot to mention this is in a established tank. I'd love the fact that the coraline is growing so well, but I'd like to SEE inside my tank.