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  1. fishgirl

    I have no idea why they died!!

    BACKGROUND: I have a 75 gal FOWLR with hermit crabs, emerald crabs, a cleaner shrimp, a Yellow Tang and a sebea clown. It has 90lbs of LR, a LS bed, a prizm protien skimmer and a couple of Rio powerheads. I add garlic extract and zoe vitamins. LEVELS as of today: pH: 8.1, SG: 1.026, Temp: 86...
  2. fishgirl

    Fun news!

    Hey guys, got some more liverock for the 75(my total is 95 lbs now!)and it's got lots of nice corraline. I got the cleanup crew too (emeralds and scarlet reefs) and I'm thoughly enjoying them. My next order will be cleaner shrimp (I will also introduce my clownfish) and additives for coraline...
  3. fishgirl

    dwarf angels

    Hi y'all I haven't been here in forever but I haven't forgotten all the help you've given me! I have a 75 gallon set-up with 75 lbs of live rock and a bed of nature's ocean live sand, a prizm skimmer, some rio 600 powerheads, and a daylight/actinic smart lamp PC (160 watts). I just ordered my...
  4. fishgirl

    Tons of questions: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys! tons of q's here! I have a newly set-up 75 gallon with 80 lbs of nature's ocean live sand. Since this is of course NOT a dsb, should I leave the sand alone and not touch it, or should I buy sifters and detritivores? It make just under a 3" layer. I have had my prizm skimmer, rio...
  5. fishgirl

    opinions, please! :-)

    I just set-up my new 75 gallon tank with 75lbs LR, 3"LS, skimmer, pcs and powerheads. It will have cleaning shrimps and crabs (to order soon), and a little caulerpa. Once it's established I plan to transfer my 3-1/2" Yellow Tang from my FO tank, add a Flame Angel, and a small Powder-blue Tang...
  6. fishgirl

    Happy 500! :-D

    I just noticed I was on post 499 so I figured I'd go ahead with my 500th! :D :D :D ...celebrate, good times, come on!... I love this BB! -Jean
  7. fishgirl

    I'M BACK!!! :-) (but with questions as always)

    Hey guys! I haven't been on the boards for like months now, but I've been really busy setting up my new 75 FOWLR! It's got 75lbs of fiji live rock, 80lbs of nature's ocean live sand, a couple rio powerheards, smartlight power compacts, and a Prizm skimmer. Ok. When I first got the skimmer it...
  8. fishgirl

    SmartLights for LR? Additives? Help!

    Hey everyone! I finally got my 75 all-glass tank into place :D and the glass canopies should be in soon. I'm planning on buying my skimmer, extra powerheads, and lighting from an online store soon. My tank will have fish, LR, LS and a clean-up crew. Since the middle of the tank is divided...
  9. fishgirl

    Powder Brown/Blue Tang in 75??

    Hey everyone I brought this up on another post but did not get too many answers. I'm setting up a 75 long. Prizm skimmer, daylight and actinic PCs, not a DSB. Mostly fish, lots of LR, a bit of LS, a clean-up crew, maybe l8r some dusters and shrooms. (I guess you'd call it a semi-reef.)...
  10. fishgirl

    New set-up! fish suggestions!

    Hey everyone! Well, I'm finally upgrading from that 30 gal FO I've been stuck with for I don't know how long to a 75 gallon FOWLR. (I didn't know if a FOWLR q should be posted here or in FO??) Anyways, it'll be run on a skimmer, LR, LS, SmartLight PCs 50% crisp premium white daylight, 50%...
  11. fishgirl

    Prizm skimmer!?!?!?!?

    After being stuck with a 30 gal FO for years, I'm about ready to purchase my new 75 gallon aquarium that will be a FOWLR. :) I will use the berlin system (only filtration = LR, LS, protien skimmer). I was ready to go with the Berlin Classic Hang-on skimmer but it is so expensive and skimmers...
  12. fishgirl

    Question: Critters for LiveSand not DSB

    I've done some research, but nothing explains this very clearly (or maybe I'm just stupid). :rolleyes: I am finally getting serious about buying a 70 gallon FOWLR (have 30 gal FO right now) I plan on a Berlin protien skimmer, 3 watts per gallon of lighting (PC and VHO) and 60-70lbs liverock...
  13. fishgirl


    I don't know the first thing about sumps and have lots of questions that are probably so obvious I'm not going to make everyone here explain them to me, so could anyone give me some books or websites where I could read up on them?? I you can't post a link email it to me
  14. fishgirl

    Lawnmower Blennie info

    I keep hearing that these are great fish for algea eating but I can't find them in any books. So, how big do they get? Foods, besides algea? Will they eat flakes? Compatibility? Any info whatsoever would be great. Oh, and don't worry - it's not like I'm going out and buying one for my...
  15. fishgirl


    my lfs won't sell 'em, so would someone email me a site where I can buy some VitaCHEM or Zoe. I know we can't post other sites, so send 'em to Thanx!! I need it soon, 'cause I want to order tonight, so ayone who's on right now can send.
  16. fishgirl

    Really dumb question about macroalgea

    Does it grow all of a sudden in your reef tank like regular algea if water quality/conditions are good? Or do you have to "plant" some in your aquarium? Thanks in advance for humoring my stupid question.
  17. fishgirl

    VHO, PC, or MH?

    What's the best light? VHO, PC, or MH? Which is the cheapest? Which gives off the least heat? What will fit easliy over the hood?
  18. fishgirl

    Heaters w/ MH

    Do ya need a heater with MH lights since they're so hot, or would the fans be so good they would make it TOO cold for tropicals? Or are there cooling stuff? help!?
  19. fishgirl

    Regal Angels

    Are regal angels well behaved reef fish and do they get along ok with dwarf angels? Thanx.
  20. fishgirl

    My STILL messed up QT/HT

    OMG what is up with this? On a past post I mentioned that I've had my 20 gallon QT/HT up and running since April with two big damsels in there and all I had to show for it was .25ppm ammonia and no 'ates or 'ites. Now I have NO ammonia NO nitrite NO nitrate! and I HAVE NOT been doing any...