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  1. chris17

    Korlia powerhead screen?

    Is there a screen or a filter for these powerheads?? I have never seen them before but was wondering if they do exist. I am thinking of getting an anemone, but I have 2 powerheads in a 20g. Does anybody have any input or suggestions? Thanks
  2. chris17

    Six Line Wrasse?

    I was wondering if a six line will eat any worms that would be in my tank? I read that they will eat bristle worms, but wasn't sure about any others.
  3. chris17

    Clove Polyps and Xenia being eaten?

    Hi, I have a Xenia colony that I have had going on 2 years but was not in the proper conditions to grow for about 2-3 months :(. I have improved the conditions drastically in the past few months by adding new T5 lighting. The Xenia have responded exceptionally well and have begun to thrive...
  4. chris17

    20g Reef lighting

    Hello, I was wondering if 4-24w T-5s are enough on a 20g to keep LPS, SPS, and Clams... The bulbs I have are all Giesemann.... 1- Actinic Plus 1- Aquablue 1- Midday 1- Pure Actinic They are run with a Workhorse Ballast and TEK reflectors. Thanks for the help!
  5. chris17

    Computer Fan??

    I was reading a while back about some people useing computer fans to keep their lights and tank cool. I could't completely remember (part of my problem) how it all went together. I picked up a computer fan, a 120mm DC Fan. I thought I read that you could match up a fan with a phone charger or...
  6. chris17

    Skimmer suggestions....

    Hello, Is anyone currently useing the MSO Needlewheel 150 with Funnel Neck, or had experiance with this skimmer. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  7. chris17

    Lithodes maja? pics anyone?

    Does anybody have any pictures of the hermit crab Lithodes maja? I can only find 1 pic on google for the name. I don't know if this is the name of the hermit crab or not. Thanks
  8. chris17

    Beach Hermit crabs?

    Hi, I recently went to the beach and found a handfull of small beige hemits. I was wondering if anyone puts them in their tanks and if they are ok with corals? I found the around some live rock piles, any info would be great. Thanks Chris
  9. chris17

    Hammer and lighting?

    I have a standard 75g with a 2 bulb T5 retro. They are the 54w bulbs, giesmann powerchrome, one is a pure actinic and the other is aquablue plus. I was wondering if I would be able to keep a hammer in the top half of the tank or not? Or LPS at all? I am planning on getting another 2 bulb retro...
  10. chris17

    Single union ball valve problem

    I did a fresh water test on my 125g to find that when I went to take my return pump plumbing apart, my single union ball valve is not sealing completely. The valve comes from my sump, so when I undo the union water comes out at a pretty good rate. The plumbing is all glued together and in place...
  11. chris17

    330w of VHO....

    My standard 75g has finished cycling and I am looking into getting a 3 bulb VHO retro for it. It would be 330w total. I know I could keep any softies, but what about LPS. I am not looking for any specific LPS, just a rough list that would thrive under these lights. Thanks in advance!
  12. chris17

    125G Reef Tank Build!

    I have now got enough going on to start a thread for this tank! I have been wanting a big saltwater tank for a few years now and had a slight bit of luck to jump start it. I got a 125g All Glass tank from my cusin that moved and was unable to take it with him...
  13. chris17

    Anyone useing or used 3/4" SCWD???

    Is anyone useing/ used the 3/4" SCWD with any problems, like sound or anything? I am considering getting 2 for my 125g that will be in a living room which is where we/guests spend most of our time. I found them for 38.95 a peice not includeing shipping, anywhere I could get them for cheeper?
  14. chris17

    Anyone useing Deltec MCE600???

    I was wondering if anybody is useing the Deltec MCE600 on a 100g-125g system? I am considering getting one for my 125g SPS reef that I am planning. My 55g sump/fuge is 21" tall and my stand will be around 30" tall. I just think that an in-sump skimmer will be a real pain to pull out and get back...
  15. chris17

    Epuipment List for 125g Reef!!!!

    This is my equipment list for a 125g Reef with a 55g sump/fuge. 1- Reeflo Snapper External Pump ( 2500gph ) 1- Reeflo Dart External Pump for Cl system ( 3600gph ) 2- 1 1/2" Bulkheads for CL 3- 1 1/2" Bulkheads for overflow in DT 1- 1 1/2" Bulkhead in sump, intake line for return pump 1- 2...
  16. chris17

    External Water pumps...

    Is anybody running a Sequence Reeflo Snapper Water Pump? If so, would you buy another? The one I am looking at is rated for 2500gph with a 2in suction and a 1-1/2in discharge. It is 210.00 not including shipping.
  17. chris17

    Berlin X2 Venturi Protein Skimmer?

    I am looking for a Protein Skimmer for a 125g reef tank. I have found this Berlin X2 Venturi Protein Skimmer for tanks up to 150g for $160.00 Are Berlin skimmers a good brand and should I get one rated for 250g instead of 125g or 150g?
  18. chris17

    Metal Halide ?

    Ok, I am planning a 50g frag tank. My question is would a pendant metal halide, be less likely to heat my tank verses a retro fit setup that I would need to build a canopy for? An also, what size halide would be recomended? 150, 250...ect. I am looking at eventually keeping SPS, but mainly...
  19. chris17

    Planted aquarium turn-over rate?????

    From experiance with freshwater planted aquariums what is a good turnover rate?? I know in saltwater tanks its much higher but in a densly populated planted tank what would be a good amount of flow?? 10x 20x.. . .?? any input on previous experiance and all opinions appreciated.
  20. chris17

    Flow rate for 1" ...........

    I was wondering if sombody could list the different flow rates for different size plumbing. Example... 1" = 800gph (not actual flow, just a guess) I was just wondering if sombody could post these starting at like 3/4" up to 3" Thank you. . . . . .