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  1. efishnsea

    Changes in ""

    What changes would you like to see..... Thanks, efish I want the swimming fish back...
  2. efishnsea

    Free 25 gal with stand. Palm Beach, Fl.

    Hi, I have not been on in a while and I hope I am not breaking any rules. My 210 reef is doing great and will be posting pics soon. Hope your tanks are happy and healthy as well. I have a 25g tank & 55g oceanic stand with hang on filter. Pick up only. Jupiter FL. Thanks, efishnsea
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    Corals and the need for some needed space?

    Hi Everyone, I was on the board a while back and have been off line for a is good and the tanks are great... OMG my acro frag rock has turned into a monster. My blue tort 1" frag is a huge colony approx. 12" wide. I'll post some pics. Anyway, I am going to the keys to get some nice...
  4. efishnsea

    My latest additions...I finally have some fish!!!!!

    Here are a few pics of my new fish. The tang has already warmed up to the true percs. I'm still working with my new nikon d40x!!!!
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    DiMartini here are some pics for you.

    Just let me know the polyps requested. I can cut each piece down. The rics are ultra sweet and the zoas are unseen and are super bright, I wish you could come but and see them in person. I have the Blue African halo for you as well, sorry no picture??? James
  6. efishnsea

    Sweet Blue Millipora Acropora For Sale Palm Beach, FL. PU Welcome

    Nice Blue Millipora for sale. WUSIWUG Aprox. 4"X3", it is a sweet piece..I have the one side of it and want to share the other.. I was thinking of fragging but wanted to offer it to some locals or someone that does not want to wait years to grow a piece like this. Very mature and a fast grower...
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    Vodka Dosing~~~~~~~Who has tried or had success??????

    Any response or knowledge would be much appreciated. Thanks efish
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    Rare Zoas For Sale, Jupiter, Fl. PU WELCOME M-T

    WUSIWYG $3-7 per polyp. Heat Cold Pack!!!!! $17 USPS PRIORITY $31 USPS EXPRESS $60 FED EX They are super bright !!!
  9. efishnsea

    Ultra Colored Montipora For Sale, Palm Beach Fl. PU Welcome

    Started a thread on some insane zoas and thought mabey a combined shipment would be benificial. These wild harvest montys are from Bali, Jakarta, S. Pacific ect.. Trans shipped 3 weeks ago and I fragged the pieces. My pieces were small but I'm willing to sell a few frags approx . I will mount...
  10. efishnsea

    Super rare zoas for sale.....South Fl, New Bright Frags and colony's

    The last frags went soo quick....for the ones that missed out!!!! here are a few packs and thats it... ........Alright there will be more in the future..... Same thread description as last time, i'm still working on the pics. These zoas have been in my qt tank for 6 weeks "SPYDER FREE"and it...
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    Bright Vietnam Zoas for sale..South Florida.

    These zoas have been in my qt tank for 6 weeks "SPYDER FREE"and it is time to place them in the 210... "what I collect is most likely unseen species and rare specimens" I acquired these from a friend out in in California that has a sweet repor with a few importers... Amazing colors and are...
  12. efishnsea

    Quick Q's aboutwhich Nikkor DSLR Lens to Purchase

    Hey Nikon users I'm getting the D40x and would like some input on the best lens for taking close up "macro" shots of the corals????? Thanks efishnsea
  13. efishnsea

    Got a Acropora 30,000 Leagues Lokani frag today, pictures....

    Got this from my LFS, most expensive frag I have ever purchased, $45 It has purple tips and green polyps. It was delivered by Rafael himself. Here is a quote about it from the Dr's "The "30,000 Leagues" Lokani Coral is a small polyp stony (SPS) coral that is a rare find in the reefkeeping...
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    Picked up a few new Acroporas today, pictures.....

    I know one is a yellow Millipora but have no clue as to the ID on the others. Anyone know the ID on these Thanks efishnsea
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    Question about "Blue Life Phosphate Control Drops"

    This stuff is amazing... I have seen numerous tanks with very high phosphate levels that have dosed this stuff and the phosphate is unmeasureable...Does anyone know how this stuff works and where does the phosphate go. Any long term effects???? It just seems to good to be true.... Thanks efishnsea
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    For Sale~Insane Ultra Florida Ricordea 8 Pack Multiple Green Mouths

    8 TOTAL POLYPS MULTIPLE MOUTHS WYSIWYG $120.00 Plus Shipping I got in the tank today and fragged some of of my crazy colored Florida Ricordea. They are very healthy and have been in my aquarium for 1.5 years. These are my favorites because the stand out like a neon sign and are next to...
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    A few new acro pictures in the 210 reef....

    I got the camera out and took some new pictures, enjoy....
  18. efishnsea

    Pictures of a few new corals and fish for the 210 reef...

    Picked up these red zoas a neon green clove polyp rock and a few new fish today. The true percs and purple firefish are not camera shy....I cannot get a pic of the pearly jawfish he is pretty cool. The actinicts are on, the red zoas are from Vietnam. The Perculas hosted the anemone within...
  19. efishnsea

    GSP cover up

    My 70lb center piece of LR somehow acquired some GSP. Here are some pics of before and after covering it up with epoxy. My Ricordea colony didnt seem to like its company. I hope this is a quick fix ??????
  20. efishnsea

    Got a Blue Linckia Starfish today, some pictures

    Picked up this guy/girl today. My first starfish hope all goes well, acclimated it for 3.5 hrs with a drip line...Let me know your success or failures with these Linckia laevigata.