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  1. jcarroll

    my poor starts and stripes!

    I'm happy to say that my puffer is back to normal! I don't know if it was the Maracyn 2 or the coppersafe, but whichever it was, it worked! All of the cottony substance is gone and he ate for the first time today in about 5 days. Thanks for all your input Beth!
  2. jcarroll

    my poor starts and stripes!

    I will read the directions on the box for maracyn 2, and if it says it's okay, I may do one more treatment and see what happens. I will look into the pictures again and see if I can figure it out also
  3. jcarroll

    my poor starts and stripes!

    Thanks, Beth, when I am looking at him, I don't see anything on his actual skin, as far as spots or discoloring. It's something that is attached to him. The attached stuff looks very much like strings of cotton. There are a couple strands on one of his eyes, but mainly they're on his...
  4. jcarroll

    my poor starts and stripes!

    My water parameters are ammonia 0, nitrites 0 nitrates 10, and pH 8.0 It's weird, my other fish are all doing just fine. Since my freshwater dip on my puffer, he is looking much better. Still a little cottony, but probably about 75% of it is gone. He's also out swimming around still, but...
  5. jcarroll

    my poor starts and stripes!

    Yes, it's a FOWLR tank. Also, it doesn't look like the disease you mentioned at all. It's more stringy and cottony.
  6. jcarroll

    my poor starts and stripes!

    okay, unfortunately I can't post a pic. I'm not on my computer, mine is currently down, and I don't know how to upload on this one. But, I really need some advice. My tank has been perfect for a few years now, until I bought a porcupine. The poor fish got really sick and died. Now, my stars...
  7. jcarroll

    Snowflake Eels and growth

    Just wanted to give you a heads up, I know they can live with other fish, but it wasn't the case with mine. I have a 180 gallon tank and my SFE was about 24" long. It would only come out when the lights were out, so I had to watch him and wait for him to come out, then go feed him. I was...
  8. jcarroll

    125 Gallon.. Move Question.. HELP PLEASE

    Removing water doesn't reduce salt level or any other level, it just reduces the water level. Adding water is the same as long as it's the same salinity. It's just a change in the water level. When you top off, you use plain water, no salt in it, just in case you didn't know. It's the water...
  9. jcarroll

    Fish Tank algae

    Run a magfloat over it daily and it will never build up
  10. jcarroll

    Bad luck with clowns?

    The crazy part is, I bought the first two clowns at one LFS, then the next two in Denver, then the most recent one back in Indiana at a totally different one. So, surely out of those three, atleast one has been tank raised......oh well, mystery lives on....atleast i learned my lesson about ever...
  11. jcarroll

    Bad luck with clowns?

    So, I was just wondering if there any other clown grim reapers out there. I swear, I LOVE those fish, and obviously my kids do too, but no joke....I have had 5 clownfish over the years and NONE of them have survived! It's CRAZY! The first two were my very first two fish cuz hey! They're...
  12. jcarroll

    Tesselata Eel

    WOW! $500!!! I practically GAVE that guy my Max then!! Lucky little SOB! They are definitely very cool. At first, mine was very shy, but after a couple of weeks he was out swimming around the tank all the time. Used to freak people out when they came over cuz he was gigantic! Ate full...
  13. jcarroll

    My new 180 gallon!

    I have a proclear wet/dry filter, 3 power heads, and just ordered my protein skimmer. Also have a heater in the sump and also one in the tank. I actually do want to get a background. Is there something easy I can use like black posterboard or something? Thanks for the compliments!
  14. jcarroll

    My new 180 gallon!

    I sold my 4 foot tesselatta eel over the weekend, and so was able to move the SFE that was his buddy and the 180 into my livingroom. I had a 55 gallon in there already, and tore it down to put everything into the 180....what a job that was! ANyway, now it's up and running and thought I'd show...
  15. jcarroll

    Tesselata Eel

    I just sold my tessy last weekend. I had him in a 180 with a SNE that was about 18" long. My tessy (Max) was right around 4 feet long. He was not aggressive, but that may be because I fed him about every 2-3 days. If you feed them less, you can actually make them become aggressive because...
  16. jcarroll

    Hard water stains?

    Anyone ever had any luck with removing hard water stains? I have a 180 I bought from a guy and come to find out, he let the water level in the tank get low and therefore hard water stains appear so far to be permanent around the tank. It's very annoying. I called my LFS and he said that...
  17. jcarroll

    Spotted pj cardinals ?

    I have two PJ's and they're always out and about. The only bad thing is, they're coloration blends in with the live rock, so they don't stand out much. If you're wanting something that really stands out while it swims around a lot, I would choose something else.
  18. jcarroll

    Its so annoying! =[[[[

    I had this problem also, and it was in a tank that was about 2 years old. All I did was for about 5 days straight, I only turned on the lights for about 30-45 minutes. It was long enough to let the fish wake up and eat, and then as soon as the food was gone, I shut them back off. The algae...
  19. jcarroll

    eel won't eat

    Don't worry about him. After a tank move, sometimes eels can go up to two weeks or slightly more without eating. I have a SNE, and when I first got him it was well over a week before he ate. I also had a tessalata that I just sold over the weekend and when I first got him it was 2 weeks...
  20. jcarroll

    Transfering tanks?

    I transferred tanks over this past weekend. I had a 55 gallon and a 180 gallon. Didn't want to maintain two tanks anymore so I sold my eel in the 180 and tore it down all the way to about an inch of sand and couple inches of water. Then, I tore down my 55 because it was located where I was...