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  1. xxxespoxxx

    Our 120 gallon Aquarium

    Hi Guys, I've been on this site for a while and I would like to thank a lot of you for your help along the way. So my 120 gallon tank was a semi-aggressive tank. Some of the tank mates were Picasso Trigger, 2 LionFish, a Sail fin,yellow and Blue hippo tang, 2 Clarki's clown, Valentini puffer...
  2. xxxespoxxx

    Goby & Blennies

    Just wanted to reassure myself people say these 2 fish are compatable. Does anyone have these 2 species in their tank and are there any issues. I have a yellow headed sleeper goby and a yellow watchman goby and I'm thinking of getting a blenny there so cool looking. Just want to hear what you...
  3. xxxespoxxx

    30 gal bow Bront

    Someone offered me a 30 gallon bow front, stand which actually matchs our hardwood floor and Nova extreme lighting system for $150. Should I or Shouldn't I? It's in excellent condition I already seen it just I'm undecided if its worth it. Opinions anyone? What kind of tank should I start up if I do?
  4. xxxespoxxx

    Help!! New Fish addition

    Hi Guys, I want to add a new fish to my tank, looking for some help or recommendations. I haven't added any fish now for about 8 months just worried my current fish 3 Tangs ( Yellow,Blue & Sailfin) might be too aggressive for a new addittion. I did add a cleaner and a blood shrimp with no...
  5. xxxespoxxx

    Sand Sifting Starfish

    Just want to know what you people think about adding it to my tank (120 gal). I heard some good things and bad things about them. My main reason for purchasing one would be just for the so cost of getting some movment and stirring up the sand bed. My clean up crew is slacking a lit bit. Should I...
  6. xxxespoxxx

    Help ! What can be the problem ?

    Tank Has been up for 11 months. Just this last week this stuff is starting to happen, what could it be? I clean it up and in a matter of hours it slowly starts creeping back. Our system is a HO Bio wheel filter saline solution skimmer,Nova Extreme T5 lighting... all are readings are fine, and...
  7. xxxespoxxx

    blue tang

    We,ve had out blue tang for about 4 months now...was healthy and everything. Just this past week I have noticed that he's been getting skinny and his eyes are not black but more like there hazed out or holagram looking. I have heard too that the blue tang also when he gets sick is also a sign...
  8. xxxespoxxx

    Adding more LR to my reef

    Hey Guys, Just curious I have about another 30lbs of LR curing in a QT tank. I'm thinking about adding it to the DT in about 2 weeks or so. What's the best way to go about doing this? Any suggestions would be great...waiting on all your responses
  9. xxxespoxxx

    Lost our Blue Tang today

    Well bad day today, we just got home and found our blue tang dead. He was in QT everything was fine yesterday. He had ick was getting treated an getting better ick was falling off scars from the cyst were healing, an he had his tail nippped in our display, but heal perfectly in QT. Anyways he's...
  10. xxxespoxxx

    Fin Nipping

    Just curious guys in the event that you have a fish that nips at the other fish fins/tails, and there fins and tails get damaged. Other then getting the fish thats nipping out of the tank. Is there any meds or soultions you can add to help speed up the process of the fish that have damaged...
  11. xxxespoxxx

    Quarintine Tanks

    Whats the best way to start 1 up? Like should i do a water change in my DT and use the water change water to start it up ...or do a smaller water change in the DT and the other have with new salt...
  12. xxxespoxxx

    Newcomer Dealing with Ich

    We got a Regal Blue Tang and looks like the first signs of Ich were very noticiable. little white dots scratching on the rocks...So I never really dealt with this situation before ....Now my Question is how the hell can i treat her properly if i have a reef setup...i don't wanna lose any of my...
  13. xxxespoxxx

    Blood Shrimp vs. Cleaner Shrimp

    I just purchased a Blood Shrimp on the weekend...I was wondering if I also added a cleaner shrimp would these 2 different species battle of am I just paranoid and everything will be jsut fine....
  14. xxxespoxxx

    Clownfish acting weird

    Just bought a FPC at the LFS....did the normal procedure aclimating him to my tank and he's the only one in there other then a very small blue damsel..and now for the last couple hours he's just been chillen in the corner by my filter...i put food also and he does go for should i be...
  15. xxxespoxxx

    Need a new fish

    Hi guys, I have a 150 gal with a picasso trigger, valentini puffer, foxface, 2 clarkii clowns,green mandarian, bluedevil damsel, yellow tand and blue tang what would u recommend as a good addition to my mix or am i pushing it
  16. xxxespoxxx

    hammer coral

    hi Guys, I'm new to this site and to this hobby but just curious when i put my hammer coral in it looked like it started milking what does that mean.