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  1. darknes

    Does money mean nothing to our government?

    900 million to rebuild Gaza, a place that harbors recognized terrorists? Our economy is tanking, our deficit is skyrocketing, and yet we are still throwing around billions for anything? We could put 15,000 people to work for this. I'm not sure any of our congressmen have any realistic grasp of...
  2. darknes

    Does this bother anyone else?

    Since when do illegals trespassing on private property have civil rights?
  3. darknes

    Oh no! Massacre!! :(

    Wow! I woke up this morning to see my cleaner shrimp and all my fish but one dead!! Everything looked great last night, temperature is fine, I don't understand. The tank is filled with coral and they all look's soo sad. There's literally thousands of bristle worms out right now...
  4. darknes

    Interesting World Clock

    I thought this was interesting...kind of makes you think:
  5. darknes

    Veteran's Healthcare

    Just curious on what you think veterans should be receiving for healthcare. I've been reading a lot of news articles lately on the shoddy healthcare our veterans receive. I support our war, but I think we need to be treating our soldiers better. Why is it that prisoners receive 100% free...
  6. darknes

    The future of energy

    So what is everyone's thought on what should be the next source of energy for our world? I know that it's not really a big concern for the public, but I think it should be. Fossil fuels might last us another 50-100 years, but what do we do when it runs out? We cannot just switch to a new...
  7. darknes

    Select a Candidate

    I thought this survey was interesting. You go through a list of questions stating your views on current issues, and it gives a list of candidates that most closely represent the same views: If you want, post who your top candidate is here. Mine is...
  8. darknes

    Is a two party system the best way?

    I suppose it's time for a new poll. Most people I talk to agree that it's silly to try and split everyone in America into a Democrat or Republican. Why not have politicians that run on their own platforms and not all this bashing back and forth between Dems and Repubs? So, do you think our...
  9. darknes

    Do you believe in evolution?

    I don't want to start a religious debate or anything here. Just curious, what percentage of you believe in evolution. The reason I ask is that it is so widely taught to be scientific truth, but in actuality is only a theory. There has never been any evidence that supports evolution, but...
  10. darknes

    Canned Sardines

    Any other fans of canned sardines out there? If so, what's your favorite brand, and how do you eat them?? My favorite is Crown Prince lightly smoked in green chiles and oil. I eat them straight out of the can, and have to have them several times a week.
  11. darknes

    Interesting Mushroom Propogation

    I've heard of mushrooms propogating by moving and leaving little ones behind, or little ones popping up from underneath, but have you seen this before? The first pic is of the original mushroom from a while back. The mushroom kept getting larger, until the center started to disintegrate. I...
  12. darknes

    MH Troubleshooting

    I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion. I have a 400 Watt Metal Halide light on my tank with a single-ended bulb. Lately, the light has only been coming on every once in a while. Even though there is power going to the ballast, and it gets hot, the light doesn't work. I know the bulb is...
  13. darknes

    LF Car Help

    Ok, I've been having problems with the cooling system on my car. It's a 1999 Olds Cutlass, about 90k miles. Last year, I had to have the intake gasket replaced since it was leaking very badly (left a trail everywhere I went). They replaced the thermostat as well. Lately, the car has been...
  14. darknes

    Fish Tatoos?

    Not sure what to think about this. Fish Tatoos
  15. darknes

    Really good riddle game!

    If you guys like tough puzzles, this one is for you! Some puzzles take a long time to figure out, but if you get stuck, I'll try to give you a clue. So far, I'm at lvl 13!
  16. darknes

    Does such a thing exist?

    I was wondering if there's such a thing as a switch that you can plug into an outlet, and then plug something into the switch. It would be nice to be able to just switch my skimmer and pumps off when I need to instead of having to unplug them all the time.
  17. darknes

    What do you think? This really made me upset reading this. I could understand if there was a nativity scene, but it was just Christmas trees. Christmas is not only a Christian holiday anymore; it has evolved into a national holiday, and can be celebrated...
  18. darknes

    Stupid Batteries

    I was browsing my tank today, and I saw a creature crawling on my live rock that I've never seen before! So I rush for my camera to take some pictures for an ID, and the batteries are dead! By the time I find some spare batteries and get back to the tank, it's gone. :scared:
  19. darknes

    Oh no! Is it dead?

    This afternoon when I fed my fish, my Condi anemone was just like it's normal happy self. I just checked on the tank this evening, and the anemone is all shriveled up (like it does sometimes at night or after feeding), and there are about three purple anemone tentacles on the sand! Could the...
  20. darknes

    Don't let this guy anywhere near my tank!

    This is a pretty cool magic trick: ***)