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  1. teresaq

    Its Time for a Clean up

    Well I think its time to stop feeling sorry for my self and start cleaning up my tank. The last two yrs have been rough but I want my tank back I may have a buyer for my 150n gal so its time to throw some money into my 56 gal reef. not that it looks much like a reef right now. I am hoping to...
  2. teresaq

    its been a while

    Just popped it to say hello
  3. teresaq

    a few updated pics

    Cleaned my horse tank - thought I would post a few pics
  4. teresaq


    I know better than not to wear gloves. lol This is what happens when you are cleaning your tank and pick up a rock with 10 plus brissle worms under it.
  5. teresaq

    Hey everyone

    I know this dosent belong in this forum but its where I am comforable. I have torn down my 150 and am starting a 40 gal so I can keep some of my older fish. Stock will be my clowns, chromis, royal gramma - I also have a small mandrine that I may keep, depends It will not have a sump, just a very...
  6. teresaq

    Anyone in Fla looking for a lrg tank?

    I have to get rid of my 150 and maybe my seahorses. Anyone know of anyone looking for a cheap 150 let me know. :(
  7. teresaq

    Christmas Picture Time

  8. teresaq

    You have got to be kidding me.

    Just walked past my juvi tank, and see something black floating around. I dont keep the lights on except to feed, so I turn on the lights and oppps--- my babies had babies.
  9. teresaq

    gearing up for Black Friday

    Any on else??? i usually only go to a couple of stores, but we go as a group so its a fun time. T
  10. teresaq

    Halloween Costumes

    Anyone else making them? I have 6 almost done. I have been sewing since the end of Sept. My oldest Daughter is a princess, my oldest son is a colonial solider, my youngest daughter had to have two, one for school (had to be something to do with a vocabulary word) and one for trick or treat, she...
  11. teresaq


    question-am I remembering right?? you tried Par 38 bulbs on one of your tanks?? If it was you- how many did you have and did you like them T
  12. teresaq

    Teach Me Thread- Damsels

    I would like to start this as a informational thread to get a better idea of their personality's for everyone.. since there are different genus of this fish, which are the least aggressive. I know some of the common ones like blue-green and blue reef chromis are usually pretty calm, but what...
  13. teresaq


    Found something for your tank. lol
  14. teresaq

    Few pics from tonight

    First is my little clown. Its about an inch long, Ive had it for about a yr. It was under a half inch when I got it.
  15. teresaq

    Picture Time

  16. teresaq

    Need to replace my bulbs

    This is my seahorse tank, I keep nothing but softies, and I dont like real blue What do you think this combo will produce. Wish there was a way to see what bulb combos looked like before you bought them. MY current set is a little to white. this is what I am thinking 1 red sun T5 HO - UV...
  17. teresaq


  18. teresaq

    ZeroWater ZD-001 Filtration Pitcher with Electronic Tester, Filter

    Has anyone seen these yet. Its a water pitcher with a filter that is 5 stage and comes with a tds meter. This might be good for someone with a small tank that needs a gal of top off water. I wonder how long the filter last though. Its a 23 cup pitcher.
  19. teresaq

    Cleaned my tank

    and boy did it need it. lol and now clean
  20. teresaq

    Those members in LA, MS and AL -

    Be careful, looks like your going to get a lot of rain as tropical storm Lee heads your way. T