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  1. wangotango

    some quick pics

    Had my iPod in hand so I took some quick pics. Left side looking through: Mamma clown: Torch: Blue hydopora: Favia:
  2. wangotango

    tango's LED-powered rimless nano

    The back story: I'll be starting my senior year of college this fall and want to have a tank with me at school (I'll be going to grad school too). For my first two years I went to Penn State and was one of the head student volunteers on the 530gal reef tank there so that was enough to keep me...
  3. wangotango

    Turkey Day pics

    Took some shots with my cell phone while I was home. A few are halfway decent.
  4. wangotango

    Olbermann last night

    Anyone watch Keith's Tea Party rant last night? The way I see it, people can say that they're just a group of people who care about what's best for their country and the people, but hearing some of the stuff that collectively comes out of THEIR mouths makes me wonder why they're taken as...
  5. wangotango

    some people... (vent)

    During the summer I work as a grounds keeper on a driving range. When I go in in the morning (between 5:30 and 7 depending) I leave the front gate unlocked since not all the people who work in the clubhouse have a gate key, but I put the chain and padlock back through to keep it closed so that...
  6. wangotango

    some new pics

    Took these with my phone. Some of them turned out decently. Please excuse the dinoflagellates...
  7. wangotango

    NCPARS meet/swap

    Anyone going to the NCPARS meet and frag swap on the 30th in Lancaster PA? -Justin
  8. wangotango

    Penn State tank

    Havn't shared many pics of the tank here at PSU, so I figured I'd take some after I did a water change this morning. -Justin
  9. wangotango

    be careful

    I think everyone pretty much knows the dangers of zoanthids, but I think a lot of hobbyists overlook basic stuff that we keep in our tanks. So anyways, since I had this past week off I did a lot of work on my tank (mostly re-aquascaping and fragging). I have never worn gloves in the past and it...
  10. wangotango

    snow in central PA?!

    Really? It's the middle of October and half of the trees are still green, but there's almost 3" of snow on the ground here in State College. Even the squirrels are all "wtf?" -Justin
  11. wangotango

    my tank slideshow My dad put this together for me. Hopefully the link works... Please excuse the cyano and dinoflagellates. -Justin
  12. wangotango

    midterms suck...

    (sigh) Engineering Mechanics, Linear Algebra, Thermodynamics, Physics, Muilt-variable Calculus, Architecture design/planning Theory. YAY COLLEGE -Justin
  13. wangotango

    Tango's update

    Finally home for the summer so I took a few shots. -Justin
  14. wangotango

    Reefkeeper Lite?

    Anyone using it? I was thinking of the #3 package and wanted to know how it compares to others like the Aquacontroller Jr. -Justin
  15. wangotango

    DIY cooling loop

    Toying around with this idea: Container of cool water in the basement (either a seperate container or our RO/DI storage) with a coil of tubing inside it, connected to another coil of tubing in the sump. Pump pumps water (in tubing, and does not enter sump or container) between the two loops...
  16. wangotango


    So dosing a two-part is kind of old so I've been looking in to dosing systems and kalkreactors. The litermeters look great, but are expensive. I've been looking at the PM kalreactor and thought about getting this and an Aqualifter pump to feed the topoff water to the unit. Opinions? I like the...
  17. wangotango

    who keeps discus?

    Anyone keep discus? They're going to be my next project over the summer, so I just wanted to get some pointers. -Justin
  18. wangotango


    There was a list of "bushisms" in my paper yesterday. Thought they were pretty funny (all things Bush actually said): -"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully." >Sept, 2000 -"Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning." >Jan, 2000 -"They misunderestimated the...
  19. wangotango

    bad name = no cake

    Found this article... The parents don't understand what the big deal is and of course a name doesn't mean anything, but if you have a kid named Adolf Hitler one named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, and one named Honszlynn Hinler what do you expect...