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  1. sly

    Urchin Smoking

    A couple of days ago I noticed one of my pincushion urchins smoking... It looked like a white hazy substance was coming off it's body. It would quit for awhile and then start smoking again. It did this about 4 times. My green chromis took notice and swam directly through the smoke and acted like...
  2. sly

    Can we drop the filter?

    It's really annoying... I mean, I can't say s crew without it blocking it out. There are countless threads where I see >>>>> instead of the word that was intended. It is really detracting and needs to change. The filter is way overboard... Let's just add a "hey mods" function like...
  3. sly

    Simple DIY Surge Device

    I recently built an algae scrubber as covered in this thread In the process I figured a simple way to create an easy to adjust, solid-solid state (no moving parts) cheap...
  4. sly

    Need new skimmer for 72 gallon reef

    Well my Kent TE skimmer is finally dying. I've had it almost 7 years but the ozone has broken it down to where I can't glue it back together any more. I need a new skimmer. In sump, ozone safe. Suggestions? I'm looking for low maintenance, self cleaning venturi, small profile, very efficient...
  5. sly

    Do not stock too quickly

    Back in 2003 I brought back 6 new fish from Hawaii. They were really cheap at the LFS there and I couldn't pass up bringing them back on the plane with me in my cooler... Unfortunately within a month I had 6 fish die for no reason that I can pinpoint other than simple overstocking and stress. My...
  6. sly

    Do not overfeed your LTA

    Yes! You can overfeed your long tentacle anemone. I had a new one that was pretty small. I fed it pieces of frozen food through a turkey baster and all was well... but one day I decided to give it a whole shrimp. It pulled it into its tentacles and swallowed it whole. The next day the partially...
  7. sly

    Yellow Tang LTA problems

    I have had a yellow tang in my tank for about 3 years. Very healthy, fat and swims naturally (not skiddish all the time). I recently added a lime green zoo an LTA, some snails, crabs, feather dusters, rotifers, shaving brush and copepods. After 2 days my tang has started freaking out. He is...
  8. sly

    Fun with javascript

    I thought this was pretty neat. Go to your favorite thread and then clear the address bar/URL bar. Now copy and paste this in there and enjoy the show. javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length; function...
  9. sly

    Lunar Wrasse now in nano

    I have had problems with my lunar wrasse ever since I added some new fish to the tank. He chased one of them (blenny) through the rocks and got stuck overnight. I found him in the morning and dug him out and he kind of slithered down to hide... the problem is, he has been hiding ever since. I...
  10. sly

    Please vote for my friends dog

    A friend of mine put his 3 year old niece's dog Mollie up on waggy tail treats web site. The little girl is convinced Mollie will win and has her mother checking the site several times during the day to see who is winning. Please take a minute to vote for Mollie. :jumping...
  11. sly

    Lunar Wrasse won't come out

    My wrasse loves to chase fish sometimes. He doesn't ever hurt them but he tries to bully them and then backs off when they snap at him. Anyway, he tried to chase my lawnmower blenny through a crack in the rocks and got stuck. I didn't notice until the next morning. I pulled the rocks apart so he...
  12. sly

    U Tube Siphon- Joining two tanks together

    I recently completed a DIY project to join two tanks together. I used this to join my sump to my fuge. It requires no drilling, no mess and is a complete self regulating way to allow water to flow from one tank to another... For those who haven't seen it, it's a U tube made out of PVC which will...
  13. sly

    [DIY] Connecting one tank to another (U Tube Siphon)

  14. sly

    Ozone Air-dryer DIY HELP

    I need an air dryer for my ozone generator. It's a corona unit so it needs dry air to operate efficiently. After looking around at stand-alone units... I think I could build one much cheaper. My ozone unit is fed by a simple aquarium air pump. I'm estimating that it pumps about 2-3 CFM of air...
  15. sly

    Fuel Surcharge?

    When is going to drop the fuel surcharge? The price of gas has gone down (since it was over $3/gal) but the surcharge has not changed... What gives? :notsure:
  16. sly

    Lunar wrasse clean up crew help

    I have a Lunar Wrasse who I love very much but I have a problem with him... I have a real hard time keeping a good clean up crew because he loves the way they taste. I've tried snails, crabs, shrimp but he eats them all... I don't want to get rid of him but I also need a clean up crew as the...
  17. sly

    You should be ashamed of youself

    This is really sad... I mean really sad... There are literally hundreds of threads where people have been improperly told to switch to sand because their crushed coral beds are "nitrate factories". Rather than understand the science, most people are simply relying on heresay and prejudice. THIS...
  18. sly

    How I got rid of red slime

    I have seen many posts about red slime or cyano-bacteria in people's tanks... here's my story. I used to have a very bad red slime problem in my tank. It literally covered everything... I scrubbed the rocks in a separate bucket and did a water change (100%) only to have it come back in full...
  19. sly

    Site suggestions

    Is there any way the timeout value on the thread preview can be lenghtened? Sometimes I don't want to click on a thread but would just like to read the first post. When I highlight it a preview window opens up but then closes before I can read it if it's a long post. Is there a way to increase...
  20. sly

    RO/DI Recommendations?

    I'm going to be buying an RO/DI unit soon and I am looking for suggestions. I figure that all units are not the same and so what should I be looking for? I do not need much in terms of gallons per day but I do want the best water I can get.