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  1. johnnysalt

    wtb: corals in fort worth area!!

    Let me know what you have here and I will reply back! I'm looking for basically anything that's $15 and under.....except for anthelia.....I'm open to everything else though! gimme a pic too if you have one! oh yeah, I've got 2 175w 15k mh's. thanks! John
  2. johnnysalt

    Crash519...or any other dfw ppl! (Drilling the tank)

    I'm in fort worth and need to get a 100g drilled in a couple months. Where are some places in dfw to get it drilled? And for how much?? Also, what are your suggestions on hole location? Back or bottom? (Moderators: why can't we pm ppl?)
  3. johnnysalt

    anyone have a 175w mh setup for sale?!

    i need ballast and bulb. lemme know below with the specifics. gimme your price with shipping if you can. i'm in 76123. with a reflector or without, doesn't matter. thanks, John :cool:
  4. johnnysalt

    How much heat to expect with (2) 175w mh??

    I'm putting them into a hood that is closed on the back....but I'll add three fans....I'm thinking two on the back (close to the bottom of the hood) blowing in and one on the top pulling air out. Either that or three blowing in. The bulbs will be about 7-8" above the surface of the water...
  5. johnnysalt

    Help w/DIY MH "kit"...3 issues in all!

    I have 2 places in mind to get a low-cost DIY 175w Metal Halide kit from. They're both around $90.....b/c they come with low K level bulbs. (I'm planning on selling those bulbs on ---- anyway) Questions: One that cost $95 comes with 175W UNassembled magnetic ballast, 5500K bulb, mogul socket...
  6. johnnysalt

    adding 3" to make the dsb - how soon for nitrates to fall?!?

    Kinda self-explanatory, but here's some info about the tank: 100g tank 1" ls 100# lr 16" of fish 4 NO's (bulbs 2 mo's old) - On 8 hrs/day sump w/slow gph refugium section -> the caulerpa in the ref. IS slowly dropping the trates...but trates still algae still growing on sand tank...
  7. johnnysalt

    Building a hood - has to cover 6" of dead space behind tank! Ahhhh!

    Okay, I HAVE to build a hood for this tank. Facts: 1. The overflow box is almost 6" wide. 2. I HAVE to cover this dead area back here. 3. I want to build something onto/below the hood that will cover this area....down to either the bottom of the tank OR to the floor. 4. It can't look crappy! :)...
  8. johnnysalt

    Anyone in D/FW Texas wanna split an invert order from here?!?

    Still looking for some people within reasonable driving distance that want to split an invert/fish order from this site! I was thinking about the "Market Leader" package, but am open to any of them if I get 1 or 2 people that could split it with me. The LFS's are good and all, but their prices...
  9. johnnysalt

    Just built a refugium!....but need your advice now!

    Thanks to you guys (and looking at a few refugiums online and at my lfs) I built a refugium out of an old 10 gallon tank and some plexiglass from Home ***** ($15) used as the two dividers. Ok, I have a new 100 gallon tank (100lbs lr) that is doing ok....all levels good except for the high...
  10. johnnysalt

    What fish is this?! 2 pics to examine! :)

    Need help identifying this red fish. i just bought 4 fish along with a 100g tank and liverock in the pics. The lady at my lfs was not sure either....Didn't have a pic, so all she could go on was my description. The seller called it a "fire hopper", but I did a search for that and didn't find...
  11. johnnysalt

    Adding one fish at a time?!?

    So what's up with this company selling you these "reef packages" with 6-7 fish in it?! I'd love to get one in a month or so, but then I'd feel stupid if some died on me b/c of ammo, etc. What do you think?! I've never added more than one fish at a time, except for a couple damsels for...
  12. johnnysalt

    What fish/inverts to stay away from?

    Will add more animals in another month of so, in general which fish and/or inverts do you always "steer clear of" and why? This question is not only for me, but others who are unaware that they can't dump anything in their tank they want! :) Ex: I know from experience to stay away from any...