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  1. fishysam

    blue-lined grouper

    I just got a blue-lined grouper for my tank. I was wondering if anyone could share their experiences with this fish.
  2. fishysam

    retrofit question

    My trustworthy LFS is selling a retrofit lighting system for a 48" tank which includes new JBJ reflector, two brand new URI VHO 48" tubes(1 actinic and 1 50/50) and a used Magnetek(couple of years old, owner says it will last for a long time and he gave me a guarantee that it will last for a...
  3. fishysam

    Damperia grouper

    i saw a really cool looking Damperia at my LFS. He looked like a pseudochromis, but a little bigger and it had a large sailfin. the guy at the LFS told me they're pretty aggressive. has anyone kept this fish, I can't find any more info on them.
  4. fishysam

    clearnose skate

    this is a question out of curiosity has anyone ever kept one of these? What are their requirements for size of tank?
  5. fishysam

    Lei triggerfish

    My LFS has a 5 inch Hawaiian Lei or Boomerang Triggerfish. I really want to get it but does anyone have experience with this fish. The guy at my LFS said they are more on the mellow side as far as triggers go. Any info would be appreciated.
  6. fishysam


    Anyone have any experience with this fish? I pulled a stupid move and bought the fish for my 70 gal FOWLR. I have a really knowledgeable LFS that I trust but I think they failed to inform me completely. They told me how big it would get and how they can be aggressive and need a varied diet...
  7. fishysam

    moray eel

    Hey guys I'm new to the board. I am currently setting up a 70 gal FOWLR and a 35 gal FOWLR. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with other morays besides the snowflake or chainlink. I wanted to make the 70 gallon an aggressive setup with a moray eel and a trigger, I know there are a...