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  1. rhomer

    FT 1/3 HP Aquametrics Chiller in Atlanta

    I just purchased a aquametrics 1/3 hp drop in chiller and the drop in part is too large to fit behind my stand. The chiller was purchased used and has about 5 months of use on it. I would be willing to trade for a smaller unit possible a 1/4 hp or 1/5 hp that would fit behind my stand or sell...
  2. rhomer

    Let's see those Acropora efflorescens

    This is a rare coral and is difficult to find. So I figured I request to others who have them in their tank. I will start with mine. Rob
  3. rhomer

    Green Shag in my tank

    About a month ago I picked up a green carpet anemone, and is absolutley beautiful. Opens well and eats well. Within a day it settled in the middle of the tank under a nice overhang of rocks. I paid $100 for it a the lfs. Last week a local decides he doesn't want his anymore and gives it away...
  4. rhomer

    Anyone with dual 400 MH on a 90 gallon

    I currently have 2 175 watt MH on my tank with 2 55 watt PC's. I know that I want to upgrade my lighting. I have a 90 gallon tank and the lighting was desinged for a 55. I can do a couple of things. The easiest is to stay with the same hood and just upgrade the ballast when it is time to...
  5. rhomer

    Playing with the camera

    Just playing around trying to get some good pics of the tank see what you think. Rob
  6. rhomer

    Three Year progression

    Three year progression 2003- 2006.
  7. rhomer

    Back in the Game

    Well after years of barely doing maintenance the past 2 years I'm back 100%. I got the plumbing and sump re-built and a new skimmer. After 3 weeks of water changes and 0 nitrates 0 phosphates 350 calc and 8.0 alk I have made my first real purchase in 2 years. I have added a fire shrimp, 2...
  8. rhomer

    ASM G2 skimmer question

    It's been a long time since I got any new equipment for my tank, and I got a ASM G2 skimmer yesterday for my tank. How long till this thing starts pulling out gunk. I raised the tube up pretty far and I haven't gotten anthing but bubbles near the top of the chamber. My tank has been setup...
  9. rhomer

    Milwaukee PH controller

    I bought this when I purchased my Calcium reactor. It controls the PH if it get's too high, but that doesn't do me any good. I wan't the CO2 to shut off if the ph is too low. Is there anyway to invert this? I've been running it as a monitor for a long time, but finally thought to ask this...
  10. rhomer

    Acro bleaching at the bottom

    I just got a new acro and put it at the top of my tank. I have 2 175 watt mh 20k xm's. I have an efflo frag thats grown about 400% and a yellow plate coral that has tripled in size, but this new acro seems to be bleaching at the base. Any suggestions. I ran some tests: Nitrate 0 Calcium 350...
  11. rhomer

    Wet/Dry for sale & overflow

    I have a Sealife Systems 75 wet/dry with built in skimmer for sale. This inclues bio-balls, and sponge. It is in excellent shape minus a small crack in the input tube for the skimmer pump. The skimmer pump is not included. It takes a rio pump I don't remember off hand what size, but I'm sure...
  12. rhomer

    Question on pump size.

    This is a little after the fact, but I have a 90 All-Glass pre drilled. I've been running a mag 5 and decided it was time to upgrade. So I purchased a mag 9.5. According to All-Glass's web site, the overflow will handle 600 gph (2400 gph rated pump at 5 feet of head). I would suspect I...
  13. rhomer

    Questions on Skimmers

    I haven't posted here in sometime. I've been in straight maintenance mode for the past 2 years, but I think it's time for a change. I curently have a 90 gallon drilled tank with a sea life system 75 sump, home made refuge and calcium reactor. Things have gone well until the protiem skimmer...
  14. rhomer

    R/O auto topoff

    I've seen plenty of threads about this, but nothing quite like my situation. Here goes: I am planning on installing an RO unit and want to set it up as an auto topoff. My tank is on the main level of the house, and the utility sink is downstairs. I would hook up the RO unit to the utilty sink...
  15. rhomer

    Just got a Canon s50 and had to try it out

    First one is of my Tri-color
  16. rhomer

    Overflow rating question

    Anybody know what the gph overflow for an all glass 90 gallon with a built in overflow is?? I checked out the All Glass web page and I didn't find any info there. I need to upgrade my pump in my sump, and was wondering if I should go with a mag 9.5 or mag 7. I appreciate the advice. Rob
  17. rhomer

    What do you think??

    I've been floating around this site for over a year, and I've seen some major problems and major success in my 55 over the past year and 1/2. Last week I noticed water around the base of the tank and decided that there was definatly a leak in the tank and it was on the bottom of the tank. I...
  18. rhomer

    Strange calcium tests

    I have purchased two different calcium tests, and I'm having the same problem with both tests. I have a hagen and a salfertest, both behave the same. I add the first two items to my water, I then add the single drip, then mix, add another drop then mix, but the problem is the color never...
  19. rhomer

    Arrgh! Really hate to see it.

    While I was on Vacation in the Fla. Keys last week. I was in a resteraunt that had a couple of sw fish tanks setup. They had two 55 gallon tanks setup with the sunken boat and a ton of fish. These weren't terrible, but when I saw the 125 I was completly disgusted. They had not one but 2...
  20. rhomer

    Satellite picture of florida

    Someone posted an article about the diatom bloom over south Florida a while back. I was down there the last two weeks and there is a film over the water that looks like pine tree pollen. It was nasty. I'm guessing that is what is visible on the satellite image. I thought this was some...