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  1. dive girl

    Crab ID

    Okay, what is he and what should I do with him? Here are my options: 1. put him in a tank with my wartskin anglerfish (A. maculatus) 2. put him in one of my sump/refugiums 3. give him to a friend that has a predator tank 4. put him in my reef tank Thanks!
  2. dive girl

    Frogfish questions

    I'm hoping to add a frogfish tank to my collection. It's a 26g that will be a species only. I'm looking at a wartskin (A. maculatus) angler that about 2 inches in length. I've bugged saxman with tons of questions and now I'm here to bug you all (I feel like a big pest...poor saxman! He's been...
  3. dive girl

    What's on this clownfish?

    My friend sent me a photo of his clownfish today. I know next to nothing about his tank except he's had this clownfish for about 9 months. I know that he doesn't QT anything before adding it to his tank but don't know if he's added anything recently. Can anyone tell me what the discoloration...
  4. dive girl

    Gravity and the overflow

    I have a sump on one of my seahorse tanks. I want to upgrade the sump. I currently have two options. I have a 20g sump that I'm not using that I could put behind it on the floor and use. or (My first choice) I could use a 30g tank and stand I have but none of these tanks are drilled so I'd...
  5. dive girl

    I hate frag plugs, I need a creative solution.

    When I buy corals, I usually like to buy frags. I'm sure that my tank would probably look better if I bough full sized corals, but I like to see them grow. I hate frag plugs. I know that the coral should eventually overgrow the plug but I hate looking at them until they do. Does anyone do...
  6. dive girl

    I'm moving but I'm not

    You'll see. I won a really cool 60 gallon setup from Marineland in a raffle! I'd like to use it to upgrade my reef tank which is 30 gallons. I know I'll need more rock and sand but I'd like to use the rock and sand in my 30 gallon. I also want the 60 gallon to go where the 30 gallon...
  7. dive girl

    Modifications to Aquapod for Dwarf Seahorses

    As asked for (I started a different thread because I didn't want to hijack the other one) :) I've had dwarf seahorses for almost a year now and started them in a 10g. My husband saw an Aquapod while I was at a LFS and surprised me with it at Christmas. Knowing that I couldn't use the tank as...
  8. dive girl

    update seahorse photos

    I had a camera out and my H. erectus seahorses decided that they would pose for me. They started courting earlier tonight and were flashing their colors a tad.
  9. dive girl

    ID needed? Photo attached.

    Have no clue what this type of anemone is besides being a hitch-hiker.
  10. dive girl


    Sitting in the feeding bowl does not make it yours...... Still have to share!
  11. dive girl

    SCMAS? (Southern California Marine Aquarium Society)

    Does anyone attend the society meetings? I was thinking about going to tonights meeting but I've never been and just wondering if it is fun to go to?
  12. dive girl

    culturing phyto questions

    I just started my first cultures of phytoplankton. I've bought the supplies from Florida Aqua Farms and am using 2 liter bottles to culture in. I noticed that they have a set up that is built from PVC in which they use plastic bags to culture the phyto. Has anyone tried using plastic bags...
  13. dive girl

    green water? phyto?

    I trimmed some of my macro algae and was going to share it with a friend. I put it into a container with an airline, some salt water, and a piece of live rock where it could wait for him to come get it. Anyway, he came and got it. After I bagged it up for him, I left the container in my...
  14. dive girl

    Help, taking apart tank?? Bobbitt Worm

    I don't know what to do. I think I have a Bobbitt Worm. I saw it back in March, took a photo of it and haven't seen it since. Why do I think I have it still living in my reef tank? Well, I can't keep soft corals. Something comes along and eats them. I don't have anything else in my tank...
  15. dive girl

    Old bulbs

    I have some PC bulbs that are coming up to a year old. They are the ones that come with the Current lighting and I use them on my refugium. What if I keep using those bulbs until they burn out instead of replacing them while they still work but are getting older? There are no corals in my...
  16. dive girl

    Aqua Euro CL-85 Micro Electronic Chiller

    Has anyone used this chiller? I am usually of the belief that you get what you pay for and this chiller seems quite a bit less than other chillers. I have a 12g aquapod that I want chill (there's currently a chiller on it, but I want to move that one to a different tank).
  17. dive girl

    Seahorse Medications

    You know, I realized that while we have some great information here on seahorses, we're missing a thread on medications. I'm going to start a list of basic things I think should be kept on hand, preferably before someone buys a seahorse. There are some members here that are so much more...
  18. dive girl

    Eek! What's this worm?

    I looked over at my tank and saw this moving across the tank. I'm guessing it's a bristle worm but what should I do with it???
  19. dive girl

    Medications and Lowered Salinity

    I didn't want to hijack any thread, so I thought I'd start a new one. I'm a 'why' asker. I like to know the ins and outs and the whys and why-nots. I ask questions and tend to wonder things over. So I was wondering about salinity and medications.... Neomycin is a medication that is tough...
  20. dive girl

    What ever happened to being responsible?

    I mean, come on! If you walk into a store and want to purchase something, shouldn't it be your responsibility to know what you are buying? Ask all the questions you want but it is YOUR money, YOUR time, and YOUR decision. If you didn't do the research and made an impulse buy you have no one to...