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    Plumbing help please

    I've decided to go with a single drain, and a single return for my tank. Now I need to figure out how big they need to be. Would a 1" drain line be too big for an overflow only pushing about 200 gph? Would 3/4" be better? Second question . . . . regardless of the size drain, should the tubing...
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    Single Drain Line: Risky Business?

    How many of you run a single drain line? Has it ever clogged on you? I want to run a single 1.5" external durso on my tank with an intake screener that extends to the bottom of the overflow box. I will be putting about 200gph MAX through the pipe. Good plan? Thoughts? Opinions? Alternatives?
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    I have an oceanic 30 gallon cube in the works . . . . I will be getting the back glass drilled for drain lines, return lines, and a CL intake. This would entail a total of (1) 1.5" drain line, (2) 1" return lines drill on either side of the overflow, and (1) 1" CL intake for a total of 4 drilled...
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    How do I calculate this?

    I'm going to have my tank drilled in the next couple weeks. I'm going to use a single internal overflow with dual drain lines and I'm going to have the return line T'd off to two returns. I estimate that the vertical distance the water will have to travel from the sump to the tank will be...
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    Adding a back panel overflow

    I'm going to have my tank drilled soon and I really have no idea how to plumb an overflow . . . could someone share some pictures of how its done? Do I just put a bulkhead in and attach a drain pipe going down to the sump?
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    Opinions on this skimmer (H&S-110)

    I'd like some opinions on this skimmer . . . . anyone ever use one or hear things about it? It's got a great reputation on the "other" reef forum. Just thought I'd see what you all think. Its based on a needle wheel style pump, and it only uses 18w of electricity. H&S In-Sump 110-F2000 (100...
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    What would you put in a custom stand?

    I'm going to be building a custom stand soon for my new reef tank. I am still in the design phase, but am putting together some ideas of what I would like to include in the stand, or rather what features would be nice in a stand. Things on my "possibilities" list so far include an electrical...
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    Dripping Kalk: CA reactor substitute?

    I've never dosed kalk before, or had a CA reactor for that matter. I'm planning a small (30 gallon display) SPS barebottom reef. Would dripping kalk be a viable option to maintain Ca and Alk levels without and eliminate the need for a CA reactor? What are some options here to automate this...
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    SPS Dominant tank: Skimmer?

    I'm in the design phase of my new set up . . . I feel like a kid in a candy store!!!! My last tank was LPS and Softies, so this time around, I'm going all SPS. All I have at this point is the tank and stand, and I'm going to need a custom sump. But in designing the sump, I know I'm going to...
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    Need a custom sump

    And its going to have to be custom made due to cabinet restrictions . . . . any suggestions? The only one I really know of is LifeReef . . . . any other options? I'm sure there are, I just don't know them . . .
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    A return from the dead!

    Wow it has been QUITE some time since I last posted here . . . there are lots of new names around here! Since tearing down my old 22 gallon, I have not even so much as thought about a tank. That is until I walked into Petsmart and saw an Oceanic 30 gallon cube with stand and glass top on...
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    Another disaster!

    This is too obvious to be an accident . . . . someone at CNN has a great sense of humor!
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    Lights, Skimmer, and more FOR SALE

    I recently tore down my tank and have the following items availble for sale: A double VHO set up capable of running up to 220w. Runs off of a workhorse 7 electronic ballast. Can be used with 24", 36", or 48" VHO bulbs. Currently has two 24" bulbs that are 3-4 months old and is mounted in a...
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    Bloody Mary anyone?

    I had a taste for a Bloody Mary today for the first time in a looong time, so I whipped one up and wow was it good! Here's my recipe: Spicy bloody mary mix Vodka splash of worchestire (sp?) sauce splash of tabasco cracked pepper kosher salt fresh horseradish Pretty much everything is mixed to...
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    Leaky tank

    My tank has a very slight leak and I can't seem to find exactly where its coming from . . . but I do know that a drop of water will peridically run down the front glass panel. I bought some AGA silicone today and am wondering what the best way to approach the repair is. Do I: A. lower the...
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    Anyone mountain bike?

    I just got into XC singletrack and LOVE it. I ride an '04 Gary Fisher Marlin . . . . what do you ride?
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    Tony D!

    Hey man . . . I'm going to try and hit the trails this evening as long as the weather holds out. Interested in going around 6 or 7?
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    Pistons or Spurs?

    Simple enough who do you think will win and in how many games . . . .
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    Tony Detroit . . . .

    What's up man . . . . hey, I can't seem to find your number again. (i know, I'm a friggin' idiot) I just got my new mountain bike and am dyin' to hit some trails. I got an '04 Gary Fisher Marlin . . . ugly paint, but pretty sweet ride. Want to go for a ride on saturday up at lakeshore? J
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    Tangman . . . . .

    We had chatted a little while back about diamonds and I have a question for you . . . . What would make a diamond glow under black light?