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  1. phuongthuy

    PhuongThuy's Zoas/Palys Collection

    After two years of collectiong zoas/palys here's what I have so far. I will try to update this thread as I continue with my collection. More pictures to come daily.
  2. phuongthuy

    Eye Candies

    Some eye candies on this cold snowy night. Enjoy.
  3. phuongthuy

    My New Favorite Paly

    I called it Polar Star. These guys love to eat.
  4. phuongthuy

    Looking for some Armageddon

    My Armageddon palys just melted away. Anyone know where I can get a frag? Buy or Trade is fine with me. Please PM me. Thanks.
  5. phuongthuy

    My New Addition

    Hey guys. Check out my new addition. My wife saw this and she wanted one in our tank. So since I'm such a nice guy I got it for her... :D
  6. phuongthuy

    Finally got my Nightmares

    I'm so happy I finally got my KO Knightmares and Nightmares as well. Just wondering where do most of you put your KO and Nightmare? Low light low flow? I just got my Armageddon melted on me and don't want the same thing to happen to these.
  7. phuongthuy

    Finally got my cheap P&S camera back...

    I'm able to take pretty nice macro photo with just my P&S Canon PowerShot A80. Most of the macro photos you see from me were taken from it. I have a DSLR camera and I can't take nearly as good of a macro photo as this camera....well considering I just had the DSLR camera for just a few months.
  8. phuongthuy

    PhuongThuy's Mix Reef Tank (Lots of Photos)

    Hi Everyone. I'm new to this forum but not new to the hobby. I've been in the hobby for almost 2 years now and I have a 72G bowfront mix reef tank. However I am mostly into zoas/palys. As of now I have about 73 different morphs (kinda hard to lose count after around 60) I figured I'd...
  9. phuongthuy


    There is a live selling and trade forum for these types of posts. Please read the rules at the top of those forums to be sure that you are able to post there. a member in good standing for atleast 30 days and have atleast 50 posts contributing to the board. are the main to but read the rules...