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  1. alvin

    Need New Fish Addition Advice

    Hi SWF, I have a 110 Gal Tank with: 1 - Firefish 1 - Magnificent Foxface 2 - Mated False Percs I want to add some fish, specifically HARDY Fish. I do not want a Tang due to the Ich Magnet reputation. I had a Kole Tang before that got a lot of Ich and I needed to perform Hypo. So I need some...
  2. alvin

    Will be Starting Hypo Treament Soon

    Well, last week my Kole Tang died. The next day I noticed spots on my Magnificent Foxface. Most likely Ich. My DT is 110 gal with 1 - Mag Foxface; 1 - Fire fish Goby; and 2 - False Perc Clowns. The Clownfish and goby looks good, but I want to rid the DT of Ich completely, hopefully before...
  3. alvin

    Dwarf Eel Experience?

    My LFS has 2 Golden Dwarf Eel for $150 each. I was curious if any of you had experience with one. I currently have 2 Firefish Goby's, 2 False Perc Clowns, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, Xenia Pom Pom. I have a 110 gal tank. Should i pick one up? The only other fish I plan on getting later on is...
  4. alvin

    Ritteri or Bubble Tip Anemone?

    Hello SWF, I just came from my LFS and I saw they had a few Rose BTA, BUT they were pretty small, maybe 1-3 inches diameter. I was wondering how fast do they grow if I were to get it. They were selling it for $30. They also had the normal Brown BTA's for $40, but were pretty big, maybe 7-9"...
  5. alvin

    Rose Bubble Tip or Normal Bubble Tip?

    Hello SWF, I just came from my LFS and I saw they had a few Rose BTA, BUT they were pretty small, maybe 1-3 inches diameter. I was wondering how fast do they grow if I were to get it. They were selling it for $30. They also had the normal BTA's for $40, but were pretty big, maybe 10" diameter...
  6. alvin

    When to add Sargassum Trigger

    I saw a Sargassum Trigger at my LFS for $99. I am thinking about purchasing it, but I was wondering if these are the type that should be added last? I currently have 2 Firefish Goby's and 2 Ocellaris Clownfish. I am also thinking about adding a Blue Hippo tang, Magnificent Foxface, and...
  7. alvin

    Buy 2 Perc's or 1 First then the other later?

    As the Title shows, Should I go ahead and buy 1 Percula Clownfish. Let it grow a bit. Then later one buy a smaller Percula, so they can pair up. Or should I just go ahead and buy 2 at the same time? The problem I have is that the LFS here in Sacramento has percula that seem to be the same...
  8. alvin


    Is this really bad for Zoa's? I have these things around my tank, and I thought they did not do any harm to anything. Can someone verify? If they are bad, how would I rid these things, I noticed they are pretty hard.
  9. alvin

    Fluval Foam consider Sponge Filtration?

    Sorry if that question sounds dumb, but I'm going to be setting up a Quarantine tank, and I was wondering if I could just take out one of the MSF Foam that has been in my Fluval 405 canister filter, to place in my HOB filter to act as a "seed". I have quite a few of the MSF Foam stuff, but am...
  10. alvin

    Get 2 B&W Perc's or Mixed

    G'afternoon SWF, I was trying to decide if I should get 2 Black and White Percula clownfish, or get 1 B&W with one regular orange? They also have the [hr] ones, but in my opinion, they look weird. OR should I get one B&W with a Semi-Picasso. Our LFS has them all. Hopefully they will have it...
  11. alvin

    Fishless for over 2 months, now what?

    Hello again SWF, I had an ich outbreak more than 2 months ago. So the tank has been Fishless/Invertless for over 2 months now. I still have the Sand and Live Rock in there. Is there anything else I need to do? I plan on doing a large water change 30%? Do I need to do anything to the rocks or...
  12. alvin

    WavePoint T5 Retrofit Any Experience?

    G'morning SWF, Well my crappy stock ballast, lights, etc are now broken on my canopy. I am now looking into a T5 retrofit kit. I was browsing around, and I came across the Wave Point T5 Retrofit Kit, and was wondering if any of you had experience with it, or their products, T5 lighting-wise...
  13. alvin

    WavePoint T5 Retrofit Kit

    Does anyone have any information on the WavePoint T5 HO Retrofit Kit .It looks promising, but I'm kind of confused with their 14X Paradynamic thing. Any insight on these retrofit kit? Or should I stick with the IceCap SLR kit.
  14. alvin

    How Many Percula in 110 Gal

    Hi SWF, I lost my tank to ich about 2 months ago. My tank has been fishless/Invertless since the horrible incident. I'm now thinking of what to do with the tank. I am thinking about adding some B/W Percs and orange False Percs. I was thinking about 6 max, but not sure if that was possible due...
  15. alvin

    Should I start from Scratch?

    Hello SWF, Well about a month ago, I had an ich infestation, that wiped out my whole tank, well I was able to save some fish, but I decided to sell it. Well my question is, since my tank has been fishless for about a month, would it be ok if I start a Sea Horse tank? I'm going to change...
  16. alvin

    Blue Throat Trigger's Blue Jaw fading?

    Hello SWF, So I've had a Blue Jaw trigger for almost a year already. When I first purchased it from the LFS, the Blue Jaw was actually pretty blue. After a few months, I saw it starting to fade. It doesn't seem as blue as it was before. I feed frozen Mysis, Formula 1 and 2 Pellets, Freeze...
  17. alvin

    Larger Cleaner Shrimp Bad Influence?

    Hi SWF, Ok, so I had a pretty large cleaner shrimp that was a lazy butt and didn't really clean my fish. My Foxface and my Blue Hippo would go right to its face, and the cleaner shrimp would either leave or just not do anything. So, I decided to buy a 2nd cleaner, much smaller than the larger...
  18. alvin

    Is this thing bad?

    So I noticed this red "coral" type thing on a few of my live rocks. I did some searches and I think it is called a "Homotrema rubra"?? I tried searching, but no luck. I did find a pic on line, but no real information. So should i try to take these bad boys out or what. Thanks in advanced for...
  19. alvin

    What Bulbs for T5 IceCap Retrofit 3-Lamp Setup?

    Hello again SWF, I am planning on purchasing a 4ft IceCap T5 Retrofit 3-Lamp kit due to my canopy size(660 Ballast and SLR reflectors). I was wondering what bulbs do you recommend? I plan on going Reef now that I will have this T5 lighting. I have seen a few 4 bulb setups, but not sure about...
  20. alvin

    How About SailFin Tang, Blonde Naso, Dwarf Angel?

    Hello Again SWF, Ok, I went back to my LFS, and the fish I saw, was indeed a Gray Angel. So because of a some feedback, I decided not to get it anymore. I took my wife, and NOW it looks like she wants a Reef Tank, because she saw the Clowns with the Anemone's and stuff. So I might convert...