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  1. paxrom

    Clownfish acting wierd!!

    as long as he is still eating, there is still hope. Do you test your water parameters?
  2. paxrom

    Fish Catastrophe, What is killing them - Please see pics

    If you use copper then you don't have to use hypo. If you do not want to use Live rocks as filtration then you have to do whatever it takes to make sure there is no detected ammonia all the time (chemical filtraton?) I never heard of going hypo kills nitrifying bacteria, but if this is a...
  3. paxrom

    Fish Catastrophe, What is killing them - Please see pics

    don't make things more complicated than it is First get all the fishes into QT. make sure these QT tanks have filtration by using some Live Rocks from the old tanks. Leave the main tank fishless for 6 weeks Do your treatment (hypo/copper/Formalin) in the QT. If you use formalin, don't dump it in...
  4. paxrom

    What salt do you use?

    Originally Posted by T316 Good point, I do occassionally have a few white flakes in the bottom of the mix up tub from reef crystals. How much is Tropic Marin Pro costing now...5 gal. bucket? bought mine for $70.
  5. paxrom

    What salt do you use?

    I used to use IO reef crystal until 2 months ago I switched to Tropic Marin Pro reef. I will probably never go back to IO. Reason: IO reef tends to leave white residues at the bottom after mixing. Tropic Marin completely dissolve and gives crystal clear saltwater. IO salt mix becomes cakes in...
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    How do you know to change calcium reactor media?

    it takes awhile (1 week or so) for the alkalinity to go up , calcium follows, in my experience. you can do alkalinity and calcium test on the effluent to test if the reactor is working
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    Cycle Refugium?????

  8. paxrom

    red algea and phosphate help

    if it's red slime algae, it will go away in time with regular water change if it's red hair algae, Mexican turbo snails will eat it
  9. paxrom

    fuge infested with black cyanobacteria!

    About 2 weeks now, my refugium got the black cyanobacteria all over and it smells! I added a Koralia 3 powerhead to increase the flow in the fuge but that doesn't help either. My grape caulerpa starts to die off and got covered with this black cyano. Is there a way I can fix this problem...
  10. paxrom

    New punctato butterfly breathing rapidly

    water from DT does have bacteria but it will not be enough to establish bio-filtration. These bacteria grows and work on surfaces. Adding water from DT is like seeding your tank with bacteria for cycling, but adding enough live rock from DT will establish INSTANT filtration. Red gills are...
  11. paxrom

    How long after Brooklynella?

    in my experience, brooks "only" affects clowns because it kills 2 of my clowns, hammers 2 other clowns but no other fish.
  12. paxrom

    Serious QT question

    20 gal won't handle more than a tang copper doesn't harm nitrifying bacteria. Formalin does My opinion- take it slow, get 1 fish at a time
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    New punctato butterfly breathing rapidly

    Do a big water change then take another piece of LR from your DT tank and put it in your QT. Your description seems to indicate ammonia poisoning. Post your test result for nitrite (not nitrate).
  14. paxrom

    Fish staying towards top of tank

    clowns stay at top third of tank is normal. That's where mines sleep. Are you sure it's nitrite and not nitrate? I will be very worried if it's nitrite. Your fish may start to breath hard.
  15. paxrom

    Fish Dead (Again!)

    woah that's lots of fish added in a very short time every of your reading is fine except ammonia. Though if u have ammonia you should also have nitrate reading but w/e. My guess is everything except the damsels will die unless you do something drastic (like big water change, etc)
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    true or false...

    love your xenia
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    Heteractis Magnifica nirvana

    I don't know if anyone follow the recent hurricanes in the Gulf but it basically left us with no power for almost a week. I tried my best to sustain everyone with a bubblizer from our fishing trips. First fatality happens this morning I found a saler who wants to charge me $1700 for a 3000...
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    Firefish in Open Tank

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    Feather duster

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    False perc loose color