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  1. mujtba

    BEST HOB Skimmers

    I have a 150g sumpless tank. What are the BEST skimmers HOB options? thanks
  2. mujtba

    Tunze Doc 9010

    How do I change the pump or clean it out? How does it open up? Thanks
  3. mujtba

    Cloudy or not too clear

    my water seems to be cloudy.. is there something i can do to get it clear? carbon? phosban? what can do the trick...?
  4. mujtba

    WTB: Zoos and Rics

    Looking to buy a bunch of HEARTY ZOOs and RICS of various colors. I live in 19446 near Philly, so if you have local pickup, let me know, otherwise I will buy. PM me.. busy at work, so cannot check forums often.. thanks
  5. mujtba

    Angels that do not eat corals?

    Do they exist?
  6. mujtba

    Do you know what brand salt this is?

    Bought this online without label.. not sure what brand salt it is, and it is hassle to return.. do you know what brand it is? All i see is this gold warning label: WARNING: Children can fall into bucket and drown. Keep children away from bucket with even small amount of liquid. :confused:
  7. mujtba


    I got about 85lbs of LIVE ROCK (mostly FIJI based, and maybe few pieces of FLORIDA and TONGA).. I am selling it for only $225. local pickup to 19446, right outside Philly Thats only $2.65/lb!!!!! This sells for $3.99+/lb usually! email mujtba @ if interested.. Im SOOO busy these...
  8. mujtba

    WANTED: CPR Aquafuge Hang-On Refugium

    anyone have it?
  9. mujtba

    LARGE Bag Chaeto with all the goodies

    Large bag of chaeto with pods, snails, worms, and stuff... $20 local pickup to 19446, or $30 SHIPPED.. LARGE ziplock bag. I know people sell it for $15 shipped, but that is a very small amount.. i am giving a nice size. all this chaeto:
  10. mujtba


    Due to my move to FL I am selling everything. About 110-120LBS of LIVE SAND FROM CARRIBEAN WITH ALL THE GOOD BACTERIA. MUST SELL ASAP, SO PLEASE MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER!! I will also give all these EXTRAS with it: - 175 Gallon Salt Mix Red Sea Pro (almost full) $40 value - All my leftover...
  11. mujtba

    FS: Cheato Cheap

    I have a few zip bags with Cheato!!! $15 shipped. I take paypal verified members payments! Let me know.
  12. mujtba


    Okay as most of you are aware I am selling all my stuff due to my move.. I have an 18" x 12" x 4" HOB Fuge thats loaded. All you do is PLUG and PLAY. $200 for the ENTIRE thing.. It already has the SAND, CHAETO, PODS, and all goodiies in it.. WITH the LIGHTING as well ( 50 blue/ 50 white ) and...
  13. mujtba


    okay I think my coral package has a purchaser so I am ready for the tank sale! Anyone interested?? -150g Glass Tank size 72" x 18" x 29" $250 -Black stand with 3 doors 72" x 18" ( It can fit a 120g, 125g or 150g tank since most are 72 x 18 ) $250 TANK WHEN IT WAS FULL MONTH AGO...
  14. mujtba

    **MUST SELL ASAP from Philly!!!

    Okay guys I am soon moving to Florida and have to sell ASAP! I am selling the following and I WILL BEAT ANYONES PRICES. Also, compared to LFS, my corals and fish are MUCH larger for CHEAPER prices!!! Please take a look at all INDIVIDUAL PRICES BELOW, or I will sell the whole PACKAGE BELOW FOR...
  15. mujtba

    Fs: NEW Hamilton MH Metal Halide 250W DE 14,000K Bulb 14k Reef

    (1) Brand New 250 Watt 14K HQI Double Ended Metal Halide Bulb from Hamilton Technology 250 watt double ended HQI metal halide lamp. A bright mix of blue and white light producing a crisp ice blue color. This bulb is brighter than a 250 watt 20K double ended bulb and is a great choice for reef...
  16. mujtba

    Snails ate the clam!!!!

    so this morning I saw my clam opened up totally and my NASS SNAILS eating him.. the clam was fine last night b4 the lights went off. This was a smaller clam so probably could not handle the nasses.. my other clam is bigger, and some of you may remember it attacked my blue hippo, well thats...
  17. mujtba

    Heres how to REMOVE ICH from FISH safely!

    Alright so a little while ago my fish all got ICH... 4 out of the 6 were sick BADLY. I lost 1 fish- before I took any action. I could have saved this one too if I did things sooner. I did buy some medicine for ICH. Yes I know, QUARANTINE, REMOVE FISH FROM TANK blah blah blah for a month blah...
  18. mujtba

    FS: 250W MH DE Hamilton Bulb 14k **NEW**

    I am selling a BRAND NEW NEVER EVER EVER TURNED ON 250W 14,000K "Double-Ended" HQI - Hamilton for $60 SHIPPED to any USA Address.. PM me..
  19. mujtba

    65lbs of Live Rock FOR SALE

    I got about 65lbs of LIVE ROCK (mostly FIJI based, and maybe few pieces of FLORIDA and TONGA).. I am selling it for $150. local pickup to 19446 Thats only $2.30/lb!!!!! This sells for $3.99+/lb usually! pm if interested..
  20. mujtba

    FS: 25lbs of LR near philly

    I got about 25lbs of LR (mostly FIJI based, and maybe few pieces of FLORIDA and TONGA).. I am selling it for $75. local pickup to 19446 email mujtba AT if interested..