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    u.v sterilizers and corals

    I'd go with the Aqua UV line . . . . and as already mentioned, run it off your drain line.
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    u.v sterilizers and corals

    I've read a number of posts on other forums that a UV sterilizer is very important for bare bottom tanks. The idea is that the UV helps break or weaken some of the molecular bonds within dissolved organic compounds. In short, the UV can help to improve the efficiency of your protein skimmer...
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    light bulbs mh

    In short . . . yes. About $60 worth. (Joking aside, there are more than likely other differences as well, but the brand of bulbs will make a difference for certain)
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    Plumbing help please

    I've decided to go with a single drain, and a single return for my tank. Now I need to figure out how big they need to be. Would a 1" drain line be too big for an overflow only pushing about 200 gph? Would 3/4" be better? Second question . . . . regardless of the size drain, should the tubing...
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    I guess I'll give it a whirl . . . . we'll see where it gets me. I think I am going to use some heavy duty bulkheads to be safe though (assuming the glass doesn't break while drilling!)
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    Help Making Durso Stand Pipes.

    search the "other" big reef forum for the "herbie method". Much better than either stockman or durso.
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    when you say smaller holes, what size are you referring to? What about using a 1" drain and two 3/4" returns on either side of the overflow? I have to stick with the 1" CL intake though.
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    I'm actually planning on using a 1" bulkhead for the drain instead of the 1.5" . . . I realized that would have been overkill.
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    No idea . . . what would you suggest?
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    Yeah, the leaky bulkheads isn't really a concern, its more about the structural integrity of the glass. I have decided that I am going to use a single 1" drain with an external durso standpipe. The returns are going to have to come up over the back glass. I will still drill a second hole...
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    The problem is higher up in the drain system . . . its not in the sump. How many GPH are you pushing through your sump? What style overflow do you have? So you run a standpipe of any sort? (e.g. stockman, durso, etc.) I would NOT use a sponge of any sort . . . sponges do not belong in a reef...
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    Single Drain Line: Risky Business?

    Thanks guys, I think thats the route I'm going to take.
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    Single Drain Line: Risky Business?

    How many of you run a single drain line? Has it ever clogged on you? I want to run a single 1.5" external durso on my tank with an intake screener that extends to the bottom of the overflow box. I will be putting about 200gph MAX through the pipe. Good plan? Thoughts? Opinions? Alternatives?
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    Titanium Heaters Via Aqua any good?

    I ran an ebo-jager for years without fail and without temp. fluctuations. An excellent heater. A true set it and forget it heater.
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    Cant drill the bottom . . . tempered glass.
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    Thats kinda what I thought . . . I don't want to take any chances. Back to the drawing board . . . .
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    How many bulkheads is TOO many?

    I have an oceanic 30 gallon cube in the works . . . . I will be getting the back glass drilled for drain lines, return lines, and a CL intake. This would entail a total of (1) 1.5" drain line, (2) 1" return lines drill on either side of the overflow, and (1) 1" CL intake for a total of 4 drilled...
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    Bare bottom???Starboard

    Going BB means a LOT more than simply not adding sand. If you are serious about it, i'd suggest doing a lot of reading over on "the other" big reef forum. There is a lot more info there than here on the subject. In a nutshell though, in order to do a BB successfully, you need to maximize your...
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    20g nano (another lighting question)

    Sure its only $80, but what do replacement bulbs cost?
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    Need A Mh Expert!!!!

    heat will be a big problem for you no matter how high of a canopy you build. The only way I forsee you being able to avoid heat issues would be to mount the lights as pendants from the ceiling with an open top. As for selling the items, you will be able to get some money for them, but not much...