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  1. barracuda1

    Fire shrimp just hatched, dietary and habitat help needed

    I bought a mated fire shrimp pair some time ago with the intention of breeding them, however, last night I looked into my tank and saw many baby shrimps, had no idea they had even laid eggs. so I captured only 10 and put them in a half liter fish bowl with tank water. Now, there is nothing in...
  2. barracuda1

    Fire shrimp sick/dying/ no idea whats wrong

    As of 3 hours ago, my 2 fire shrimp were upright and healthy but in the last two hours they have fallen over, cant get up and twitch, they are still alive and struggling to stand. the parmaeters are: 8.2ph, 0 ammonia and nitrite, salinity 1.024. All other inhabitance are fine including 2 anomees...
  3. barracuda1

    Emperor shrimp breeding

    Does anyone know any of the following things about emperor shrimp breeding, all help thanked: sexing, egg incubation times, or even if captive spawning has ever been achieved.
  4. barracuda1

    Emperor Shrimp

    I am looking to buy Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator) but I cant find much info. on behavior, diet, and breeding. So if anyone knows anything, all help is appreicated.
  5. barracuda1

    Bristleworms and Wrasse

    I have a 40g reef tank which I have just learned has a pretty bad bristleworm problem, I have a 6 lined wrasse to try and control them, but even when I catch the worms and place them on a plastic surface (so they won't burrow) in front of the wrasse during feeding hours/ all day, the wrasse just...
  6. barracuda1

    Shrimp goby feeding

    If I were to purchase a shrimp goby w/pistol shrimp for my 24g, how would I ensure the goby finds food in sand sifting next to his borrow?
  7. barracuda1

    How do you frag an evergreen starburst coral

    This may sound like a blunt and open ended question, and I'm new to fragging, so sorry if this is never-ending or not possible, but how do you frag an evergreen starburst polyp coral
  8. barracuda1

    What shrimp eats alage

    I heard there was an alage eating shrimp(1-2inches). Can anyone give me it's name?
  9. barracuda1

    How do you support Amphipod populations

    The amphipods in my aquarium are being hunted into " extinction " so what can be done to conserve their populations enough to feed the fish and continue the life cycle of amphipods?
  10. barracuda1

    names of animals that will eat many alages

    My 40g aquarium has green hair, red and green slime, and bubble alage so what animal(s) will eat all of this with out harming my 2 blue damsals, 6 lined wrasse, and 2 percula clowns (don't recomend anymore fish)
  11. barracuda1

    just hatched horseshoe crab dietary information request

    Long story short, I have 46 just hatched horseshoe crabs and I need to know what they eat and how often at this age. All help thanked.