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  1. detane

    I bought too much Live Rock

    So now I need to get rid of some. Asking $3 donation per lb. Ill post pics of my new aquascape soon as I get a chance to do it tomorrow.
  2. detane

    I have a lot of LR

    Originally Posted by Cranberry You're right... you're not allowed to sell on this forum. Hope i dont get in any trouble since I'm only helping other reefers out. Nice Avatar! As my puerto Rican friends would say "Merreeee Creeemmaaaa!"
  3. detane

    D-D Salt (Large Buckets)

    D-D Salt. I have 9 buckets available. Asking $55 per bucket. Or $50 each if you pick up all 9 buckets. Retail is around $65+tax+ $25 shipping. I'm not a store, just a hobbiest spreading the wealth. Dee 818 809 3822
  4. detane

    I have a lot of LR

    I dont think im allowed to sell things on here. But I have about 700 lbs of LR. Some has polyps on it. I need to sell it off. Im asking $3lb. or $2.50 if you pick up more than 20lbs. Ther are small pieces, medium, Large. All look great. Been in a 700 gallon tank for a couple of years. Tank...
  5. detane

    my 300 gallon mixed reef recreation diary

    I'm picking up all the LR tomorrow. If you need any for your upgrade please do let me know.
  6. detane

    Aquac EV240 or ATI Bubble Master 250??

    Originally Posted by bullitr ati bubble master is nice but msx have a replica same pump . look in flea bay search msx/swc 300 extreme I picked up the Ev240 today. Still havent hooked it up yet. I will in a few hours. I have to go to the local hardware store and pick up some parts.
  7. detane

    Aquac EV240 or ATI Bubble Master 250??

    Im trying to make up my mind on which one to get today. please help!!
  8. detane

    Stocking Timeline Questions

    my best advice to you is to wait as long as you can before you add anything to your tank. Im talking maybe a few months. Your tank will always be cycling for the life of the tank. if you do add coral I reccomend adding 1 at a time. start with lower light coral such as mushrooms, zoas, and chili...
  9. detane

    No skimmer=More polyp extension??

    I run my skimmer 12hrs a day. Off at night. Everything has been fine. Let me add that I do use filter socks, very large refigium, and baffle poly filters. I run the skimmer during the day because thats when I feed. Everybodys tanks are diffrent. So it all does really depend on the tank, bio...
  10. detane

    my 300 gallon mixed reef recreation diary

    looks real good bro.
  11. detane

    my 300 gallon mixed reef recreation diary

    how is the upgrade??
  12. detane

    good sump desgin?

    so Im planing to upgrade my water volume, best solution is a bigger sump.
  13. detane

    NEW Reefer. 180 gallon

    Originally Posted by MichelleD Absolutely amazing tank. And I adore all of the pibble pics too! Thanks.. The tank should look better once I get my Calcium reactor setup soon. All im waiting on is the CO2 hose I ordered from germany. Most Co2 hoses crack and or release Co2. The one I ordered...
  14. detane

    NEW Reefer. 180 gallon

    Originally Posted by jchase1970 Thanks for the link to purewater. I was looking around for a water system and their systems are 1/2 of what I was going to pay for 1. Your welcome. David is great with customer service too. My tank was damaged and he replaced it asap!.
  15. detane

    20K USHIO or 20K RADIUM?

    Almost time to buy new lights for my D.E. 250 watt M.H. pendants (Electronic Ballast). Was wondering if anybody had used the 20K USHIO or Radiums? or both.
  16. detane


    Originally Posted by lclayson I have a 75 gal reef that has been set up for about 15 years. I currently do not have a refugium. Can anyone suggest a good one? Will I also still need to run my wet/dry along with a refugium? Thank you, Laura Try :
  17. detane


    Originally Posted by Devaji108 wow 15 years would you be as kind to post a few photos... yup
  18. detane

    Which is better? Roti feast, oyster feast OR live rotis?

    these are all great to feed your tank. each one feeds differnet coral so i cant really say one is better. try them all out and see which one your tank like more. (happy corals will be the judge)
  19. detane

    my 300 gallon mixed reef recreation diary

    I agree on the newbies acting rude. I think I maybe leaving this site also.
  20. detane

    What Is Thisss Ahhhhh!!!!

    Originally Posted by FRESHMAN That looks really cool, but weird at the same time. WU-TANG!.. I did a few shows with Wu-Tang.. Small world huh. FACT. Most Rap artists have Reef tanks.