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  1. detane

    I bought too much Live Rock

    So now I need to get rid of some. Asking $3 donation per lb. Ill post pics of my new aquascape soon as I get a chance to do it tomorrow.
  2. detane

    D-D Salt (Large Buckets)

    D-D Salt. I have 9 buckets available. Asking $55 per bucket. Or $50 each if you pick up all 9 buckets. Retail is around $65+tax+ $25 shipping. I'm not a store, just a hobbiest spreading the wealth. Dee 818 809 3822
  3. detane

    I have a lot of LR

    I dont think im allowed to sell things on here. But I have about 700 lbs of LR. Some has polyps on it. I need to sell it off. Im asking $3lb. or $2.50 if you pick up more than 20lbs. Ther are small pieces, medium, Large. All look great. Been in a 700 gallon tank for a couple of years. Tank...
  4. detane

    Aquac EV240 or ATI Bubble Master 250??

    Im trying to make up my mind on which one to get today. please help!!
  5. detane

    good sump desgin?

    so Im planing to upgrade my water volume, best solution is a bigger sump.
  6. detane

    20K USHIO or 20K RADIUM?

    Almost time to buy new lights for my D.E. 250 watt M.H. pendants (Electronic Ballast). Was wondering if anybody had used the 20K USHIO or Radiums? or both.
  7. detane

    AC14K bulbs

    It's almost that time to replace my bulbs. I know a lot of people like the ushio bulbs. But just the other day somebody said AC14K are better bulbs. I currently have 250 watt 15k ushio double ended bulbs. I think they are too blue. Im looking to get something lighter (yellow for growth). any...
  8. detane

    Dual TDS METER?

    Picked one up from eeeeebay and it was garbage. It gave two different reading while i tested it in the same solution. I ended up getting a refund but now I'm not very trusting of these inline TDS meters. I would like to know other hobbyists experiences with these type of TDS meters, and also...
  9. detane

    Closed loop or not?

    Whats do you think about closed loop systems?
  10. detane

    Im giving away a FISH

    Im giving away a FISH. he eats my ZOOs. .. HEs very healthy. All Yellow Rabbitfish.
  11. detane

    I must have R.AD.D.

    REEF ATTENTION to DETAIL DISORDER. Im planing on aqua-scaping the tank again. Went into a local LFS and got some inspiration for a new design. Their tank at the entry way looks amazing. I asked if they used (epoxy, pvc) to make all of the bridges and cliffs, and they said "NOPE". "It was all...
  12. detane

    lets trade frags

    I live in the Los Angeles Area (San Fernando valley). I have a lot of ZOAS in my tank And Im slowly trying to make the change to hard coral
  13. detane

    6 Stage R.O. /D.I. for under $100?

    PLEASE DONT REMOVE THIS THREAD. IM TRYING TO FIND A GOOD R.O. /D.I. SYSTEM for my reef at a Good price and also Inform myself on other members experiences with these products. I found out about this company through a couple of REEF friends online. The price is right in my budget range since I...
  14. detane

    Selling my Nano reef tank, so sad.

    Just got the bad news today. Im moving offices and I cant take it with me. This is an established system with lots of pods living in the rocks. Lots of small coral and inverts. lots of purple algae. Includes: NANOWAVE-9 : Digital Chiller / Heater, Protein Skimmer, Refugium, Return pumps, Live...
  15. detane

    Best R.O. System for Reef

    ??? My whirlpool R.O. system is getting old and replacing the cartridges equals the same amount as just buying a new one. Does anybody which R.O. system would th best for a reef system? Thanks in Advance!!
  16. detane

    Q: Best Way To Catch An Angel

    A: Make a fish trap out of acrylic, add some food, and BAM!! CASE CLOSED.
  17. detane

    Lakers Are Champs! Im Buying Corals

    TO CELEBRATE!! Im buying some yellow and purple corals. ZOAS, shroom, FISH...
  18. detane

    Silicone WARS

    FOR YEARS AND YEARS, reefers go to war in regards to what Silicone is the best to use for repairing and constructing new aquariums and sumps. Today I went ahead and called some of the worlds best AQUARIUM Keepers, and I contacted the two LEADING silicone companies. ( MOMENTIVE and DOW CORNING)...
  19. detane

    EPCOT CENTER Calcium 750 ppm

    This information came about when I mistakingly peeked my calcium to 700 and noticed super growth in my 180 gallon tank. I called around and asked all the LFS in the Los Angeles area why things were growing, when I was told that levels that high would kill my corals. I then got curiouse and...
  20. detane

    TANG: Yes or NO

    To ich or not to ich (ICK), that is the question. What are your views on Tangs in a reef tank? will they infect and kill everything with their ich? What size tank is best to house the Tang? Q.T. how many weeks fore placing in D.T. (display tank).