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    Help! Ammonia !

    Ok here we go. I have a 60 Gallon with a FX5 filter and a Gamma UV light set up for about 3 months now with 80Lbs of live rock. I cycled the tank for prob about 10 to 11 weeks with the live rock . Took a glass of water to the LFS and they tested it after I did and said I’m good to go water is...
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    Catching fish in your reef tank?

    Does anybody have a good way to catch fish in your DT to put them in your QT ? I need to Hypo the fish for ick and and I don't want to remove your live rock? Rather get thoes little suckers out and put them in the QT.
  3. }phillyfish>

    QT Setup ? How do you set one up?

    Hello all. Im new to this so please forgive me. I Have a 60 gallon tank set up. It has been set up for a few months and I just had a few new fish die. This would prob not have happened if I Had a QT set up . I know now it is a must have in this hobby so that being said I need to get one set...