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  1. kniquy

    An off topic question

    I have been out of the hobby and off this forum for quite some time, but I thought there used to be a forum section for selling/trading equipment. I tried looking but could not find it. If there is could you point me in the right direction? Unfortunately, the equipment i have is just taking...
  2. kniquy

    75 gal reef ready tank FS - western MA area

    I am taking a break from the hobby due to demands of life (work and family). In the next couple of weeks i will have my AGA 75 gal reef ready tank ready (one left corner over flow) for sale. I am selling the tank only as i will be keeping all my other equipment and the stand. The tank is about...
  3. kniquy

    what size RO/DI unit?

    I am in the market to purchase a ro/di unit for my top off and saltwater mix. I see that there are various units out there from 3 stage to up to 7 stage. The water in my town is actually really good (I work at a dialysis unit and they send the water to a lab to test -- the results are almost...
  4. kniquy

    wavemaker pro question for those who have used the product

    I recently purchased the wavermaker pro for my 75g and have yet to set it up. I currently have a tunze 6025 pump and only one smaller low flow pump. My question is - with using the wavemaker do i have to purchase special pumps? or will any pump work. I am hoping my tunze will operate...
  5. kniquy

    Help!! brown stringy Algae

    My tank has been beautiful for the past few months -- no crazy algae only a little which would appear on some rocks and nothing that my tang and my mexican turbos couldn't take care of. I recently did a 25% water change and then a week later changed my lights from 250 14K MH to T5's -- I now...
  6. kniquy

    timer for lights

    I recently upgraded to 3 2 bulb T5 retro units. I am in search for an inexpensive timer. I thought i found a good one at home depot that looked like it had 4 programable timer plugs but each plug is not able to be individually programmed so I am returning it. I have used in the past just...
  7. kniquy

    T5 lighting schedule -- suggestions please

    I just received my sunlight T5 retro for my 75g. I have 3- 2 bulb units. The bulbs that i am starting out with are 3-12K, 1 purple and 2 actinic. I am thinking i will have my 2 actinics come on first then an hour or so later the purple and one 12 K then the last 2 12K for a shorter photo...
  8. kniquy

    Tank Maintenance Check list

    I am just curious if anyone has some sort of check list of your monthly, weekly tank maintenance. I am someone that survives on check lists. I want to create a check list for my tank to keep me on track. I want to make sure that i can ensure the best health for my 75gal. I obviously know that...
  9. kniquy

    anemone gone wild

    I had purchased a bubble tip anemone from here. It had been healthy and looked good. My problem that i had with it was that it would not attach and stay in one spot. At night it would stretch out and try and touch other corals (ones that were probably 6 inches away!!) It moved around so much...
  10. kniquy

    Coral magazine

    I am always looking to read more up on this hobby and was wondering if anyone has ever subscribed to the magazine coral. If so -- it is pretty expensive $37 for one year and it is only 6 issues. If you get it or have gotten it in the past let me know if you think it is worth the money. If...
  11. kniquy

    75gal T5 lighting recommendations

    Hi all - i am back and forth with my lighting upgrade for my 75g reef. As much a i would like to purchase LED's after doing some research they are a bit over what i want to spend. I could purchase them but then would have no $$ to purchase and live stock for my tank. I am planning on...
  12. kniquy

    LED for 75gal

    I am looking at purchasing an new lighting system for my 75gal reef. I don't want to be limited on what I can keep with my lighting . I was initally looking at T5 HO lighting but I am getting a pretty good rebate from upgrading my home heating system so i am thinking of splurging and...
  13. kniquy

    deep blue solar extreme T5 lighting

    Hi all - I was wondering if anyone has heard of or has had experience with the Deep blue solar extreme T5 lighting. I am searching around to upgrade to a lower heat output (have 2-250W MH - horrible in the summer!!). I have a 75g and want to be able to keep any and all types of corals. The...
  14. kniquy

    lighting for a 75g reef

    I thought that i would post this here instead of the equipment because i figured you all would be more particular about your lighting with a reef tank. I am looking to get rid of my 250W MH and change to a T5 set up. Maybe i am crazy to get rid of the MH or maybe not but they are horrible to...
  15. kniquy

    xenia closing up

    I purchased a Xenia from when i received it the piece looked great and did for the first week. Now for some reason all the - i guess you would call them polyps - look like they are getting whiter and smaller. I have a 75g with 2-250w MH both 10K. My actininc's died so i don't have...
  16. kniquy

    t5 lighting on ebay

  17. kniquy

    water from dehumidifier

    I was just curious. With the humid weather upon us i have my dehumidifier running non-stop. Is the water that it produces safe to use in a reef tank. I have yet to test what comes out of it but wondering if anyone else had or does any one else use it in their tanks. I would imagin that...
  18. kniquy

    Mr. Rebates get 3% back on purchases

    Has anyone check out MR. Rebates It is a web site that you can get rebates from hundreds of places that you may shop from online. I happened to notice that is on there and you can get a 3% rebate on purchases you make. Check out the mr.rebates web site.
  19. kniquy

    green brain coral discharge

    I just recently purchased (about 4 days ago) a green brain coral. It appears to be acclimating ok. Today i noticed this brown discharge that was coming from one of the "mouths" of the brain. I watched it for a few minutes and it eventually completely came out and detached. It looked kind of...
  20. kniquy

    T5 vs MH lighting

    I am at a cross roads right now. I have 2-250w MH that need to be replaced. I am probably looking to spend about $120 for them, maybe a little more. (That price is for the 2 not each). After talking to my LFS he was saying that he is actually getting rid of his MH lighting and going to T5...