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  1. oceansidefish

    8 hour power outage

    I ran the two Tunze powerheads on my tank for 7 hours off an APC power back up smaller sized one when I had my electrical panel changed out...No problems
  2. oceansidefish

    Care for elegance coral

    +1 on the ones from Australia being the easy ones to keep. The problem is that you can't know for sure generally where its coming from....
  3. oceansidefish

    flatworm exit killed my snails?

    I have used that product and never had a problem with my snails
  4. oceansidefish


    Hydrometers are only good for making beer....Not for checking your fishies saltiness
  5. oceansidefish

    29 gallon reef stocking suggestions

    If you can get it there the Rod's Fish Only formula is one of the best all around foods, that is all you need for frozen food
  6. oceansidefish

    Coral Mag article on Cyano

    Anyone else read the Coral Mag article about cyano??? I found it very interesting indeed. The ability of some bacterium to adapt is amazing...
  7. oceansidefish

    About to fire my CUC

    +1 on conchs for keeping you sand bed nice and white....
  8. oceansidefish

    Need lighting help

    Originally Posted by cjke77418 I inherited a odyssea light fixture 48" with 2 175 hqiw and 2 96w power compacts. The ballast for the pcs burnt out and im having no luck finding a replacement. Please help. You should be able to order from the manufacturer or other online SW retailers....
  9. oceansidefish

    New to the hobby, new to the site. Few Questions.

    Originally Posted by mjda My reason for wanting the sand isn't necessarily due to it doing any particular "job". It's more or less just adding to the natural look and feel of the aquarium. If I'm being honest, though, I haven't read anything about live sand so I'm not sure yet what to expect. I...
  10. oceansidefish

    New Tank

    Originally Posted by Flapper Ok, I can plainly see where this is going, I somehow got my wires crossed and I mistakenly thought that this site was designed to help hobbiest to be more successful with their marine interest's, I somehow got on this site which apperently is designed to correct...
  11. oceansidefish

    Anemone won't open up

    If it looks like he is moving it may be a sign that the lighting is too much for him. I would raise up the lights and see if that helps....I have also seen people using window screen material to tone down the lighting for new residents as well
  12. oceansidefish

    My first big order, how do i aclimate them best?

    Make sure to have algae sheets for the LMB
  13. oceansidefish


    You would be surprised what a little wood can hold....My 120 stand has no center brace and I thought no WAY is that going to be ok.....but hey its all good.
  14. oceansidefish

    10' Lagoon. Okay lets build this together.

    Have you considered the effects of the salt water and creep on the pond liner???? I would be 1000% sure that the liner had been tested against the corrosivity of salt water, salt creep will do nasty nasty things....I would look into a marine liner if I were you. The epoxy would be the best bet...
  15. oceansidefish

    Anemone won't open up

    Originally Posted by aviator Unfortunatley, the decision to go with a 400Watt light was driven by price. I have less than $60 invested in my metal halide setup, no temp problems (It's 13 inches off the surface of the water) and I'm calculating 7.5 watts per gallon, which using the "watt per...
  16. oceansidefish

    Anemone won't open up

    Thats probably a tad overkill for a 55....i had two 175's over my 60. And now I have two 250's over a 120. it may be too bright in there
  17. oceansidefish

    Sebae Anemone

    Awesome!!! Just remember to keep feeding the nem and stay up on water quality
  18. oceansidefish


    I used a Y fitting and hooked it up to my washing machine bib...Add a sprinkler time and voila!
  19. oceansidefish

    Night of the living snails

    I heard it when my RBTA ate my Kole.....Dun Dun Dun....dut dut duuummmmm de duuummmm de dummmmmm
  20. oceansidefish

    Tank Rebuild -

    BTW Pelican Lake the river and the local small mouth competitions are NOT good sources of LR....J/K my family is from St Cloud