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  1. life~reefer


    Series Finale 8-10PM Monday Night May 24th 2010 So sad the series is ending wish is was still going. I thought the ending was spectacular. (I think there is supposed to be a movie) Please no comments bashing the series. Please keep them to youself. Die hard fans what did you think of the ending...
  2. life~reefer

    Something on the Live Rock

    What are these white clumps on the rock? Can anyone help? I was thinking waste but I have enough flow to where it would not be able to land. Couldn't get very good pictures but, hope Someone can help.
  3. life~reefer

    Ultimate 100g

    So i was thinking of starting up a new reef. It is going to be a 100 gallon with power compacts. The stocklist includes... Fish 5 Scissortail Dartfish 7 Bangaii Cardinalfish 3 Achilles Tangs 4 Sohal Tangs 3 pairs of clownfish 1 blue spot stingray 5 Candy Basslets Invertabrates 1 RBTA 2 GBTA 1...
  4. life~reefer

    Natural Water

    Can someone refer me to a website that shows the natural average water parameters for oceans? for bays? Ph Alk nitrite nitrate phosphate salinity Thanks!
  5. life~reefer

    New GBTA

    Just wanted to share a picture of my new GBTA I have had the anemone since 2-20-2010. It is doing great!
  6. life~reefer

    Favorite Uncommon Fish

    Alright what is your favorite uncommon fish? Fish that people don't usually have in there tanks. Add pictures if you can. Mine is my Tomini Tang.
  7. life~reefer

    Broken heater

    My heater doesn't look safe because it is full of yellow stuff I am almost positive its broken but just making sure before I toss it. sorry just a crappy webcam picture
  8. life~reefer

    Healthcare stats

    Very interesting. A recent "Investor's Business Daily" article provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization. Percentage of men and women who survived cancer five years after diagnosis: U.S. 65% England 46% Canada 42% Percentage of...
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    Happy Halloween! HAVE FUN!!!!!
  10. life~reefer

    Flame vs. Bicolor

    Which of these two are less likely to nip corals, clams, etc....? Based on your experience or opinion.
  11. life~reefer

    Nasty blob

    This stuff looks nasty
  12. life~reefer

    Know the common name of this fish or scientific?

    Anyone know the name of the fish?
  13. life~reefer

    Sick Tang (Beth help or anyone)

    Well my tomini tang has been in QT for 3 weeks and 2 days so far and in the last three or four days has developed some issues. He has developed a small pink patch under his eye and some flakey white stuff on his eye and face. I feed him mysis, marine cuisine, brine, squid, emerald entree, nori...
  14. life~reefer

    Cleaner shrimp eating zoas

    I have had my zoas for 6 months now and they have barely grown. Yesterday I found my favorite/most expensive (new) zoas being eaten by my cleaner shrimp. I may have saved one polyp by putting it under an egg crate box. Has anybody had this happen?? It was definetly him and not zoa pox or some...
  15. life~reefer

    Zoathid ID

    Anyone know the name? Sorry don't have my macro lens. (It has two little black dots by the mouth if that helps)
  16. life~reefer

    Clownfish vs Duncan

    My clownfish has been constantly picking at my duncan colony. I have moved it to different parts of the tank but the clownfish keeps knocking it over. She just started doing picking this week. I have had the colony for awhile now and she has never done it before.I don't know what to do. Should...
  17. life~reefer

    Tomini tang

    Got a tomini tang put on hold for me for only 33 dollars at the LFS!! I pick him/her up tomorrow.
  18. life~reefer

    PURA complete

    Anyone use it? Do you like it? Good product? Opinions welcome
  19. life~reefer

    Amethyst Anthias

    Anybody know anything about this anthias? I can't find much about it. Things such as special care? Survival rate? Eating habits?
  20. life~reefer


    What silicone should I get for gluing plastic to glass? The bottom brace to my Qt Fell off. Does it matter because its plastic to glass?