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  1. deyoe1118

    Interesting crab ID...

    better pic but it may be a gorilla crab
  2. deyoe1118

    Fish For Sale...Gone By Saturday

    Ok...I need these gone by Thursday. I am asking a fair price I think but offers or trades are welcome...Shipping from 12041... Bowder Brown Tang - $50 you name it he eats it Mated Pair of False Percs - $80 no eggs produced since in the last 2 months Pair Bangii Cardinals - $40 not sure if they...
  3. deyoe1118

    Zoa's F/S

    Originally Posted by nwdyr Thank's Tb , And yes those are the three and there are like I said APPROX 300 all together. I just counted a small are then guess from there. Trust me if I am off its not by 100's or anything. And like I said they are selling right here on other threads for 1-2.00...
  4. deyoe1118

    Zoa's F/S

    just trying to see exactly which ones they are couple different pics v/s colors
  5. deyoe1118

    Zoa's F/S

    any other pics...doesn't look like 300 polyps...unless I am looking at the wrong rocks
  6. deyoe1118

    LAST CHANCE DEAL (tonight only)

    can u send me a tracking # when you get time...
  7. deyoe1118

    LAST CHANCE DEAL (tonight only)

    paypal sent
  8. deyoe1118

    zoa frags

    I'll take #6 and the last one...shoot me a PM with the total via priority mail to 12041 make that #2 and #6...
  9. deyoe1118

    FS: Organism zoas

    Originally Posted by Robdog696 Can I get a frag of that bubble algae? LOL
  10. deyoe1118

    Your entrance theme

    DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
  11. deyoe1118

    DO you remember WHEN?

    Swatch watch Break dancing to any music Skids (parachute pants) Walkmans
  12. deyoe1118

    DO you remember WHEN?

  13. deyoe1118

    WTB...Zoa's and Palys

    Well I am going with the zoa/paly tank...looking for some good colors. Things I have to trade if you are looking for corals or equipment...Nepthela, starry nights frag, mag 9.5, Red Sea Prizim skimmer, all-glass heater 300w, Aquaclear 70 heater...
  14. deyoe1118

    tons of livestock for sale!!!!

    sent a pm a yesterday...still no reply???
  15. deyoe1118

    Close up of shrimp

    looks like a green leg hermit...
  16. deyoe1118

    Items for sale...Powerheads, heaters, UV...other

    GOTTA GO!!! Powerheads/Pumps - Mag 9.5 - comes with ball valve and T attachment - $50 Skimmers - Red Sea Prizim - original not deluxe (rated for 100 gallons) - $45 Overflow overflow - just the overflow (no u-tube or drain) -$10 Baffle/Silencer - $5 Once again...OBO