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  1. thisistodd

    WTB: 90 gallon with stand in MI, OH, or IN

    I would be willing to drive to OH, IN, or MI if the price was right for a 90 gallon setup. Glass or acrylic, if glass i would like it to be drilled or have an overflow. Also would like a stand. If it has a canopy, lighting, or anything else thats always good too! Email me at...
  2. thisistodd

    my refugium is coated with salt

    does anyone have a good way to dump the drain line from the display into the fuge without making so many bubbles? i have tried so many ways but it is impossible to get a pure water flow. the millions of large bubbles it creates pop and get the sides and top of my fuge wet and then when it...
  3. thisistodd

    what causes a single colony of zoos to just die??

    I have about 10 different frags/colonies of zoos in my tank. all of the sudden, my orange zoos were always half open, and now completley closed and dead looking. also around the same time i had some sort of tree coral i forget the name, which was grwoing quite large, and all the sudden wilted...
  4. thisistodd

    dKH reading off the charts? how?

    well i decided i wanted to test my dkh to have the proper level to grow corraline faster. i bought the salifert kit, and from the best i can tell my dkh is above 16. i used the whole 1ml syringe and it still didnt change from blue green to orange or pink. it is so light colored i can hardly...
  5. thisistodd

    i cant find flexible tubing for the life of me

    you know the kind of tubing that often comes with wet dry filters to go to the overflow? it has ridges and is very flexible, usually about an inch. where can i get that? ive tried home depot and many hardware stores and found nothing. all i can find is clear tubing which isnt all that...
  6. thisistodd

    where to find nano tanks

    i think i want to have a nano tank running to the same sump as my main tank, but where is a good place to find little tanks? I would really like a little acrylic tank so i can drill it, ecause i have a 15 tall and a 5 gallon right now but its impossible to find a way to drill it. i already...
  7. thisistodd

    is it possible to add a corner or internal overflow to a glass tank

    well through my whole dilemma i am looking into buying a 75 gal glass tank. the only thing is i dont want a hang on overflow. is there a way i can add a overflow that is inside the tank and drains thorugh the bottom or back? i know i would have to drill the glass so that would be the first...
  8. thisistodd

    everything is dying! levels are good!

    i put this in the new hobbyist section because i made a new hobbyist mistake i should have known better. yesterday i added a 29 gallon fuge to my 50 gallon tank, but only filled the fuge halfway. i mixed my saltwater and started the fuge after only a couple of hours. needless to say, the...
  9. thisistodd

    MANTIS! i want to see its keepers, anyone have a separate tank connected??

    i was thinking how cool it would be to have another tank hooked up to mine or my future tank just like a sump would be. has anyone done this?? i would like to see pictures of mantis tanks and also know how big they should be.
  10. thisistodd

    added fuge...all corals have closed!!!!! what happened

    well when i added my fuge i knew that a couple things i didnt do exactly right but i sure didnt think it would turn into this. i only have a 29 gallon for my fuge filled halfway, so i added 15 gallons to a 50 gallon system. i mixed the saltwater today, tried to heat it up some, and turned it...
  11. thisistodd

    DIY Aragocrete rock

    has anyone done this? SUpposedly you are supposed to use portland cement, but is it best to get the ready to use kind, that has sand and gravel in it? or would that sand they put in there not be the right type and contain silicates? i dont know if you can make concrete with just the mix and...
  12. thisistodd

    is it safe to use pvc glue??

    another quick question. i am in the process of building my sump and drilling my tank. is it safe to use pvc glue?? if not what does everyone use?
  13. thisistodd

    where to get a check valve locally?

    anyone know where i can get a check valve locally? i need one for about a 1/2" tube i havent measured yet.
  14. thisistodd

    drilling acrylic for a standpipe in a 50 gallon seaclear??

    ok so my nitrates are out of control and i want to adda fuge to my 50 gallon acrylic with a wet dry built in the back. I know how i can do it, i can drill for a standpipe in the back where the water level is supposed to be. would i need to drain the whole thing of water or just get the water...
  15. thisistodd

    anyone use kent nitrate sponge? i cant get my nitrates down!!

    well my nitrates have been up at or above 40 ppm for a while. i cleaned out my bioballs realy good, and cleaned the entire tank. i did a big water change, and bought a product called algone that is supposed to reduce nitrates. it has done nothing so far. i really need to get this under...
  16. thisistodd

    ammonia, nitrates, best way to filter!!??

    ok. i know that nitrites and ammonia are a direct product from fish and their waste, and overfeeding. i have bioballs in my sump right now and my nitrates are sky high. If i were to add a fuge with a ton of algae, wouldnt this take care of the problem. If i were to eliminate the bioballs how...
  17. thisistodd

    some sump/refuge questions before i build

    ok so i am building my sump out of a 29 gal glass tank, and i think i will use a design i have seen a few times. it is the one that has a refugium separated on the right side gravity dumping into the return pump area, and fed by a ball valve on the overflow line or return line. my quesstion...
  18. thisistodd

    quick question. can trickle plates be bought separately?

    i was thinking about making my own sump with a wet dry trickle filter. is there a way to buy a trickle plate. anyone know where? thanks
  19. thisistodd

    what do i need to run a tank just with LR?

    I have recently set up a 60 gallon tank downstairs as a place to possibly "grow" LR and other stuff. This is part of my plan on getting a 120+ gallon tank in the spring. I moved some of my LR into this tank from my 50 gallon and got some base rock also. I want to just save some money on LR...
  20. thisistodd

    my tank was doing so good now im ready to give up help me please

    well. here is the official count. starting about 3 weeks ago, my fish have been slowly disapearing. first they were small fish, so i figured they must have died. but now its just ridiculous...i have lost over $200 in fish. was 3 blue reef cromis, one after the other. next, i...