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  1. ca161406

    Happy Aquarium

    Anyone else sucked into the Facebook trap? HAHAHA Here is my Facebook 125 mixed reef
  2. ca161406

    Beth please help with my battle!

    Well after a lot of thought I have decided to go through with a 10 week journey to heal all my fish. I was going to wait till my upgrade from 125 to 300 but the fish are looking worse. I added a PBT directly to my tank about a month ago introducing ick to my Rusty Angel, Saddle Clown, and Pink...
  3. ca161406

    Reptile ppl!

    Post some pics! haha Grace-Albino Cal. King aprox 16"
  4. ca161406

    mounting brain frags

    hey everyone. i was just wondering the best way to mount a brain frag is. ive had one about the size of a golf ball for about 6 months and i really haven't seen much growth, or it spreading to the rock its on. ill post a pic of it later. thanks everyone!
  5. ca161406

    Zoa pox...blah

    Well well well.. im currently in a battle with the lil devils. i noticed them about a week ago, and been fighting them since. fortunately i think im winning...i hope. i made some frags of one of my orange colonies and a few days later noticed them on my frags.( which all melted away) i did FW...
  6. ca161406

    I got a snake!

    kinda random. but my friend got it a week ago and moved to texas today and didnt want it anymore so i took it. its an albino abberant ca king. about 14" long right now. i have it in a 20gal with just paper towels for substrate, water bowl and a log hiding thing. i fed it 2 pinkies today and it...
  7. ca161406

    100 blue hornet heads-$20

    yup, they're real too. but they haven't opened except for 2 or 3 heads. so the owner of the store said he'd give me them all for 20 if i bring some in when and if i can get them open. ill post pics later, and if anyone has info on how to get them open i would appreciate it. thanks :)
  8. ca161406

    Rip Frosty :(

    Mann my SFE of almost a year died the other day. IDK why either. He was fine, didn't eat for a few days, which is normal for him. Then came home and he was dead. Ugh. He was my favorite too
  9. ca161406

    New to SPS!

    HEY! Ive never had any SPS before except for a lil hitch hiker ive kept alive for several months lol but i got a Digi and 2 Birdsnest frags for $10 to give them a try ive had them for about 2 weeks now. Do they look healthy to you SPS guys/girls??? thanks!
  10. ca161406

    Newish Zoas...IDs??

    Sold as Blue Tub Zoas ? Don't know either of these names What are the blue palys?
  11. ca161406

    RadioActiveDE not opening

    ive had this colony for about 8 months and within the past few months it hasn't been opening all the way how it use to. ive done iodine and FW dips to get rid of any bugs that might be bugging it but more than half wont open. i thought the browns may be smothering the greens so i fragged out a...
  12. ca161406

    ID please

    forgot what the fish store owner called it. lol anyone know?
  13. ca161406

    Zoo id's :)..and PSP question

    i've had these for a while, i know the greens are radioactive dragon eyes, but idk what the browns and purple are. they have like hourglass shapes of purple in them And im not sure what any of these are, they just looked nice so i got them haha. 1. 2. 3.
  14. ca161406

    Rusty Angel w/ fin rot?

    no pics as of yet, camera is charging. but i got a Rusty Angel, had it in QT for 14 days(was in the LFS display which is super health) looked good and eating strong so i transferred to my display tank. its been a few days and all is well but today i noticed its top-back fin is kinda shredding...
  15. ca161406


    should i go for it? seen it on CL last night, acrylic300gal reef ready, stand, canopy, pc lighting(wont use), 2 quietones 1000hh, bunch of FW stuff. i was thinking clean it up and paint the stand, get a 65 for a sump($100) and run the skimmer from my 125(Octo NW150) until i can upgrade it. i...
  16. ca161406

    Rapidly breating blue dot toby

    Hey yeal, my toby is breathing super fast and not moving around to much. all the other fish in the tank are fine, nothing is stressing it as far as i know, and my params are all in check. it also hasnt eaten to much in the past day either. just wondering if anyone knows what could be wrong thanks
  17. ca161406

    Via Aqua Chiller HELLLP

    Hey yeal, summer months are approaching so i busted out the chiller that came with my tank. Its a Via Aqua but i dont have any instructions what so ever. i hooked up a pump and its circulating through a bucket of FW right now to clean everything out. The only problem is when i turn it on it...
  18. ca161406

    Nice Triggs I Stumbled Upon

    i'm tempted to get the Boomerang Trig...but hesitant because idk how it will react with my corals or humu Assasi Trig Boomerang Trig White Tip Trig just thought i'd share because i like seeing uncommon triggers that are in the hobby, yet still are reasonably priced. thoughts?
  19. ca161406

    Hunger Strike..

    "I don't mind stealiin bread, from the.." no not the song.. my SFE. Was feeding it H2O Life(i think thats the brand) silver sides and vitamin soaked scallops. 3 days ago i picked up some Ocean Nutrition silver sides and now it hasn't touched them since i switched. it only took 1 bite out of a...
  20. ca161406

    Lets Play A Game

    ok so pretty much you just post some random trash talk post about the poster above you. keep it clean and somewhat friendly. remember if you post dont be afraid to be talked about. its all fun, no "personal attacks" just humor i will start