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  1. salt monger

    Sun Polyp Trouble!

    wait till after dark... give it a teaser blast of super fine food, this should make the polyps come out within 20 min. or so... the feed, and feed it like 3 or 4 days a week... the flesh should come back slowly... aslong as the tips have flesh, there is hope
  2. salt monger


    f.y.i... i have seen your "armagedons" sold as "ko's nightmares" many times, and this is the first i've seen them billed as armageddons....
  3. salt monger

    I hope i dont regret this angel

    i have a 75 with about 125 lbs of live rock (lots of places to hide) and i have a potters, and an ebli's angel together..... i also have a perc, ans false perc together in there. all get along, so like mentioned before, depends on the individuals.
  4. salt monger

    Strange tank for sale...

    i can't believe elton john is selling the tank i bought him for his birthday..... sheesh
  5. salt monger

    How to silicone between baffles?????

    Do Them One At A Time, And Only Silicone The One Side
  6. salt monger

    are you kidding me???

    i'm getting one, and maybe use a milk jug for the sump, and maybe an empty pepsi bottle modded for a then i'll throw maybe 6 yellow tanks in there
  7. salt monger

    are you kidding me???

    how many yellow tangs could i keep in that thing?
  8. salt monger

    glass tops?

    now something to observe with egg crate..... look at how much light it reflects onto the walls and ceilings, that is lost wattage that is not making it to the tank... i'm trying to think of some type of creative alternative that would look nice also
  9. salt monger

    Transgender MAN says he's PREGNANT

    so, bigarn, are you afraid about this becoming more socially acceptable because then you may have to confront some possible inner desires to express some of your own inner questions of your own gender identity? if so, it will be ok, because alot more of us are unlike you, and will accept you for...
  10. salt monger

    BBC reporting - US Tent Cities

    i agree that alot of these people brought these foreclosures on themselves, i recently bought a house, and because i'm younger (28) the lenders kept trying to talk me into all types of "creative solutions" such as reverse mortgages, adjustable rates, but i refused and insisted on a fixed rate...
  11. salt monger

    What Myth do you baleave?

    i believe the more you cough, the more you get off knock wood or all hell will break loose better throw salt over your left shoulder or the evil spirits will get your a$$ and i believe that george bush does not like black people
  12. salt monger

    sea robin

    i live in jersey, and catch them when fishing for other thinks, kinda a nuisance by-catch.... thay are cool looking, and they get about 18-24 inches, i imagine it would eat anything it can fir in its mouth, and they are a dark red / maroon color.....
  13. salt monger

    Yo Momma Jokes

    yo mama so poor, she can't afford to pay attention... you mama so fat, she saw a yellow school bus full of white kids drive past and yelled " stop that twinkie"
  14. salt monger

    Looking for orange bam bam zoos and ring of fire

    i'm not selling mine, i'm just saying what i bought mine for in the past..... check to see if there is a reef club in your area.... i know in the new jersey reef club members frown on other members thast try to sell too expensively within the club....
  15. salt monger

    Looking for orange bam bam zoos and ring of fire

    wow, some people are asking alot for the bam bams... i'm in the new jersey reefers club, and i've bout 20 polyp orange bams for $20....
  16. salt monger

    Too funny...start a rumor about...

    i'm not making a rumor about yerboy, cause i heard he's chuck norris's illegitimate love child and that means he can beat us all up....
  17. salt monger

    Best movie quote ever

    Jules: Well there's this passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For...
  18. salt monger

    Best movie quote ever

    Originally Posted by TangWhispr I'm your huckleberry -Tombstone damn it, i was gonna put this one
  19. salt monger

    anyone know of a reef safe puffer

    off the top of your head, does anyone know of a reef safe puffer? thanks, in advance
  20. salt monger

    Heelllppp!!! Xenia Wound/infection?!?!?

    leave it... it's normal, it's growing.... it's a good thing, just keep it away from the bulk of your rockwork.... once it grows on, it'll spread like plague...