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  1. coxy101

    Sixline, Aggressive?

    I went to my LFS to get a sixline wrasse. The LFS guy asked me what I have in my tank (1 B&W clown, 2 Firefish, 1 yellow watchman) and he told me that the sixline may attack my firefish. He advised me against it unless I get a really tiny one. Anyone had problems with this? Should I think...
  2. coxy101

    Yellow Watchman A Terror!

    Does anyone else have problems with their yellow watchman goby being a terror? Mine has attacked my purple firefish and put a gash in it's side. He will attack anything that gets even close to his SIDE of the tank (where he has his "cave"). Do I have too small of a tank for him? Stocking...
  3. coxy101

    Xenia Frag for Trade

    I have a frag of pulsing xenia to trade. I'm not looking to ship since xenia doesn't ship well. Anyone located near Ann Arbor, MI?
  4. coxy101

    Fish Swam Away

    I just have to tell about my weird morning: I got up this morning and went downstairs to look at the aquarium. I opened up the cabinet under the aquarium where the fuge is and saw one of my firefish! The only way he could get there would be to swim through the small slits to get into my hang...
  5. coxy101

    Green Tinge

    A few of my rocks have a green algae tinge to them. Since it's not actual hairy algae, my emerald can't clean it off. I'm anal and I don't want green algae on my rocks! How can I get rid of it? I use RO/DI water. :notsure:
  6. coxy101

    Flatworms and Immature Tank

    I've read the various threads on flatworms and how to get rid of them. I went out and bought the "Flatworm Exit" from my LFS (for a STEEP $25!) But I'm still hesitant to use it because I've just began to add my first corals (how I got the flatworms in the first place) and my tank is only 3...
  7. coxy101

    Chunk out of firefish!

    I looked in my tank today and noticed that there's a chunk missing out of my firefish's side! What happened? What should I do? My inhabitants are: 4'' Fighting conch Various turbo and nassarious snails Emerald Crab (never seen him pick on ANYTHING) 4'' Yellow Watchman Goby 2 "mated" firefish...
  8. coxy101

    Pipe Organ Coral Help

    I recently was at a LFS and came across a Pipe Organ Coral frag for cheap - couldn't pass it up. I know, I know - impulse buying not a good thing... Anyway, I've researched on these boards and other websites and haven't gotten much info - or I got conflicting info on them. Does anyone have...
  9. coxy101

    Do you want to cuddle up

    With a little kitten? I'm a foster through a Michigan resuce organization and we're looking for homes for some great animals. If you're looking for a cat, dog or even bunny check out our website at Guardian Angel Animal Rescue Since we're all animal lovers here, I thought someone might be...
  10. coxy101

    Bugs on the glass

    I was looking at my tank today and noticed the water looks a little cloudy - then I noticed that the tank's glass is covered in little white bug looking things (pods?). My tank's only 2 months old - it's got LS, LR. What can I do to get rid of them? There's hundreds, if not a thousand...
  11. coxy101

    Southdown in MI

    Just thought I would let everyone know that they have TONS of Southdown sand at the Home Depot in Ann Arbor, MI. Just bought a bag there for my refugium...
  12. coxy101

    Bang Guy or someone?

    What should we feed some TINY baby B&W percs? We went to our LFS to get our first inhabitants - planning on getting 2 percs. They didn't have any adults, but have a breeding program and a batch was getting big enough to be sold soon --- so she gave us a pretty good deal on two black and white...
  13. coxy101

    Best clownfish?

    My husband and I are starting up a 45 gallon FOWLR - eventually to be a reef. We're at the end of the tank cycle and hopefully by next weekend we'll be ready for our first inhabitant: our clownfish! We have about 55 lbs of rock and plan on having in addition to a single or pair of clowns - 2...