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  1. deyoe1118

    Fish For Sale...Gone By Saturday

    Ok...I need these gone by Thursday. I am asking a fair price I think but offers or trades are welcome...Shipping from 12041... Bowder Brown Tang - $50 you name it he eats it Mated Pair of False Percs - $80 no eggs produced since in the last 2 months Pair Bangii Cardinals - $40 not sure if they...
  2. deyoe1118

    WTB...Zoa's and Palys

    Well I am going with the zoa/paly tank...looking for some good colors. Things I have to trade if you are looking for corals or equipment...Nepthela, starry nights frag, mag 9.5, Red Sea Prizim skimmer, all-glass heater 300w, Aquaclear 70 heater...
  3. deyoe1118

    Items for sale...Powerheads, heaters, UV...other

    All items are used but in good/excellent working condition. Some items need to be cleaned up a little bit but prices are fair but if you want to make an offer then fine. I need this stuff gone. I will ship at your cost. I am NOT held accountable for any damage of items during shipping unless you...
  4. deyoe1118

    110 gallon trade for a Nano anyone?

    anyone intrested? tank, stand, overflow... or make any offer...
  5. deyoe1118

    110 gallon trade for a Nano anyone?

    anyone intrested? tank, stand, overflow...
  6. deyoe1118

    Livestock for sale upstate NY

    Downgrading to a 75... Coral Beauty Angel - $20 Mated Pair of False Percs w/ 12" RBTA - $175 - these are my babies so I want to make sure they go to a good home and RBTA will come attached to a piece of live rock Pink Diamond Goby -$20 Cleaner Goby- $10 2 Disbar Anthias (if sold they will go...
  7. deyoe1118

    F/s Asm G1x

    Upgrading to a bigger skimmer. Used 6 months. still have the original box for pump and skimmer. Pics will be up tomorrow. Asking $200 shipped or a trade for a bigger ASM with money added on my end or even an even trade. Specs- Body Size (in) 5 1/2 Height (in) 22 1/2 Footprint (in) 8 1/2 x 11...
  8. deyoe1118

    Live Rock w/ Mushrooms

    I have a piece of live rock approx 8" x 8" with mushrooms all over it. I have counted 15 right & green mostly. It is sitting in my fuge right now. Asking $35 plus shipping OBO and I am open for trades. It will be shipped in a styrofoam box double bagged in water unless you tell me...
  9. deyoe1118

    48" Current Outer Orbit HQI F/S

    I have a 48" Current Outer Orbit HQI 150w MH fixture (model 1042) I am parting with. Used for 2 years. 2 130w actinics (used only 1 month about 4 hours a day if that), 2 DE MH (I have 14000k Phoenix bulbs in their now used 2 months). 6 LED moonlights (some need to be changed out as they are dim...
  10. deyoe1118

    Last of the Live rock $2 pound

    I have about 15 lbs of live rock left to sell. As you can see by the pic there is not much coraline on it but it has been in water for a couple of weeks now...powerhead, heater and lid off for light. Shipping will be USPS priority flat rate box (new $12.95 box). Total shipped anywhere in the US...
  11. deyoe1118

    F/S Eheim 1060 (older model of the 1260)

    Used just shy of 2 years. New impeller and coarse foam put in about 3 months ago just to update the parts. No problems with the pump. 602gph, uses 1/2" return hose. Asking $85 shipped OBO.
  12. deyoe1118

    Seio 1100 and 1500 $45 shipped

    Need them gone...used over one fine...just have the hang on tank parts, nothing else...$45 OBO
  13. deyoe1118

    Live Rock F/S...Will Ship

    I just switched to a bigger tank and for some reason I ended up with a bunch of live rock left over. Most softball size but some are bigger. If you see a piece you like I will take requests but can not be for certain you will get them. Asking $2.50 a pound except for the bigger pieces with good...
  14. deyoe1118

    Sieo's and Rio For Sale

    Rio 2100 - Comes with suction cup attachment and extra parts but will need a new impeller. $20 shipped OBO All Sieos come with hang over side parts. Mounting option 4. Each are just a bit over 1 year old. Will be cleaned the best I can prior to shipping. Sieo 620 - $22 shipped OBO Sieo 1100 -...
  15. deyoe1118

    Items for Sale

    The last of the Bunch...Make offers...Need to move... CPR Bak Pak (missing collection cup top) w/ Rio 600 - $45 shipped Jebo Skimmer (no Pump) - $10 shipped Amiricle Wet/Dry - $70 shipped
  16. deyoe1118

    Corals For Sale

    I had responded to a couple other threads and just figured I would put my own up...All frags will be attached to a piece of rock. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail flat rate of $8.95 anywhere in the lower 48 states unless you want Express then I can give you a quote. Heat pack is $1 if...
  17. deyoe1118

    90 Gallon Part Out

    Here we go. Located in Upstate NY. All items are price negotiable. Most of the items will fit into a flat rate USPS box for $8.95. Larger items will be brought to FedEx for exact shipping charges. Items are about 1 year old unless otherwise noted. All items will be cleaned prior to shipping...
  18. deyoe1118

    Items for sale...

    Mag 5 Pump - used for about 1 month - $55 + shipping 2 Sunpac 130 watt Dual Actinic 420nm/460nm - 44.25" x 1.75" x 1" - square pin - used 2 months - $25 each + shipping Approx 15 HOB Filters - multiple models - $50 + shipping 33 Gallon AGA - stand and strip light - $75 + shipping (buyers actual...
  19. deyoe1118

    33 Gallon w/ stand & light...NY

    33 Gallon AGA with pine stand and strip light. Holds water and just needs to be cleaned out a bit. Measures approx. 36x17x12.5. $100. Will ship at buyers expense, or deliver/meet someone locally. Zip code is 12041, Clarksville, NY... email me at