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  1. nxband

    strange red growth in tank

    what is this stuff in picture starting to grow alot is it good or should it go
  2. nxband

    What is acceptable PH drop at night?

    I have a 29 gal bio cube.Just added a aqua fudge refugium to back of tank (2.5) gal. I have reef set up with alot of live rock.I have two clowns ,fire fish and royal gamma. I run reverse light at night. Kh is 214 ppm calcium is 480 nitrates,amonia,phosphates 0 My question is my ph at end of...
  3. nxband

    what is this on live rock

    starting to see alot of these.I know its not aiptasia but is it good or a weed.will it take over tank or do I need to kill brown starlike thing in center of picture