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  1. nas19320

    Remora Pro Mag 3 and Preskimmer Box

    Motorcycle racing has taken over much of my free time right now and getting back into the aquarium hobby is in the far future now unfortunately. I have a Remora Pro with the Mag 3 pump and preskimmer box for sale. The O-ring for the skimmer box broke but one can easily be picked up at marine...
  2. nas19320

    Lighting for sale

    I have some items to sell since I shut down my tank and don't see myself getting back into it anytime soon. I have the following right now: 2x Ice Cap 175w electronic MH ballasts wired with PFO Ice cap convert plug (They were purchased in '03 and I never put much use to them since I decdied to...
  3. nas19320

    Thinking of getting out

    So lately I've thinking hard about ending my run in this hobby for at least a few years and getting rid of most everything. It just seems that I don't enjoy it like I once did and I find myself spending only enough time on it to do maintenence and not really enjoying it. I probably would have...
  4. nas19320

    It's been awhile.......

    since I've posted any pics. Got really busy and neglected the tank and did no more than top-off's for the past two months. I did a small water change and cleaned up a few things. I'll do a little more over the next week and hopefully I'll get everything back to where it should be. I'm suprised...
  5. nas19320

    New Ride

    I know there are a few motorcycle riders here such as Daniel411 and TonyDetroit and others so I thought I would share my new toy. Just picked it up today. I was lucky enough to get the first one off the truck and it was the first one sold from my local dealer. I was tempted to ride it home but...
  6. nas19320

    Top- down shots

    Took a few top down shots today. I hope you guys enjoy as they were not the easiest to take and somewhat risky for my camera. I hope to add a few more later but feel free to add your top-down shots if you got them. Thanks for looking.
  7. nas19320

    Browser not forwarding

    Anyone else having this problem today? I'm using Mozilla Firefox and for whatever reason it will not automatically forward me when I reply to a post or click "View new posts". Other message boards are not giving any problems and if I use IE here it gives me no problems. It's not a big deal but...
  8. nas19320

    Monday Morning 6-pack

    Shot a few new pics this past weekend. Feel free to comment. Thanks for looking.
  9. nas19320

    Getting rid of Xenia

    Is there anyway to spot kill Xenia? The stuff is overunning my tank and its hard to pick off the rocks without leaving a little bit of flesh that grows into more. Can I kalk them like Aiptasia?
  10. nas19320

    FoxFace in a 55

    Will a FoxFace do well in a 55? I saw one today at the LFS that I was thinking of picking up. The only other tankmate at the moment is a bossy Tomato clown.
  11. nas19320

    A few Macros

    I decided to try a few different things out with my camera and try to get the hang of the macro function. Some came out good, some came out bad but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Tell me what you think.
  12. nas19320

    I hate identity theft

    It really sucks being a victim of identity theft, somehow someone got my debit card number and put a bunch of useless items on it. Today when I went to check the mail I had a 3 or 4 packages in it, I thought it was odd to have several packages arrive by USPS on the same day when I haven't...
  13. nas19320

    Calcium Supplement Alternatives

    Is there an alternative supplement I can buy for Calcium? I can use baking soda to raise my alk, correct? Whats the general guideline when using this? I have done a search and can't seem to find the answer and I am close to running out of B-Ionic and need replacement. Thanks.
  14. nas19320

    Won Pro Heaters

    Anyone have experience with these heaters? I need a new heater after my 6 month old Ebo died and was looking at the Won Pro heat Titanium.
  15. nas19320

    ID this SPS

    Can anyone ID this for me? Under just actinics it has bright green polyps. Thanks.
  16. nas19320

    PFO Dual MH ballast users

    Could you give me the dimesions of the PFO Dual ballast. Thanks.
  17. nas19320

    Attn: Attml

    I noticed in a past post that you have 2x250w MH on a 55 gallon. I am looking into getting MH for my 55 but the one worry I have is the heat issue. Do you run a chiller on your 55?
  18. nas19320

    Raising my Cal/Alk

    My readings currently are: Cal: 400 ppm (Salifert) Alk: 7.7 dKH (Salifert) pH: 8.14 2 hours into the photoperiod (Pinpoint monitor) Mag: 1320 (Salifert) I would like to bump up my Cal/Alk levels using ESV B-Ionic and wanted to double check the best method of doing this. I should add equal doses...
  19. nas19320

    Removing algae from bubble coral skeleton

    I have a Bubble coral that through bad placement has receded a lot. I have sinced moved it and it is quickly recovering but now some algae has started growing on the dead skeleton. Whats the best way to remove the algae?
  20. nas19320

    Need an ID

    Can someone ID this for me? It came with a rhodactus that you can see in the bottom left. I've had it about a month and with in the past week my tomato clown has decided to host it. Thanks.